Birth of Hope

My little love you’re just a little babe in my arms but I know someday you will change the world. You’ll overturn the status quo and open the world to God’s love. Though there will be sadness still present, you will take the weight of the tears. You will be a source of protection and comfort a home to the homeless, a place of solace against the snares of chaos, you will light the path ahead so that we may choose to open our eyes and follow. Although we’ll still falter along the way, you will lift us up. Your life will spill over all the injustice and brutality, over everyone who suffers you will bring home darkness may overshadow and tear at your soul. You’ll be hated for truth and your enemies will try to defeat you in death. And even in your last breath you will stand for love and grace for each of us and your love will prevail because you were born out of love. Love from the Creator’s heart for the fallen world because of your birth Jesus we can have hope

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