Birth Story – Repeat C-Section at 38 Weeks

hey guys it's me Susana I wanted to give you an update I have had my baby obviously actually two weeks ago it was pushed up a little bit my original due date was actually today which is August that I first is the day that I'm filming this because I was going to have a repeat c-section my surgery was scheduled for a week ago from today the 24th and a couple weeks before that I started having some issues with high blood pressure they ruled out preeclampsia at multiple times but so basically it was gestational hypertension so just like high blood pressure brought on by pregnancy which also happened with my older son as well who is six if you're not already aware um in that pregnancy also had similar issues I had never said pre exam Co during that pregnancy but I kind of thought that maybe they did go ahead and diagnose me to that because with that first pregnancy they did medicate me for high blood pressure I took some medication during the end of my pregnancy and also for a few months after that pregnancy this time they did not have me take anything I actually had been monitoring my own blood pressure at home periodically throughout my pregnancy just because I was worried because it's the last one and it had been fine I'd been matching up with what they were gonna get all of my prenatal appointments and then one Tuesday it was not fine it was really high I was worried I already had an appointment scheduled for that Friday so I called the nurses line and talked to somebody and they they gave me the guidelines of which numbers to log out for so consistently over 150 over 90 I think as I said it's all kind of blurry now but either one of those numbers being higher than the good numbers that I listed consistently so that's what I was looking at for but it's on the things where you they tell you to not worry about it too much don't take your blood pressure too much don't think about it but how can you not worry about something like that when you know it's affecting you you have a baby inside your belly you know it's affecting your baby or it could affect your baby so it was kind of a cyclical issue I went in that Friday I saw my doctor who I've been seeing the entire pregnancy and he actually had me go to to the emergency room thankfully the clinic I go to is attached to the same building as the Women's Hospital where I delivered both of my children and he sent me to the emergency room for extended monitoring as well as some labs and then he scheduled me to come in for a repeat appointment or follicle appointment the next Tuesday to check my blood pressure I was going to come in that week anyway for a regular prenatal appointment cuz I was the point where it's going weekly but so anyway that Friday I went down to the emergency room I was there for several hours my husband had to come and meet me because we didn't know exactly what was going to happen they couldn't tell me how long between getting the lab results the turnaround time would be for them to say oh we're just going to go ahead and do your surgery today which is kind of what I was hoping I was kind of hoping that they would push up my surgery they didn't so there for a few hours they did your analysis they checked my pee to make sure that it wasn't showing up as preeclampsia there weren't there wasn't any protein in my urine and they also did some lab work it took a few hours it all came back clear they essentially came in the nurse came in and said okay you can get dressed now to which I responded oh so I'm good to go my labs are clear and she literally told me verbatim oh I don't know they didn't tell me I guess so so I left I didn't have any just discharge notes they didn't prescribe any medication anything like that and I don't let my doctor because my doctor was not on call for the hospital it was a different doctor who didn't come to see me uh just reviewed the lab results I guess and then told them to release me so I'm home the next day was Saturday and we had a bit of a party for Henry um Henry's my our newest son my to beagle and it wasn't like a shower I didn't want to have a shower because thankfully I have most of the things I already had most of things that we would need for Henry from my own hoarding and the my sister sorting so we had lots of lots of baby things and I didn't want anybody feel obligated to give us any gifts but my in-laws wanted to celebrate this grandchild and I didn't want to make them feel shafted for that anyway we had a party so I was fine during the party we went home on the drive home I started to have pain in one of my arms so in my right shoulder and it was like sharp achy pain kind of like if I had worked out a whole bunch not that I'm familiar with that feeling but I'm assuming that it feels like after you work out a bunch it was like really a key I also was having some stomach issues and it was a bit confusing because I couldn't tell it was coming in waves so oh could be some kind of contraction but I was also really gassy so I didn't know if it was happening because of the gas paint it was a potluck so it knows what I ate that could have upset my stomach but it was sharp and it was in waves so when we got home I took my blood pressure it was the highest it had been called the emergency nurses line again and this is on the weekend so somebody had to be paged and call me back and she gave me instructions to lay on my left side and keep checking it and if it went down and I was probably fine but it wouldn't be a bad idea to go to the hospital anyway ended up going down we didn't go to the hospital the night my husband did some marathon panic nesting which was funny he finally packed a bunch of stuff and did things that I kind of been trying to get him to chew for awhile but you could tell that he was like kind of panicking even though he wasn't verbalizing that he was a little bit scared I could tell that he was um which of course didn't help my stress any and I was supposed to not move and anyway by this point I had already kind of given myself bed rest I had been trying to not really do anything I've been trying to spend a lot of time in bed on my left side so anyway that Saturday was scary and then I just stayed in bed Sunday and Monday and the Tuesday I had my appointment I saw a different doctor um and that was actually the doctor who ended up delivering my son so I saw him and um when I saw him my blood pressure was high again and every time those disappointment when I live in the nurses that took my vitals looked freaked out at my blood pressure even though I warned him I said I'm having issues with high blood pressure so if it's high you know that's what we're expecting but they still look freaked out like they couldn't believe that it was that high um I guess they're just used to everything being normal anyway so I saw dr. moonda up delivering my son not my doctor my doctor was actually gone because he had a definite family sadly so I saw a different doctor and he sent me to the hospital again and he basically said you're having her baby today he said that he'd be very surprised if I didn't deliver my son that day sit me down to the hospital didn't bother rechecking my blood pressure cuz he knew it was super high it was nice because the first time I went in they had me wait like an hour in the exam room which is super uncomfortable but to give my blood pressure a chance to regulate I didn't went back outside the ER spend another few hours leave just dissing lab work came back in and said it was fine and I was free to you at that point it was a different nurse who I guess seemed to be more trained in customer relations and patient relations I guess and I asked her um so I'm not getting prescribed any kind of medication and she said nope nothing here so um I I left after confirming like what I need to do if things got worse um they had instructed me to call and make a follow-up appointment whenever I felt it was necessary so I called as soon as I got home and said I want to make an appointment for this week so I went in on Friday and saw another doctor who was the doctor who released me the previous time he was the doctor who said that I didn't need to have my baby that day even though I really really wanted to at this point because it was just getting worse my blood pressure was anyway and he said yeah it was time for me to have my baby we scheduled my new appointment my new surgery date which was Monday August 17th finally okay so all of that sorry I'm kind of low energy and kind of bland right now but so anyway let's just fast word so Monday was our surgery date we went in at 7:00 we were supposed to have the surgery at 8:30 but it got pushed back and that was the most uncomfortable time of the whole process of the c-section and I had a c-section and repeat c-section because my birth canal just isn't made for birthing my first son was only 7 pounds 6 ounces and he would not drop he would not progress through the birth canal so I had a c-section at that point we had an idea that my latest son latest son the new addition I guess I just actual the phrase that they use the newest addition would be larger so we just knew that this give me the safest route for us so it was a repeat c-section I was waiting in pre-op for hours which kind of sucked just because I haven't been able to eat or have any water since before midnight the night before and at this point I my pregnancy I was drinking a full liter of water throughout the night like from bedtime until I woke up I was drinking a liter of water get up use the bathroom and then drink it until I wasn't able to do that the night before so I was so thirsty I wasn't necessarily dehydrated I just wanted water in my mouth because at that point is kind of an addiction I also was really uncomfortable in the pre-op bed they were not the most comfortable and I had a lot of pressure on my tailbone um courtesy of Henry and so it's just really really uncomfortable but it was because the doctor who delivered my son had an emergency come in a woman who was pregnant had a heart attack so completely understandable I was very thankful that I was waiting for an elective surgery for a c-section um it was an emergency and that that was the situation I was in so even though it was so incredibly uncomfortable I was thankful that it wasn't any worse so finally around 11:30 I think is when my doctor was able to come in well not my doctor but the doctor they delivered my son was able to come in and just touch base with me and get me ready for surgery and they wheeled me back at this point my husband wasn't able to come with me to the operating room they were doing some prep stuff and they gave me a spinal block with my first delivery I had an epidural so it was a little bit different I final walk is more of a one-time intense almost immediately acting pain reliever or anaesthetic epidural is more of a slow release and they can add more to it it's kind of like it they they insert a tube in which they can continually pump more anesthetics so anyway with the spinal puck the anesthesiologist talk to me multiple times explained to me what was going to happen explain to me that it would take about 45 seconds and that wallet is leaning forward and doing it right after that I was going to lose feel within 45 seconds I was gonna lose feeling from the chest down and that it was going to feel like I was falling but I needed to not fight it and just let them with me that was terrifying because it really did feel like I was falling and I couldn't do anything about it and after that point I had to curtain up so that I couldn't see from like my collarbone down which I appreciated my husband came in um what else happened oh they I mean I started the surgery the doctor came and I really liked all the women in the operating room they were super nice and super funny um the doctor came in my husband came in they let my husband watch which I was not expecting um they let him watch the c-section he sits told the story to multiple people and I always have to tell you you can't give them the details while I'm with an earshot because I can't stand like that I don't want to know what it looks like as they were removing our son from my desk so my husband was able to watch he didn't have a problem with it he didn't learn faint or anything just what I was afraid of um they pulled my son out and the doctors the nurses said that as they were pulling him out before he was out all the way he had his eyes up and was looking around um I was throwing up some during that process then the anesthetics were making me nauseous and a lot latticed because it lowers your blood pressure and the anesthesiologist said for somebody who was used to running a really high blood blood pressure having really high blood pressure that it was going to hit me harder because it was lowered so much so I was vomiting Danis easy ologist was being really nice and helping me put that because I couldn't really move so that was a little bit miserable but it all went by super fast he was born at 1214 p.m. and I am four feet 11 inches tall four foot eleven and a half nothing workout during that four foot eleven I gained a little over thirty pounds during my pregnancy and my son was nine pounds nine pounds even and mind you I was 38 weeks pregnant at this point so I wasn't even technically full-term yet if you had stuck around a little bit longer I don't even know how he would been he was a massive baby so yeah there was absolutely no way that I could to deliver that but immediately after they removed him they brought him over to me and we did some skin-to-skin they put him on my chest which was a bit more packable than I was expecting because okay he's a massive baby he's humming pounds they put him like with his head in my neck essentially because they have limited space they need to allow the doctor to be selling me up down there so there was limited space and I said most of my throat but it was it was definitely a wonderful experience my husband got to hold him a little bit and and then once he was on skin skin they finished sewn me up and then they took me and Henry to recovery my husband was not allowed there because it was like a long bay it wasn't separate rooms so for other patients privacy the spouses aren't allowed so it was just me and Henry and a couple of nurses I was able to nurse him at that point for the entire time I was in recovery which was about 30 minutes again I really enjoyed the nurses there and then they took us back to the room where family was waiting and all of that and then Henry did have to go to the nursery after the first golden hour is what my hospital halls it and I think that that's like a national term where they don't want anybody interacting with new mom baby and dad with the new parents even the immediate family for the first hour they reserved that time specifically for a familial bonding after that visitors are Laden so anyway in which the nurse during he came back and that was a really long day at lots of his peers which of course was great um and I was able to continue nursing him for the entire time we're in the hospital I had him on Monday at 12:14 p.m. that night they had me get up some and move from my bed to a chair to sit up for a while which was not especially comfortable but I never rated my pain higher than a three or a four on their scale just because I was keeping up on the pain medication they always gave me the option to stop taking the pain medication but I continued to take it the entire time that my correct dosage times the entire time I was at the hospital they remove my catheter the next day which I was not expecting them to do they came in at 4 o'clock in the morning and removed it which I was not ready for because I was terrified I got this feeling of oh my gosh I haven't had to pee by myself in over 24 hours how do I know what that feels like what is if you like to need to urinate oh and I will say thankfully this time the catheter was not the most painful part with my first pregnancy my first delivery they inserted the catheter before the epidural and that hurt so bad this time they did it after my spinal block they did on the operating table so thankfully doesn't happen um but so at that point I had to get up and go to the bathroom and I did take a shower that day on Tuesday yeah and every time I went to the bathroom and every time I went to the shower the one time went to the shower my husband helped me the entire time I didn't have to have any nurses help me which was nice I really appreciate him doing that and normally I'm not into that I'm not into thinking about my husband knowing that seeing what I'm doing in the bathroom especially when like lots of stuff is going on but you kind of lose all modesty after you have a baby immediately after you have a baby I'm sure that I will revert some in the near future but yeah I kind of lost I want to see there so my husband in the bathroom which was very essential and then we were released on Wednesday so I had him on Monday we got home around 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday and that's I mean that's I guess Everest stories are high rambled so much um Henry has since been to the pediatrician one time he did lose weight by the time we left the hospital he was 8 pounds 6 ounces I believe and then at his first pediatric appointment he was 7 pounds 14 ounces so he lost about 12% of his body weight which I was afraid was a little bit much but the pediatrician said that's pretty normal for breastfed babies to lose a little bit more than formula bed cred babies and his next appointment is tomorrow so hopefully he's gained back some of his weight we're not expecting him to be back at his birth weight Snite pounds a lot and he's definitely lost weight it was to the point where he wasn't able to fit and sock said I brought the knee to the hospital but by the time we left they were falling off his feet so he definitely lost a lot of a lot of body weight and that speaking of wait for myself throughout my pregnancy I gained a little bit over 30 pounds I as of right now I've lost a little over 20 pounds so I've got about 10 pounds left to lose which I'm very thankful for because I really didn't know what to expect afterwards because as soon as we got home I had only lost a few pounds like not even the full nine pounds that Henry was let alone my amniotic fluid or the placenta or anything like that and a lot of that I think is because if the fluids that they pumped into me so yeah I was really puffy especially after we got home my feet were more swollen than they were at the entire time of my pregnancy I was unable to fit in my shoes it was it was gross but that's normal especially in the feet because you do have all that excess fluid from from you know your uterus but also from the IVs that you're connected to while you're in the hospital and your feet just kind of naturally let it pull there because they're at the bottom gravity and yeah I was pretty gross but since then you know got to the bathroom a lot and going to the bathroom it's not just urine or poop there's also that lochia the you know the shedding of blood and tissue and I'm pretty sure that's why I've lost most of my weight I'm sure some of it is from breast milk but I think multiple ounces a day are from when I go to the bathroom which is kind of crazy I am just wearing regular overnight pads at this point just all the time because sometimes it captain we were surprised I think I'm it's definitely thinning out which I super appreciate and I had to wear the scary hospital pads while I was there the last day I didn't even really need those either this today is enough started that I've been since we've had Henry so just struggling a wee bit but we will be okay I don't think there's anything else that I have to tell you I sorry this is kind of rambling out of you're interested in seeing pictures of Henry I definitely recommend that you check out my Instagram I'll try to get a clip of him after this just to show you what he looks like but for pictures that I post probably too frequently check out my Instagram which is always like down below you get so many questions feel free to leave them in the comments honestly I haven't been responding to comments for the past month or so just because I was on my self medicate itself diagnosed dead breast cell prescribed bed rest yes feel free to leave any questions in the comments I'll try to get back to them but definitely check out my Instagram if you want some more kind of immediate interaction and I will see you guys soon thanks for watching bye so here he is here's little two-week-old Henry he is not social or about things right now this is his default face he has a very huh yes perturbed resting face mm-hmm that's pretty much how his brow always is he's got on a little shirt that says little brother right now he's just chilling in a swing oh yeah oh that's my sign to go bye guys

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  1. You give way too much details. Like that you were gassy. You gotta get tot he point or have breaks and not talk straight for so long.

  2. susannah- I went from seeing the pregnancy test review at Dollar Tree to this video, and I love the level of information you provide… thank you for making these videos!!! by the way, you weren't rambling, providing a rich background and context is important… blessings to you and your new addition!!

  3. You had a baby!!!! Congratulations 😀 I'm so happy for you. He's so stinking cute <3

    WE COUNT HALVES. Because I'm five two and a half, and the half means I get to fib on my ID! With how teeny tiny you are, it's not exactly shocking your 9 pound baby was a c-section LOL.

    Because you did have some high blood pressure, I think that means that Henry might have had some extra water weight, doesn't it? Did you noticce him peeing a lot? LOL. Like you know how when some pregnant people have blood pressure issues, they hold onto a lot of water? I'm pretty sure that happens with the babies, too.

  4. Congratulations! My lil man was 8.8 pounds when he was born. I remember the nurse saying we may as well skip newborn diapers are get size 1!

  5. What a cutie…My first grandbaby was born on Friday, 9/11…I am in heaven… Her name is Hazel. 🙂 Congrats to you and your growing family.

  6. Oh how these stories bring back memories! Glad Henry and you are both healthy! Oooo I love baby noises!! tfs! 👶💗

  7. Thanks for sharing your story! I'm so glad everything worked out well and that you're both healthy 🙂 Henry is the cutest!!!

  8. We have similar stories my first son wouldn't progress down the birth canal either and his heart beat would drop in contractions. I was fully dilated. I was cleared for a vbac with Ryan but near the end the doctor was afraid the same would happen. I had him at 38 weeks too 🙂

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