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you it's this thing on hey guys welcome back my name is amanda rose but you can call me Rosie and this is life of a rose I'm going to get a shorter intro I'm working on it what I forgot to mention in my last video is that my husband is a photographer and a videographer and that's why if you watched my last video I said oh my god my husband's gonna get so upset and that's because he is concerned about the lighting being you know different were the same in every clip that I'm filming and he just he likes those things they yeah it's his thing and I'm just like whatever I'm in like no way shape or form in an abusive relationship we just wanted to clarify that so today we are in the studio and this seems like a really busy room you can see but like we got some black and white art up on the wall and then we have like our calendar here where we schedule everything and then this whole thing is filled with like his technology yeah we work on things in here so this is where I edit I am just going to film today in here and try it up and maybe you know I don't know the different location will like get you guys excited first and foremost I will again say I am a Christian you're gonna hear God a lot in my videos second this is just my experience with labor and delivery and that's all I can share with you I'm no certified doctor nurse midwife nothing I'm just a woman who like got pregnant and had a baby my last video was a pregnancy recap so it's fitting for me to film and talk about what happens after pregnancy right my plan was to have an all-natural vaginal delivery what that means is no epidural no medicine no c-section I mean everything was fine I had no complications during my pregnancy besides all the other uncomfortable side effects but I had a good pregnancy good healthy pregnancy that allowed me to deliver vaginally and 36 weeks at my ultrasound my last ultrasound to see my baby before I saw him in real life it was such an emotional time he was seven pounds now a full-term pregnancy is like 40 41 weeks right I'm at 36 weeks apparently baby your infant can grow a pound a week or like even a few ounces a week until give birth to them so my baby is seven pounds at 36 weeks I have four weeks left I'm like what am I gonna do is he gonna be 13 pounds like am I gonna have to deliver a full Turkey so the Sunday came up that I was 38 weeks the next day Monday normal day whatever all right it's nighttime cook dinner my husband and his friend from church they're recording a podcast and I'm just cooking dinner for all of us and it was a really good dinner by the way I made like flat tunnel boats I mean like a platano and then like ground turkey inside with cheese on top and then rice and beans on the side oh my god so good I'm cooking dinner and towards the end I'm like I feel a little tinkle I don't know like did I peed myself a little maybe I go to the bathroom and I'm like okay let's just monitor and see like if my water broke immediately after I go to the bathroom I come out I go to the kitchen I start having contractions I'm like oh this feels different and mind you like I would say 2 to 3 weeks I was having Braxton Hicks contractions they were never consistent it was just like one every 20 minutes and it would just go away so this was like this weird feeling it was down there a lot of pressure really tight feeling and it was happening again and again so it was like every 3 to 5 minutes we just started timing it now my husband's friend that was here well he's my friend too mark was here and he and his wife Allie just had a baby so like he was he was like ready for this thing he was like you guys her timing it okay you got to get to the hospital robot and I was like I hold on because I know that once I had contractions and everything I just wanted to do the early laboring at home and then head to the hospital after like when it got like really painful and it was time for me to go that was my plan I wouldn't I wanted it to be very calm okay it's been like an hour now that I'm having contractions I called my neighbor and who's also like one of my best friends here and I'm like listen tonight might be the night I might have this baby I need you to take care of my dog and my cat so she was like okay my neighbor lives right downstairs for me her and her husband are the best then all of a sudden my other neighbor across the way calls me we call it miss Rita okay miss Rita calls me and she's like Rosie I got some collard greens here it's gonna give me and my husband gas so please do you want some and I'm like lights off her mic Rita I'm having contractions right now and then she's like oh I knew that baby was coming soon you big girl I love her that happens hang up with Rita and when he opens the door Rita's at the door and I'm just like oh we're all like oh my god okay that was quick then all of us are sitting there by the table I'm going through contractions they're all just staring at me and I'm just like oh my god this is not how I want to be in early labor but I was so thankful because Nikki and Rita cleaned up my dishes and they got a snack pack ready for me to go to the hospital and it was so nice and then we were just sitting there and I'm so went through contractions and then I'm just like okay guys I love you all but you need to go yeah I just want to be with my husband talking enjoying time together like have a snack here there till like that's just how my my plan for labor was then it's just me and my husband my contractions are slowing down at this point it was like three hours so I waited it out another hour and I still had them but they were further apart now I just decided let's just go to the hospital anyways to just be safe maybe I'll just check if I'm dilated anymore this point I was only one centimeter dilated it just felt so ready to do this I'm like I got this let's do this let's get this baby here felt like you know like rocky did it I'm in the triage room and my contractions are gone I was praying in the name of Yeshua Yahweh ABBA I was praying and I was so disappointed to hear my water didn't break and my contractions stopped and I wasn't in labor and had to go home I cried I was mad at God I was like man I really prayed to you God I really did and you failed me I was still disappointed oh my gosh I was so I had to like repent on that so hard meanwhile while we're in the hospital of course we are letting our family know that I may or may not be going into labor my family lives in New Jersey and my mom was planning to be here for the birth of our child so that night that I thought I had false labor my mom and my sister packed their bags packed the car and we're ready to drive to Virginia I just told them like stay home it's okay and I'm almost like no I'm you know what I'm gonna come in the morning though that's it this is my sign that I just need to be there the next day Tuesday my mom comes and the next day I already was scheduled for my 38 week appointment and my OBGYN I told the Midwife what happened I told them I thought it wasn't labor I was really disappointed I'm just so ready to have this baby my midwife agreed and what she did was she checked my cervix to see how dilated I was and when she did that she also said okay I'm gonna do a membrane sweep so she's already in there and she's like things may be a little uncomfortable it's already uncomfortable II may feel cramping and whatever but I'm just gonna move some things around so membrane sweep is based I don't even know don't ask me the technical terms and I immediately feel cramping and I'm like oh my god this is I feel like I'm getting my period she's like yep you're probably gonna have some spotting after this and honestly your water could break she said if you if nothing happens by tomorrow night by Wednesday night let me know and we will schedule another membrane sweep for a Thursday I was like okay but also at that appointment she did say we plan to induce you by 39 weeks and like three or four days so I was really happy that they were on board with that and they were planning to induce me but then also I did not want pitocin like nobody wants to be forced into contractions so you know of course I just had to start praying and praying that my baby would be here on his own and it would just all happened and I don't have to have pitocin by the way so happy that my mom came I highly recommend having your mom there you know if you can before the baby comes she took me out every day I didn't have to do the driving I was so happy that she was here she made us dinner every night I didn't have to cook anymore oh my god and she made amazing dinners on go chill rice and beans we had shrimp and tacos and oh my god that week was great so then Wednesday night nothing happened then I called Thursday morning so that I can go in and get another membrane sweep now the first membrane sweep just made me soap oh I just wanted like I just wanted to curl up like I was so a key and uncomfortable and like tender and agitated like it was so horrible this plant I'm still I'm just one and a half centimeters dilated my midwife the one who's been with me my entire pregnancy she's like okay I'm on call in the hospital this weekend let's have a baby and I was like I'll see you this weekend that night Thursday night I lost my so gross buds but I lost my mucus plug and I had like my bloody show I was like okay things are moving forward but that's really all that happened the next day I'm super tired I'm super irritable I'm like so cranky I feel so bad for my mom she's with me she took me to get my nails done I picked up this nail polish and it's called patience pays off and I was cracking up and that's the nail polish that I chose for my nails and we continue and we just go for the day shopping and we're just like getting things from my apartment and I'm so Moody and I'm like I feel so bad and we get home and my mom's like I don't want to cook and I was like don't cook please so then we're like let's order food you order food and then I have a little tinkle and I'm like I think I just peed myself I'm just gonna like wait it out the best thing to do I think is what I'm told is to lay down for like 30 minutes and just see if it happens again like or just get up after 15 to 30 minutes and see it happens again laying down for 15 minutes and then I get up some liquid comes out of me and I'm like okay then the food is here perfect timing my mom is on the phone with her friend on FaceTime and she's like oh my god oh hi like how are you feeling are you so excited and I'm just like yeah I'm so excited and then I look at my mom and I'm like my water broke she's like oh my god gotta go hang up the phone and I'm I just knew like it just shit wasn't like the movies where I just like flooded my entire apartment it was just this like I can't even make it to the bathroom in time type of like pee you know like it's just like Shh and it was just non-stop so I'm like oh my God my water broke I know it I know it I know it so I was prepared already from all the mom blogs that I watched and I already had these depends they were very cute I will put the link in the description cuz they're so awesome and I used them from the minute my water broke till like two weeks postpartum like I used them not the same one okay guys you're so gross so always brand they have cute little bow on it but it's just this diaper that you wear and you don't have to worry about wearing uncomfortable underwear or just dirtying anything and you change it every so often whatever it was so great so I poked one of those on I call my husband he's at work my water broke at 8 p.m. my husband gets out of work at 9:00 so I'm like this is good timing now I did test positive for strep B so I had to be in the hospital as soon as possible after my water broke so that I could be put on an antibiotic for that food came I'm sitting and eating with my mom I have my diaper on and then my mom she's like doesn't dumping right just to make sure you know I just get things going I'm like okay like doing something guys my mom like it was so funny she recorded it my husband comes home we have all the bags packed I still have my snack bag that Nikki and miss Freda packs for me and we're ready to go we go to the hospital and back in the triage I get admitted okay it's like 10:00 p.m. I'm in there so this is why I love having a midwife because if you have a midwife there with you like the entire time if you want them there through all of your labor they are there with you and they're just so comforting and so encouraging and that's why I chose the Midwife and not a doctor so my midwife was um called she came into the hospital and she it was so nice to see her and then she was like okay listen if your contractions don't pick up by by 2:00 a.m. you're gonna have to be put on pitocin and I was just like okay so my mom is sleeping on that nice little couch my husband and I are sleeping together in the hospital bed as I'm sleeping I'm starting to feel contractions it's like hurting a little more and I'm like okay you know what it was like 1:00 a.m. and I was like let me go walk around also I was craving a burger I was so hungry I can't have a burger I can only have stupid jello or ice pop so then I tell the nurse that I'm like so hungry and she's like oh I can get me two give me me yes I will take the chicken back through my rounds around the hospital floor sippin on chicken broth and then two a.m. comes and my midwife checks on me my contractions weren't picking up as much as she wanted them to and like since my water already broke she just started me on pitocin at 2:30 in the morning every 15 minutes and my pitocin is going up and up and it was like so painful but then you plateau and you're at this point and then the pitocin kicks in and then your contractions are stronger and then you're like alright I'm used to us and then it goes up again by the morning time 9:00 a.m. I was three centimeters dilated I am on the ball I'm doing my stretches I'm in this like good mood by the way the second we're in the hospital I had worship music playing the entire time we already had a playlist ready honestly everything my midwife told me to do I was doing I didn't care how tired I was or whatever I was like I'm just ready to do this meanwhile I'm in Virginia my mom's side of the family most of them live in North Carolina my mom's on the phone with them they're coming my grandma my aunt my uncle my aunt and my cousin they're all coming and I was like oh that's fine my baby will be here like in a few hours anyway so yeah right I'm okay with them being in the room at this point we're just like talking and I'm just doing my thing and whatever but like I have a lot of people in my room they brought food they're just having this like feast in my room so then I started to use that peanut ball at that point I was on that ball and my contractions were getting worse and that's when I started to cry and I was just like babe oh my god like just hold my hand and I'm just like everybody needs to leave the room even my mom like I only want my husband and my Midwife and the nurses here that's it so they all leave and then I'm like okay I'm gonna go in the tub now before I'm in the tub I'm sitting on the toilet and I'm holding my husband I'm ramming my head into his stomach and then I go and I bite him I was like that and he jumps back and he's like you bit me it was like girl let me calm down and I go in the tub and I'm starting to watch this is us and I'm you know I'm like okay this feels better like I have a contraction okay okay okay all right all right are you okay but then the tub just starts to wear off again mind you I'm on pitocin at that point my contractions were like three minutes apart I'm gonna say so then after the tub the nurse comes in and she's like hey dude like do you want some paint you know like not the epidural but just like low intervention pain medicine probably like Tylenol no she's like yeah let's do that so I get out of the tub and I really felt that like God led everything God knows my endurance and my tolerance and he knows that it's time and when when I was in so much pain in the tub that's when the nurse came in and was like do you want to try this medicine and I was like yes let's do it then get back in the bed they're like oh okay do you want to do the laughing gas next I said yes so the laughing gas now this is like for 5:00 p.m. okay I'm six centimeters dilated at this point I'm having contractions after contraction there's no break in between like they're like a minute apart it was crazy and whoever says contractions feel like period cramps times a thousand no that's not I feels like your body's being ripped apart oh my god at that point I have the bar up and I'm just like on it leaning over so I tell my husband to get behind me i position him and then my midwife tells him okay you're gonna press into her back and I'm just like okay contractions coming I put the mask up to let him know I'm having a contraction I'm like laughing gas is like you're not laughing obviously but you're just like more relieved and honestly it just distracted me look at my midwife and I'm like I can only do this for one or two hours more when is this baby coming it's 6:00 p.m. it's almost 24 hours so then she's like okay I think what we're gonna have to do next is the epidural cuz you're still six centimeters dilated and like hopefully this helps open you up and it'll just give you relief so so that you're not in so much pain and you're not so stressed so I'm like fine go ahead bring the epidural on like let's let's do it come on bring it in I got the epidural around like 6:00 p.m. 22 hours into labor y'all look getting an epidural while you're having contractions oh my god I was holding on to the nurse the guy who comes in with the epidural he's like hey like trying to talk and I'm sick just give me a meds just do it already and you have to hunt over here oh my god you have to do all these things and you're having contractions and you want to be like ah ah and you have to stay in this one position that's so hard I have the laughing gas while I'm getting the epidural so that helped to my husband watch the whole thing he was like that was really scary holy moly then after I get the epidural it's only working on half of my body so I'm having contractions on my right side of my body they just lay me over on this side so that the medicine would drip down and it did and then finally I was just like oh I can breathe I was just like thinking to myself wow God like just thank you for intervening and like literally I felt like he led the whole show like he was just like okay she needs this at this time she needs this at this point and I was just like okay bring it on let's do it let's do this now at that point I was so proud of myself I was just like able to recognize what I went through for 22 hours like I was like wow I am a freaking warrior dude I'm checked again I'm only six centimeters dilated two hours go by it's APM six centimeters dilated my midwife was like look if you were seven eight or nine right now I would say let's start pushing but you're still six we're gonna have to have the talk my baby was like stressed out and it was time to talk about a c-section and I was like okay so she gave me time she's like I'll give you 30 minutes go over with your husband and I ate 30 I'll come back in and we'll talk about our decision basically like we know it had to happen my husband was sleeping so she was like just I'll give you time so you can talk to him talk to my husband and I'm just like this is what has to happen and he's like how do you feel about it and I was like I just feel like I feel like it's time I feel like he needs to get out it's it's 24 hours now at this point Friday a p.m. is when my water broke was admitted into the hospital that night so now we're at Saturday Saturday April 27th at 8:00 p.m. making this decision made the decision 8:30 we are going in for the c-section it's happening so I'm already drugged up on that Patrol I go in the you know the or and arms are out on these like silver platforms and I'm being numbed and all this stuff my body is going through contractions but I don't feel it anymore so it's being masked and then all the medication I'm on the epidural the anesthesia whatever everything I'm on my body was just like uh I was shaking and I had to like hold my tongue I'd have closed my mouth and hold my tongue in so I didn't bite my tongue but apparently they were able to get everything done that they had to get done again we're in the Oh art and we were like can we play music so we have worship music on the whole time and I am listening to I'm gonna lift my hand so I can reach heaven I'm gonna shout your name to the walls come falling down I've come to wash it that is my favorite song place of freedom I'm just like worshiping God and like this is happening and having a c-section felt like somebody's just just touching your stomach like this and then a baby comes out that's it it was like oh my gosh I mean we got in there 8:30 at 8:54 p.m. we heard and it was Elijah he changed our world it was so weird seeing him for the first time and being like oh my god that's what you look like because my husband and I thought he was gonna be like tan like him and come out with a little fro a little curly hair no he came out looking like me he came out white dark hair and just so chunky and chubby he was 8 pounds 6 ounces 20 inches long my baby oh my god I did not have immediate skin-to-skin um they cut the umbilical cord but then my we got to like cut a little piece off too so he gots to see the baby before I did after he did that then they brought him to me I got to see him kiss him and then I honestly didn't even want to hold him because I was shaking so much and then got wheeled back to the room they were handling my baby my husband was taking photos of Elijah they were doing his footprints and everything all his measurements and then after all that I finally got to hold him have skin-to-skin my husband had skin to skin my baby latched on the first time I am a breastfeeding mom so I wanted to do that immediately he latched on fine and we just we just vibe do we just dive like she's my boy he's my best friend oh my god I love him so much and he's sleeping right now and I just miss him oh my god when you become my mom and you're like my child is finally sleeping I can do things for myself oh my god naptime is awesome and then you're like when is he waking up my god he's sleeping so long I miss him look that's my birth story that's the labor experience 24-hour labor 22 hours without an epidural at the 25th hour about to be this waiting for the hour our son was born he was here Oh so at the end of all of this I just want to let you know have a plan yes like my plan was to just stay calm to not freak out to breathe to allow my husband to coach me to be coachable by my nurses to be coachable by my Midwife to be assertive with what I want as in like my family leaving the room as in I just knew I didn't want the epidural right away so I I went through everything and I didn't get talked into things I just was offered things and I took them as they came and it just all worked out for the glory of God because Elijah Kenneth Morales is here he's here and he's three months now oh my god but yeah so I encourage you if you are about to give birth just have a but know that you need to be open and willing to whatever is going to happen because you have no I have no idea only God knows so I had a c-section and I didn't prepare or plan for that and that was the most painful thing and that'll be another video really I just wanted to share my labor and delivery experience be open be willing and and just have faith in the Lord for real coz he will carry you through it and he carried me through it I'm so thankful for the experience that I had and maybe I'll get an epidural earlier next time who knows it's really painful but yeah let me pray Heavenly Father I thank you so much for allowing me to have this experience to share my story God to share it with others um others that are going to go through the same thing and they're just looking for encouragement and someone to relate to lord I just pray over the women bearing these children and delivering these children God may you give them faith may they seek you for strength and may they have good partners and just a good experience so that they want to do it again and again and again and I just pray all of this in your name father bless everyone watching this video God and the name of Jesus amen thank you guys again for watching I appreciate you so much for listening to me ramble on about my life experiences but I know that someone will relate to this peace be with you guys and I'll see you soon bye-bye he's focused welcome to the studio eat yogurt like it wasn't like the movies where I just like flooded my entire apartment or did I even say so when your water breaks for me or my mom oh no no this is what happens okay this well forgive me okay I'm gonna have to like edit all that out oh my god my husband was amazing it was just with me the whole time like just telling me you're doing such a good job you're doing such a good job like I'm so encouraging those labor classes

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