Birth video/vlog – failed induction and cat 3 c section.

this is the yolk sac yeah so I went and got some food I got a super berry raspberry and strawberry low-fat yogurt these are 63 pH these were 350 to a pound free fit through either by 350 now pounds I've grabbed em and I've got some mac and cheese I've already are so hungry hi guys it's just a quick update so basically I have had the I've had the steroid injection which really bloody hurt it was up being you they put it in like the bottom of your hip Sacha bomb and it really hurts give you a second after 12 hours so that's I'm doing a half five they said they're gonna come back at 10 o'clock / 11 o'clock to do observations by pressure-temperature that type of thing so that sucks because I love my see I don't want to be woken up and needs master and then tomorrow probably around 8 or 9 o'clock I will be induced they will leave me for 24 hours at that point that'd be so if I would get in 8 o'clock on Wednesday they won't check me till 8 o'clock on Thursday and if I've dilated then I can get my wall was broken and get things going and actually have the baby and hopefully baby will be here by Thursday night if I haven't dilated by Thursday then I will have a c-section probably and that will probably be done the same day I can't imagine them messing around because he does have anemia and if they one knew about him oh yeah that is a pan reaction so I have a way he'll be here Thursday or Friday which is a pain it's Tuesday now I'm already like really bored having like tiny little contractions his heart rates low for what it is but that's because this don't make him tired I'm having tiny little Peaks so just got my breakfast objects food she's got toast rice krispies and I know yit and over there the storage doesn't made me feel ill and shivery so as I was saying yesterday that was making me really hot really sweaty um and I just want to keep moving about ready today I'm really quite cold and I've got like I don't feel well I feel sick and then I have like pain in my leg and I get grime paint any my boy I've had lot bad joints so just the pessary went in at 12 o'clock it's about half an hour after that last clip and nothing happened to about 4:30 5 o'clock machito like so around I say you – I was having back pain and it was like a constant back pain so it wasn't like a contraction back pain just constant back pain and yeah around half for five o'clock I start getting contractions they're getting stronger so they're every two to three minutes apart but not lasting very long when you're like 2030 seconds so Matthew has actually just left we were watching Pikachu detective Pikachu so we didn't really feel more anything maca doesn't like me in films so I didn't film any of that but we went on a walk to the shops which is like downstairs yeah our friend we went to the shops downstairs to look well laughs you will need a drink and look I just wanted to walk see if it made the true contractions any bit our which it did and then came back upstairs and went on the birthing ball doing like a figure of eight and swaying side to side which works but for some reason it made me really tired every time and get on the bottle I get really really tired so I haven't gotten it in like 10 15 minutes at a time just tryna going up but yeah so I could only do it 10 15 minutes at a time so then had to go back on monitoring and I think you've seen enough on to him for one day string beans carrots and potatoes with vanilla ice cream so that's all good morning guys it's half-past seven just kiss me I just woke up contractions stopped last night around every few minutes apart they weren't very much strong and they just stopped during the night as well I've got back on the bull and we'll see guys I wanted to update you so the induction didn't work they M check me I had gotten an that was just back up read that thing didn't work not dilated at all so I c-section is they've moved me to the top list I'm all ready to go absolutely shitting bricks and I'll keep it safe

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