Birth Doula

Hello, Hello! What does it look like having a birth doula? How often do we get to meet? We usually have two prenatal meets with our families, and this is during the pregnancy. When it is time for the birth, we will be there as soon as you want us there and/or during active labor. Once we arrive, we will stay all the way until after birth. After birth, we usually stay for around an hour or so. When the baby is around a week or two old, we will do a postpartum visit. That is what a birth doula does. We stay in touch with families before birth. There are many possible ways to communicate with us: FaceTime, Marco Polo, texts, videos, or whatever your preferred way of contact is. Once you reach your 37th week, which is considered full term, that is when we are on call 24/7. We carry/wear our watch/phones with us all the way until you are ready for us to come over for the birth. After birth, does it all end? No, we will continue to be in touch, and families still have access to us anytime. We are your continuous resource!

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