Birth Control Methods Keep Getting Weirder

*laughing* Hey did you guys know that Sarah is so afraid of getting pregnant That she’s on the pill but she still takes plan B Like all the time well its only 50 dollars a pop so I feel like that’s worth for the piece of mind Totally Which is why Barry and I are on this new method Where they zapped my uterus into a dormit phase My womb is essentially in a coma right now! So you don’t get a period? Not a drop. How much does that cost? Its 15,000 dollars to put it into the coma and then another 15 to wake it back up again But its totally worth it Are there any side affects? Not really, I sleep for an hour every other hour but once you get used to it you barely even notice Awesome That’s great Well Jack and I have also started something new Its a series of ten shots a day that basically turn my vagina into a second anus Ten shots a day that’s gotta hurt Like nobody’s business So I do the topical anesthesia before hand and take anti anxiety meds for my needle phobia And after all that you are still in the mood to have sex? Anal sex And yess And how much does it cost? Well the primer shots cost 50,000 dollars a month then after full assification in my vagina happens around day 65 its just 5,000 dollars a day for maintenance shots. it’s so worth it though! Any side affects? Not really… I don’t see colours anymore But you know what? I don’t miss em’! *laughter* So awesome! Just great Well Brent and I are also trying a new method Oh? Yes I upload my consciousness to into a cyborg for Brent to have sex with how much does that cost? Well it’s $100,000 dollars ten times over so oh I guess $1,000,000 dollars Its totally worth it Any side effects? Not really… Death? Human Siobhan had to die in order to upload her consciousness to this cyborg Siobhan you are talking to right now But honestly cyborg Siobhan doesn’t really have a concept of life and death other than she does know she cannot quite love properly **Techno sounds** Soooo jealous!! *More techno sounds* Have you guys ever thought about asking your boyfriend’s To try the male birth control pill? Oh no he’s never… My boyfriend doesn’t even want to use a condom Can you imagine? **laughter** **Siobhan sparking** Oh it must be her sleeping hour Come we got to wake her up before she chokes on her salad Siobhan braking down** How are you so calm? *Robotic voice* I am a cyborg I do not experience human emotions but there is an EMT in a red trout sitting over there I can’t see red!! Hello! I am Siobhan from College Humor! To subscribe to the channel click right here And to watch more videos click here and click here if you think the Queen of England should still be the Queen of America

100 Replies to “Birth Control Methods Keep Getting Weirder”

  1. I would take a male birth control pill. The problem is that there aren't any that are fda approved yet. And I don't have sex often enough. It's easier to stop one egg than to stop millions of sperm, but if they find a way without surgery I would do it.

  2. My birth control- its called knife n chase. Great fun, there isn't any.. Hanky panky after though, kinda impossible if their on the floor, bleeding to death through their lug nuts and wizard wand.

  3. My ex gf and I tried condoms and the ring, we also wanted to try the pill but she caught diarrhea from her little sister and thus the pill didn't work.

  4. Men have tried using the male birth control pill but their testosterone levels dramatically dropped and some were rendered permamently sterile, I think some even went into comas/even worse, on the other hand when women were getting trialed for the female birth control pill they stopped because they felt light-headed and some had a slight headache

  5. Me and my partner have a method too. We have cancer, now we won't live long enough to have a baby.

  6. They say they are trying a new method with their boyfriends but in reality its just them that are getting zapped and all that…..

    Edit: just finished watching the video

  7. If I could I would buy male birth control, since I don’t have sex all that often and I fucking hate condoms but still use them every time

    Too bad I’m not from USA

  8. First women invested in researching birth control methods to monopolise sex, now complain they have options to chose. Male anticonception pills make most men infertile, condoms make male essentially become walking dildo since he does not feel quite as much, but hey not everyone need to feel good. Great Salad tossing though XD

  9. I'm going off the pill right now, I'm scared but happy at the same time to get rid of the side effects, natural and barrier methods for us from now on…

  10. The current male birth control pill prototype actually causes infertility and depression that's why the scientists dropped it so…. yeah.

  11. I, no joke, had this conversation with my DAD yesterday! Sure, he won't wear condoms and blames women for not making sure they don't get pregnant, but he's all for a male contraceptive shot or gel. Riiiight…

  12. Yeah! You could just ask your boyfriend to take the male birth control pill!

    …but then you'd have to deal with the side effects of him becoming suicidal and trying to kill himself. Or maybe deal with his weight gain, breast enlargement, blood clots, depression, and decreased bone density. Ohh, or how about the chemical changes of lowering the man's testosterone levels down to 13 nanograms per deciliter, which is lower than what the levels are decreased to when a man is chemical castrated. Oh and if you're lucky, maybe he'll get the liver-related side effects that most of the testers got…

    Huh, maybe there was a reason it didn't get approved by the FDA…

  13. Last i checked, male birth control pills are still in clinical trials; otherwise, i'd be popping them like tic tacs

  14. Or you could just have sex with your lawfully wedded spouse you’re ready to have a child with.

    (Fyi, I understand that married couples also sometimes need some type of birth control. But admit it, the kinds of birth control they need and use don’t go to these kinds of extremes.)

  15. I love that while discussing this they’re doing I don’t even know what to their poor salads but I want to save them all

  16. I’m trying this new thing, basically they put my soul into a black hole, and then ripped out my heart, sacrificing me to the darkness of the universe. That way, my baby will enter a state of turning into air, due to the fact that it’s soul is being torn out of it violently. Side effects? I bleed black, have wings made of fire and feast upon organs now, but you just get used to it.

  17. You know what I don’t get? Why there is so little birth control for men besides condoms? I mean there’s gotta be more to it than that

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