sorry if you can hear the fan in the back I literally just sat down and decided to film this and I'm not getting back up to turn it off so today it's my last day of being pregnant and I'm freaking out but like not like it's like I'm telling myself I should be freaking out but I can't comprehend it so I I'm not freaking out I don't even know what to say and I am my last doctor's appointment being a pregnant woman and I'm freaking out so it's finally like kicky good I can't believe it up and Jesus please it's just been so hard to keep going and now I don't have to anymore it's like it's currently 7:14 and we have to be at the hospital by 7:45 I think Josh is nervous pooping I feel like I gotta have to but not just yet excited to have a baby outside of me and I'd say happy birthday Noelle this is extra credit in school expert photography I think he's trying to poo but we just got moved into our room from the coveri and the surgery was like it's super fast so now I'm just hurting a little bit he's snoring and I can feel the blood gushing out of my vagina first night you might be still going they took our baby away kind of looks like a turtle right now I'm all loop dude are you gonna take it out when you get the blankets just miss him already you so crazy look at your eyes Oh big yawn oh he said you've been John he's been super cluster feeding all day long Josh's grandma was holding him and she's a little bit older and has a little bit of more like jerking movements that she can't help and I guess it made him sick because I'm he has a full stomach he's a cluster feeding all day and one of the people from the nursery told us that we don't have to birth them because it's colostrum which we were still burping him but not too worried about it if he wasn't burping kind of thing and I guess it made him sick and he spit up but since he was on his back and like being swung back and forth it got stuck and he started choking on it and I kept asking her to give him to me but she's a little bit slower and like I was just freaking out and then once I got him like I could see that he was like choking and I was trying to pad his back and like sit him up straight and I can't really move much because if I'm stuck in bed they got a nurse and she came in here like suction of it out and everything so he's so good now he's happy baby and then I went to take a shower today and it was in for like two seconds and almost passed out my blood levels did drop so currently I am anemic so I had to take some iron pills and I hadn't eaten and there was just like a bunch of different stuff going on so oh that y'all did not feel good speaking of I have to pee so bad and Josh is like here no one's here with me right now just me and the baby and he can't help me out of this bed to go pee so fingers crossed I don't have to go in the sniper same we both go pee pee in observers Oh tonight is our last night we go on tomorrow if they say we know Noel but most people are saying we're going on tomorrow so tell me amazing it's still like not really he's like our baby it's so weird I saw it along but you know it gets out of it you hear some noises this one's got pickups but we just got home from the hospital we found out that he has a little bit of jaundice so we're gonna camp out in the living room and have some windows open we go back tomorrow to get another test and then on Tuesday it's his first appointment Paul is doing really good with them he keeps coming over and like freaking out every time he makes a noise and he snuck a few kisses of him I was burping him and he came over real quick and snuck one you see I know it's so hard not to kiss this tequila face so you had the hiccups all the time and mommy's belly now you get them all the time now and I was sitting there talking to a friend and my Road was like soaking wet my Bobby peed on me and I looked and oh my that was just leaving so and he refused to drink from that boob for so long um today's been a lot better I slept like good part of the day cuz he went and got his Joan just has fun and I was just not feeling good this morning so Daddy and home and I live in Turk together and with mom you know she could sleep as much needed it has been an emotional rollercoaster you know like when you get in those tough spots or it's like he's out feeding or you're just annoying or just like they've had slept you got honey things backwards don't get me started on like the no sleep you have to take a deep breath otherwise I think you're drowning all at once I didn't even moments like these that make sense to you have a nice bed happy baby just sleeping away so we're currently five days postpartum when I think it's not that much so I haven't sterilized baraka all right didn't and my great boobs started leaking so I'll put it on there I got an ounce of milk that I can't even use that I have a throw away because my hot brothers were sterilized but I had a funny story that just happened so Josh went and changed his diaper and in the middle was shamed in his diaper which is very common for him he waits until the air hits a minute he poops I went in vote he smiled and I says up so I went in there to help him and he started pooping in the diaper cuz I like covered him up so you didn't shoot across the changing pad while we were waiting for that to happen I noticed it was like something wet on the floor my boob was sleeping I'm super thick right boob leaking I'm in a diaper no shirt on covering like him from shitting all over himself tomorrow is officially my soil does my belly so I'll be the guys in this video here and I'm gonna be up there any more in-depth video clips all day because it's like a lot of clips but don't forget to Like comment subscribe turn my little post notifications on so you get notified every time we make it with you

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