1. People chill the heck out about her little neck!!! This is her second child and no she isn't cupping the babies head but that baby is just fine!!!! And she's over a year old now and is perfectly fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She knows what her baby needs!

  2. Gabrielle you’re such a beautiful and great mom! Thank You for always sharing. You’ve helped me get through a lot!

  3. I'm so happy she has all these perfect moms to help her parent with these perfect suggestions. Jesus. Who asked you?

  4. To all these ignorant comments below!!! The beautiful baby is black and black people are natural born strong,the baby neck and head doesn't need to be supported because black babies are born naturally strong!! I don't see anything wrong at all!!! Black people have the strength of primates,APEX PREDATORS and are extremely intelligent! This black woman has experience with babies and knows what she is doing! Ive seen videos of black babies just minutes out of delivery holding their own heads up!!!

  5. You didnt have any shivering or shaking after birth? And any itching or something? I heard about it in other vlogs.so happy for you.beautiful baby 💖

  6. Both her kids look white. What are the odds of that? And they say Black genes are dominant.,Not always.

  7. My mom in law was all what?? She had sex to get her to kick in labor or her water to brake?? I was all u didn't? I did and damn I was in labor in 2 hours…!

  8. Hi Gabe. You may have talked about his before but if you havent, Im curious if you could make video talking about how you dealt with the time between miscarriage to rainbow baby. I had a miscarriage a couple of months ago and while my mind and heart know that my partner and I will ttc and get that baby, its so hard to wait and not be sad, etc.

  9. She's so adorable! I follow you on IG and you posted a picture of her and she looks like a living doll! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story. Wishing all of you the best!

  10. Oh my goodness she is perfection! I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby and it’s a boy. I’m new to your channel.. your personality is so bright and cheerful!

  11. I just love her name! Congratulations!! I am so glad that everything worked out even though you didn't get your vbac. Your scheduled c-section sounds like the best case scenario if you didn't get the vbac. It does sound like it was lovely.

  12. New subscriber!💕 I watched your baby 2nd shower haul and fell in love haha your so sweet baby girl is gorgeous! Will be checking out the vlogging channel tonight when I get some time to my self ! I have a son 14 months old Remington and am 33 weeks pregnant with my second son, whom we do not have a name for yet hahaha ! Can’t wait to follow this journey !

  13. She’s so light! I love seeing the variation when it comes to mixed babies. My husband is half black and our baby (2.15.2018) looks everything like me. Lol

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