BIRTH IN NATURE, JUNGLE, Water Birth in Cave

good morning ladies Oh yo yo yo yo e ignore name hello I am Sophie I only 28 years old I was born in Belgium and I'm now where I'm going to have my first child here and it's winter lovely days we are here now in the middle of Paraguay in unity in the nature to prepare for the birds and to give birth in a natural way well it's good to come here now quite good feeling animals flowers butterflies before the building is free so right stay here you I really like now that for the birds I make my own vision I make like a fantasy fairy tale of being in the cave surrounded with candles in the water and it just seems so much more beautiful than to do it in a hospital and this place to BYU and I think it's a nice present to give to this baby to bring it to the earth in such a harmonious loving full way without fear I believe we affect this really these beings by our own emotions there are inside us they can feel what we feel if we are stressed if we are afraid if we think I know we have to go to the spittle and get injections and people looking it stressed me out and I give stress to the babies here I will be so in a beautiful environment with the man I love when it was released so they take over all the control over your own body and I believe that my body will tell us everything we need to do and everybody knows what to do and so I really wanted people to control myself instead of giving it to doctors in the main thing that was important thing you still have to put environment nice feeling around less influence of sounds rather frequencies everything no I don't feel right I think I should feel paid for something beautiful like this you really want something good to happen to you you should keep a positive optimist thinking if you were afraid us : to do these things with our bedroom of course something happened we have a car with 15 20 minutes from a hospital and also you need to think a bit about things that has happened how to deal with these things when to cut the cord on how to cut the cord on about the placenta but mostly the the most important thing is to have a good thinking about a canary to feel that's right to be socialized push it away with your with your heart you know don't be afraid I think things can happen natural risk what I think also is that sometimes in the hospital they fit your man with a lot of love thinking is like this may happen you take care of this because maybe this can happen and that can create some worries and someone's feelings in the mother and the father and and some tiny vibrations that are in the hospital is not so good is right now all these bad things happening and people having a lot of problems and and I think that if you really want to have a soft nobody breathing used to do it in a natural way I didn't prepare very mentally on this bird I prepared for me emotionally and of course since we do it outside the hospital I informed myself a little bit I also believe my body tell me everything never in the past world or river well love is what we are and I think not be afraid yes go through god to do it love is the key love is what makes this baby and love is the thing that will bring it you we have kind of easy building for us about six hours everything's good charge card it's as a magical experience to give birth here we make a cave really beautiful and we put them up candles there was a hot swimming pool I was really relaxed in the morning I was talking to my Betty like you're welcome you can come we are waiting for you and then things started my body is reacting and it was really nice to be in a hot water I could relax like this I didn't have so much pain in the water well this was an amazing experience with six hours in escape screaming sometimes when I feel awake like I didn't know what to do you know but just I felt to go inside the pool with her and get together mrs. Barry Anderson it was so magic we also have our friends bring us food if as incidents you know give us some music soft music for the moment and come to us you mean something and we really feel like home you know really really sure and have what is it that I was eating you know what's he doing I'm watching what's going on with her it was a bit funny but especially at the end at the last 20 minutes we were together connecting when the chai came there was a woman cloudy as she was she have some experience about it so she was dead to check if everything was going okay but when I luckily we did everything together you know I cut the cord on and after wait sometimes we see child was ready for that and who do we love and we decided together so I think security is what I think we will leave yourself and you have confidence you well Sophie do fellows getting some point of the purpose of giving birth no I'm amazed that I didn't feel any fear at any moment I was from the beginning until the end I felt my body could do it I didn't feel at any moments we should call the doctor we should go to a hospital or whatever it yeah I had a lot of confidence in my body I think what we're gonna miss in a hospital is the possibility of feel free you know you are there and these controls and rooms and doors you know this is quite this kinda slow I think sometimes can be difficult to find it in in all these things going on in hospital no it's important to have a sofa can my room and we see the child will do often but Sophie do you have any message to to give to future mothers a woman yes with this video I would like to support other woman to be controlled ourselves and to not be afraid to give birth but to know that it's a natural thing and to dream about this to make a nice vision about this and to do it the way they feel and they want to listen to their own bodies and not giving away all the control

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