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  1. Thank you for your share. I had the same story. So wonderful that you and your son are doing great. Hugs

  2. I was induced the same way, only I got contractions almost immediately and I had to wait for the damn thing to fall out. I was then 6 cm… It was in there for about 22 hours or something.

  3. God love ya!!! Your all here, happy and healthy!!! Can't wait to see more πŸ™‚ ❀ u guys

  4. My baby twisted around during my whole labour from posterior to anterior. I would go from just front labour to back labour it was so intense. The doctor turned him when I was pushing, he turned again within 5 minutes and ended up coming out posterior. A crazy labour!!!

  5. I've now had 2 c-sections. My first was an emergency due to obstructed labor, my daughters head got stuck. Luckily we did get pictures, I also was lucky enough to see her over the screen. My second was planned(due to a big Head, which was 9days ago) and I'll never forget my Ob holding my son up then deciding that wasn't good enough. She walked around the screen so I could get a good look at him. Also if you do have another child( not saying you will) know a planned c-section doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as one where you've been in labour. I also understand what your saying I'm happy both my children a here safely, but it's little things like not seeing what they weigh in person that hurt a little.

  6. Wow so very glad your midwife had good training and sounds well experienced , what a full on experience for you and Martin .it is really sad and disappointing I know when you don't get photo's of your birth and the birth you had thought was nearly over but at the price of saving a life (two!) capturing those moments is precious but That hurt will heal much easier than loss. β€οΈπŸ’žXx

  7. I know that feeling you are talking about, I had identical twin boys that passed away 2 years ago.. I gave birth at home on my own in my bedroom. my first twin Albert came out feet first.. but before he came out, the feeling I felt was the oddest feeling ever.. it was like scratching my insides, and I could literally feel his feet moving, before they came out luckily my mum got into my bedroom just as his feet came out and then she had to help him come out.. I didn't like it what so ever I couldn't handle the feeling, I was sick because of it! And then his brother Ernie come out completely normal, no need for help or anything head first! It scares me for the next time I get pregnant, I just want a normal labour, and I had back labour too! Fuck me that hurts ❀xxxx

  8. Oh dear! Sounds like a very traumatic experience! My cesarean was also traumatic, but for different reasons. I actually plan to make a video about birth trauma and I was hoping to make it a collaboration, because I feel that more voices would make for more impact. Let me know if you are interested in joining in! [email protected]

  9. Sounds like a real life medical drama. I am glad everything worked out okay. You have a gorgeous wee boy out of it!

  10. wow… what a birth story!
    you wonder what would have been if you home birthed or in the days of not having the hospital births.
    Thank god all is ok with you both.
    An amazing story Nicole x

  11. So glad everything worked out in the end. Would love to see a video of the after c section procedures. What's checks and healing process. What walking etc felt like. Love and hugs xx

  12. Love your outlook! I had 3 csections and no it wasn't what I "wanted" but I have 3 beautiful babies and that's ALL I need!!!!

  13. I can totally remember that feeling of the spinal just taking all of that pain and pushing feeling away. I was in and out of conciousness by the time I was rushed to theatre and I remember the anaesthetist just laughing at me as soon as Id been given my spinal coz i just perked right up and said hey guys haha. My boy was stuck in the birth canal as he had managed to turn his head to the side during labour and he was 9lbs 1oz so too big to come out unaided. He ended up being born via forceps with a failed vontuse attempt first and if the forceps failed I was going to have to have an emergency c section under general anaesthetic because of the way he was stuck. Glad Micah made it here safe and sound and you are all doing okay! πŸ™‚

  14. I had two c sections first an emergency, almost bleed to death placenta abruption had four transfusions very scary nearly died. Second one planned all went well. As long as mom and baby well doesn't matter how they are born. Never experienced natural birth. Wanted a third baby but sadly never happened would have loved a daughter as all boys in my family .. Glad all went OK for you in the end, congrats on your beautiful boyxx

  15. thanks heaps for sharing your birth story- I really enjoyed it. Congratulations on your beautiful bouncing boy πŸ’œ

  16. What an amazing story! Thank God we live in a day in the age of technology! Much love & prayer's from Oklahoma U. S. A.

  17. Really enjoyed listening to your birth story. Congratulations!!
    You look stunning. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for your next vlog. All the best. X

  18. I'm so glad that you are both healthy. What a crazy and scary story for both of you. You seem very optimistic and like you're coping with the cesarean well. I'm sure your feelings will continue to evolve, but I'm so thankful you're both okay.

  19. I describe the feeling of hands inside you during the caesarean as hands rummaging through a handbag roughly. Loved the labour story. Love your family x

  20. I had that same type of c section with my baby and you definitely can't ever do a vaginal birth again because you can hemmorage if you do. It's also a lot harder recovery too.

  21. Omg that sounded so bloody scary I had an emergency c section due to a breech baby too! Glad everything ended up ok in the end, the part about the spinal I thought it was such a strange feeling creeped me out not being able to move I am actually surprised they didn't knock you right out was it hard getting the spinal done while needing to push?

  22. Great vlog hun….
    i gave birth to my last born my son on all fours 25 yrs ago..
    Best position ever…
    So glad that everything turned out good love.
    Micah Jay is super gorgeous
    congratulations xoxoπŸ˜—πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’–

  23. I can totally relate, I had my son on the 12th and he was born 40 minutes after I got to the hospital, had to deliver at the hospital by myself, didn't get any pictures, dad wasn't even there to see him be born, we just have to cherish the moments that were captured, congrats on baby boy!!

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