Birth of a newborn baby | The signs of labour

okay Sam's just woke me up to say that maybe she feels on a bit different like um like quite strong period pains every saw eight minutes or something so we'll see might be nothing we'll see what these take us started now it just feels like menstrual pain and it just increases and keeps increasing and keeps increasing until it like Peaks yeah it hasn't quite peaked yet it was no it's about the same I think and then it Peaks and then it just starts to starts to ease off now no it's just easing off still a bit uncomfortable in a more dull ache it's still just about gone now yeah must be yeah and now it's fine again so the contractions definitely getting stronger I'm just taking a price even more to ease the pain a little bit and I've got one of these hot water balls which she places on the belly which seems to make it feel a bit better and I've been put a bit fresh on lower part of the back which seems to be helping as well but yeah I'll see what happens when they get a bit bit stronger okay keep breathing things against the peak only seem to be so – peak so much now it's just more constant and then it will just start to ease off a bit which it is now that's it we're going to the hospital yeah I think it's time well since I last saw you look what's happened bless you bless you little moon yes you I can't really describe the experience at the moment it was incredible we we drove to the hospital and Ann was having contractions like every minute and a half we got her and she was nice and least dilated and within 25 minutes the baby was here good boy so so lucky his little chaps amazing and I can't just say how how much I think and was just incredible throughout I got a newfound respect for her and for women in general I'll tell you what you

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