our little baby machina you're in my belly right now who six and a half months pregnant and me and daddy just got married our third musketeer and we can't wait daddy's here mommy's here we're gonna take care you baby I promise we'll always take care of you my love that's how you swaddle a baby boy a little Leonardo right I know I know I know that you get swaddled does painting relax hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today's video if I'm speaking a little bit lower than normal that's because I have given birth and my baby boy is here home with me I'm actually in my room right now and I just have the baby a little bit behind the camera sleeping in his bassinet and I'm hoping that I can go ahead and shoot this video before he wakes up for his next feeding he is cluster feeding right now which means he is waking up almost every single hour on the dot to go ahead and feed and I am breastfeeding so it is solely my responsibility so yes I do not even know where to start with this video you guys I knew that I wanted to share my birth story with you guys but originally I wanted to film a lot of what was going on in the hospital you know I wasn't planning on filming like him actually coming out of me but I definitely felt like I wanted to film me in the bed and getting contractions and right after he came out and one family was coming to visit but it happened in a completely unexpected way and I just wanted to sit down with you guys today I know that it's kind of soon to be filming right after giving birth my baby boy was born on June 14th which was a Friday and today is the following Friday so it's been exactly one week we were in the hospital for two nights so we've been home for about five days and I definitely feel like we have fallen into the swing of things a lot of people scared me and told me that you're gonna feel like a zombie you're not gonna feel like yourself you know they kind of just prepared me that the first three weeks we're gonna be insane and in my experience even as a first-time mom and my husband had to go back to work two days after we got home and honestly like I don't even feel sleep-deprived I don't feel stressed out I don't feel like frazzled and like I'm not myself I feel like the complete opposite I feel on top of the world I am the happiest woman right now I'm gonna try to tell you guys this story without crying because I've told it to so many people and I do tend to get emotional because I do feel like my delivery was very very traumatic the way that it happened but now that he's here and he's safe I just feel so complete I am absolutely in love with being this little boys mama and I just oh I said I wasn't gonna cry come on my dad prepared me and told me that when you have your firstborn you're going to look at them and fall so completely in love and feel a feeling inside your heart that you've never felt before and you know my dad is a very like mushy type of guy and I'm a mushy person too but it's really an undescribable feeling I feel like I'm living a dream I have the little family that I've always dreamt of and every single morning when I wake up and even throughout the night when I'm waking up to feed him I just have the biggest smile on my face cuz I truly feel like I'm living a dream and I don't even care that I'm not sleeping because I feel like my reality is better than any dream that I could dream of am I making any type of sense you guys okay anyway you guys I'm rambling so I did just go ahead and pop into my bathroom with my iPhone and film what my body looks like now seven days after giving birth so I'm going to insert that at the end of this video and then this morning I filmed a really quick little clip of my baby so I want to introduce him to you guys and I didn't even say his name you guys I was planning on having a name reveal video and all of these things before I went into labor again it was just so unexpected but my baby boy's name is Leonardo and I do plan on calling him Leo maybe I'll call him Leonardo just when he's in trouble but I just loved the way that Lea and Leo sound together I felt like it was such a strong manly name I felt like it was adorable for a little boy and Leigha named that he can grow into as he grows so I also did create an Instagram for him I'm going to put the handle right here as well as down below this video definitely give him a follow because I go ahead and put pictures on there that I don't put on my regular Instagram so before I go on and on and on anymore I want to jump into the story of the night that I gave I want to preface this story by telling you guys that my entire pregnancy I planned on getting an epidural you can get an epidural or you can get pain medication I really wanted the epidural because it was supposed to completely numb you from the waist down I did not want to feel anything I'm not really that good with pain so I knew that I wanted the strongest thing that I could get out there so we went to these parenting classes and they educated us on all the options I had a birth plan and the number one thing that I said is I just want an epidural the minute that I get into the hospital that was the most important thing to me well it didn't happen and I did end up giving natural childbirth and not by choice so Monday of that week I had a routine doctor's appointment I had to go every single week just to get checked and at that point I was 38 weeks most women carry to 40 weeks so I was 38 weeks pregnant and a lot of women will tend to start dilating at that point in their pregnancy so I went to the doctor and I'm like okay I said I kind of felt like I had a little bit of contractions they're called Braxton Hicks and they're kind of practice contractions that your body will get before you go into labor and this can happen like two three weeks before you actually go into labor so I felt a little bit of that it was kind of just like extra strong period cramps nothing all that crazy and I'm like oh my god I feel like I'm starting to dilate so I go to my checkup and they check me which let me just say that hurt a lot nobody prepared me for when they check if you're dilated or not this woman like almost shoved her entire hand up inside me and I was in shock while it happened and I wasn't shocked after but anyway I was really upset at the end of that appointment because she told me okay so you did not dilate at all you're completely shut and your cervix is still far up and your belly has not dropped so you do still have two weeks until your due date but it doesn't look like you're gonna be going into labor anytime soon and they started talking about what would happen if I did not how they were going to have to induce me and I started to panic a little bit because I just feel like if your body goes into labor naturally that it wouldn't hurt as much as if they if they had to inject you with a chemical to start your contractions so I just really really wanted my body to do this naturally but I told myself okay you know what I still have two weeks until my due date I'm not even gonna stress it so that was Monday the rest of the week was pretty normal and then fast forward to Thursday I have been trying to stay home a lot recently my husband and also my mom and my mother-in-law they don't want me driving far away from my house they actually even get upset if I drive like two blocks away from my house so because I'm so close to you know giving birth so I was pretty much home all day on Thursday I was just cleaning up the house reading my What to Expect When You're Expecting book watching The Bachelorette on demand I pretty much had a lazy day my husband came home from work we were just relaxing together I ended up cooking dinner that night you guys really liked when I put my meals up on Instagram I cook a lot I would say about three to four times a week and I normally put little snippets on my Instagram live so this was the night that I cooked god named Willie tha with rice and and that was essentially my last meal I did not know so I was feeling fine I cleaned the kitchen and everything after and my husband I feel like there's always a basketball game going on but there was a basketball game that night and he wanted to go to his friend's house and watch and let me tell you guys if I knew that was gonna be the night that I was going into labor of course I wouldn't tell my husband to go ahead and go to his friend's house about 25 minutes away from us and watch the basketball game but I was like you know what you've been home with me all day after work go ahead watch the basketball game let's just go for a walk first so this was around 9 o'clock at night we decided to just go for a walk around the neighborhood and I felt again a little bit of like cramping but very very light if I could tell you guys on scale from 1 to 10 it was probably a three and I had been getting these type of contractions or I didn't even want to call them that but that's essentially what they were I've been getting those cramps for about the past three weeks before so you know I got them while I was walking but I'm like we have to walk they said I haven't opened up yeah my belly hasn't dropped I haven't dilated so let's take our nightly walk we walked around the neighborhood for about twenty minutes and we came home he showered and he left to go watch his basketball game so I'm home alone I go back on the couch put back the Bachelorette on demand and I just noticed that my cramps are getting a little bit stronger so I text my husband and I'm like I'm in a little bit of pain I feel a little bit uncomfortable I'm gonna go in the shower just because whenever I would get those type of cramps I felt like the water would soothe my body and calm down the cramps so he's like okay definitely if you need me let me know I will be there like that and I told him no don't worry have a good time you know I've been trying to push him to go out more because I know that when the baby is here that's gonna be a thing of the past at least for a little while so I went in the shower I had the hot water on my belly everything calmed down I got out went back on the couch and then still persisted a little bit stronger and I texted him like you know babe I think that I might have you call in to work tomorrow because I feel like this pain is getting a little bit stronger at that point he's like alright no problem I'm gonna come home now if you're feeling a little bit uncomfortable I want to come home so he came home and by this time it was about I would say 10:30 he was at his friend's house maybe all of an hour he came home and we actually ended up just going to bed I was a little bit out of it I was stressed out because I really felt like my body was not going to go into natural labor and that was something that I really just had on my mind I knew that I had two weeks to go but I started tossing and turning in the bed and I felt like the pain was getting a little bit stronger but again you guys like maybe a level four at this time out of 10 it wasn't that bad at all and I ended up going to the bathroom and wiping myself and there was blood so we learned about this in our parenting that if you have a bloody show is what it's called that that could mean that you're going to be giving labour in the upcoming weeks or the upcoming days so I was like oh wow okay so this is good I'm happy it's gonna happen soon I called my husband into the bathroom he looked and he's like that's awesome you're gonna be giving birth soon we were both really excited I cleaned up and I went back to bed another two hours passed I felt the same uncomfortableness and I felt like this was going on for a little bit too long this was about I would say 3:00 in the morning so I told my husband you know what I think I want to call the doctor and ask if this is normal we called them and they said just to be sure come into the hospital go to labor and delivery we're gonna have your doctor meet you there so I'm like okay we're calm we're going really slow my husband goes in the shower he still did not even have any hospital bags packed of course and I'm just in the room I'm getting like the last minute toiletries together I'm like just in case let me get my toothbrush my deodorant my face wash just to make sure that I have everything with me I go again once again to use the bathroom and I feel a gush and I was like oh my god to my husband that was in the shower my water just broke and he's like what are you serious oh my god what are the chances your water just broke on the toilet so that's when we knew okay this is real I'm going into labor I don't know why my contractions were not feeling a lot stronger but we knew that it was happening so we were really excited and we were still taking our time maybe about half an hour later we had everything packed and we were ready to go and then right before we were about to walk to the door or to the car I should say is one of my contractions getting it started getting really really strong and at this point I did start crying they were really really intense my husband had to basically carry me into the car I blasted the AC and I was shivering the entire way to the hospital and my husband is likely I'm gonna turn down this AC you're shivering and I told him no Hector I'm not shivering because I'm cold it's that's helping numb me I'm shivering because I'm in so much pain right now I had a little handheld fan that was clutch we ordered that from Amazon I highly highly recommend that because that helped so much during my labor but we were driving to the hospital really fast the hospital about 20 minutes away I think he got there in ten minutes and we pulled up to the hospital and this is when it started to get like a little bit scary for me I could not walk into the hospital and he pulled up right in front of the building and he ran in and he came back out with a wheelchair and he's like there's nobody there to help me get you in there I have to get you in this wheelchair so I was struggling to get out of the car I was crying I guess they heard me from inside the hospital so two women came out and they ended up all three of them getting me in the wheelchair and we'll in the end they sent me straight up to the sixth floor which is labor and delivery and you know they were like okay you're going into labor don't worry calm down and I'm just telling them I have to push I have to push and I was actually saying this in the car on the way and like there was telling me don't push Lee don't push you're gonna have the baby in this car don't push but I just had this really strong urge to push it's the craziest feeling ever so they get me in the chair and they're like we're gonna check to see how dilated you are and I'm like great in my head I was just checked like what four days before three days before and I was dilated zero so I'm like all this is gonna be like a false alarm I mean so so much pain at this point I'm crying and I'm like okay so they go ahead and they check me and the two nurses look at each other and I said to them I'm not dilated at all am i and they're like no sweetie it's actually the opposite you're dilated fully you're ten centimeters dilated and I'm like what are you kidding me like I did not have any labor and you can like strong contractions until the past 20 minutes I'm like it didn't make sense at all so I didn't even have time to digest what was happening and the first thing that I told them is okay I want an epidural I want an epidural and they're like okay we need to do blood work we need to get you admitted we need to do a couple of things and then we'll talk about the epidural at this point I'm already pushing because the contractions are so strong so every time that one comes on I'm like making this noise that I never even heard come out of me before while I'm pushing and I'm just like all right every single time one of them comes and I feel so much pressure down there and I'm like I want the epidural I want the epidural I'm in there for about 20 minutes and then finally they bring my husband in and he comes up to me and he has tears of running down like coming down his face and I thought it's because you know he saw me in so much pain and also he's in shock and he comes up to me and he comes to the side of the bed and my tissue I know I was gonna cry during this and he's like I have to tell you something and I'm like what and he's like um you're too far dilated and they're not gonna be able to give you anything and I'm like what do you mean like okay no epidural how about some type of like pain medication some type of numbing spray something that they can put and he's like nothing you're too far dilated and the nurse is like sweetie you're gonna have this baby in the next 20 minutes that we can't give you absolutely anything and I just started hysterically crying because I was in so much pain and I was like there's no way that if this pain gets any worse like I I can't like I just started crying and I telling my husband and the nurses I can't I can't I can't do this like hyperventilating and my husband grabs my face and he's like you can do this and you're going to do this and we're going to do it together and we're gonna have our baby boy here with us in 20 minutes um he's like you could do this you could do this and I'm like oh my god we didn't call my mom we didn't call your mom we thought this was a false alarm go call them go call them so he calls his parents he calls my parents my mom makes it there ten minutes later they bring her in the room and she's crying because she's given natural childbirth before and you know before she even got there I had told my husband I don't even know if I want my mom in the room anymore because I'm in so much pain and this is gonna get worse I don't want my mom to feel like she has to watch her baby you know I don't know what's about to happen and he's like no Lee you want your mom in the room I know you so my mom came in the room and she was crying because she was scared for me she knew what I was about to feel and it's hard to be the person in bed you know giving birth but it's also really hard to watch the person that you love in so much pain and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it so as I'm getting these contractions my doctor comes in and she's like me why did you wait so long and I said doctor I did not feel anything at home I felt a little bit of light cramping there's no way that I thought that I was gonna be going into labor tonight and she's just like alright well you're gonna do this we're gonna do this all natural they put my legs up in the stirrups and they tell me not to push and I'm telling them I have to I have to push and I was ignoring their advice at that point I don't know if they were telling me not to push because the doctor wasn't there yet or what but I was still pushing because I just had that urge and I felt so much pressure down there I told them I wanted an episiotomy where they cut you to make room for the baby's head because I just felt like everything was going to split wide open because I felt pressure in that area right in between they didn't end up cutting me but I did split or rip on the top and the bottom so that was pretty painful but I just remember pushing pushing pushing and having my husband there he was an amazing coach and the nurses told me after we see so many couples and you guys really paid attention in your class because your husband was an amazing coach telling you how to breathe and holding your face and being there for you and supporting you and he was holding my neck told me to put my chin to my chest he was telling me not to breathe while I pushed he really just coached me amazingly and my mother too and I just kind of zoned out on hearing the two of them tell me push push push push push and finally on the last push my baby came out and they put him on my chest he peed on me right away and he cried and cried and cried and I was just in absolute shock I could not believe that a few hours before this was at 6:06 in the morning that I ended up giving birth and leave to go to the hospital until a little after three maybe almost 4:00 in the morning so within we were in the hospital like less than two hours before I gave birth so you know I did not have my pedicure done I had my manicure done I didn't have any makeup on I was like oh I'm gonna go in there with my face beat no girl I didn't have time for any of that I did make myself look cute after though but I wanted to meet my son you know like all cute or whatever anyway and the baby was here and I was just like oh my god I didn't even have time to digest what happened I just could not believe that I basically did not have a labor the the typical amount of time they say for our first-time mom is I believe 18 to 32 hours that you're in active labor and I told my husband to leave the house at about like 9:30 that night and I was out walking around the block and cooking dinner while I was actually in labor and I just didn't know it so I do want to say that the two things that I feel made my labor like so so fast is I was eating dates I was eating six of them every single night my doctor told me that dates will start to thin your cervix so your labor will be faster I didn't know was gonna work that well and then also red raspberry leaf tea I was recommended to start drinking this again through my doctor at 30 weeks so every single day I would have two cups of red raspberry leaf tea and this is supposed to be for overall uterine health and it's supposed to make it so that your uterus gets really strong and your contractions are strong so you could push out the baby and again have a faster labor I don't know you guys if it was because of this stuff if you are trying to induce yourself towards the end of your pregnancy I definitely recommend it because my labor was in sane so I only had my husband and my mom in the room while I was giving birth but right after that they allowed me to have my mother-in-law come see the baby and then my dad and my father-in-law we'll insert some pictures of the first time they saw their grandbaby there was not a dry eye in the room it was just so emotional for all of us we could not believe that he was there oh and I am crying right now it's about time for me to go ahead and feed him but yes now we are home you guys we're just getting into the swing of things I feel so blessed and I am the happiest woman in the world I will be inserting some pictures from the hospital and after we came home and I don't know what else to say you guys I just can't believe that he's here literally all day long all I want to do is stare at my baby I definitely want to show you guys a video like a day in the life of a first-time mom or what my daily routine is now but I just feel like I want to live in the moment right now you know I'm not worrying about a camera I am updating a lot on Instagram because that's a lot easier for me but I feel like I just want to soak in every single minute of this I did not know if being a mom was something that was ever going to happen for me because I always knew I wanted to be a mom but I never found somebody that I wanted to parent with and the way that my husband was throughout this entire pregnancy with me the night that I gave birth and now seeing him fall so deeply in love with his son I fell in love with my husband all over again and we have our little family my family and his family every single person is just so absolutely amazing we are showered in so much support and so much love and everybody around is just over the moon you guys have been absolutely amazing and this journey has just been incredible you definitely do feel like I want to have more children down the line I'm thinking maybe just one more so my baby can have a little playmate but we'll see what God has in store so again I will just leave you guys with some pictures really quickly I'm going to roll the clip of what my body looks like now as well as the clip of Leonardo this morning so thank you guys all so much for watching I'll see what pictures I can put in there for you definitely check me out on Instagram and follow my baby boy on Instagram and my boss is crying back there so I'm gonna go ahead and feed him thank you so much for watching I love you guys all so much and I will see him in my next video yeah you hear that time to go bye guys I leo so this is my gorgeous baby boy officialy hey what are you rolling your eyes for did you get that for mommy you definitely got that for mommy he's officially one week old today taking a little nap after he just ate Oh baby what that face say mommy leave me alone I'm just trying to sleep my gorgeous baby boy I have never in my life been more in love my angel and I view my son okay you guys so excuse the background and the lighting I'm just in my bathroom right now and I'm just gonna be filming this quick little clip off of my phone so this is what my body is looking like exactly one week after giving birth so right now I'm just wearing a little nursing tank and a nursing bra and excuse my slippers I'm just wearing some fuzzy slides I definitely want to be comfortable I'm fitting into my pre pregnancy clothing obviously this is not pre pregnancy but I did get this set off of Amazon I will link it down below in the description box because these nursing bras and nursing tanks have been an absolute lifesaver but I know that you guys want to see what my bump is looking like so maybe I should not have one black to show this to you guys but my little bump is almost completely gone so this is what my body is looking like from the front I did order a Faja it has not come in yet I definitely want to get to that ASAP because I want to snatch this waist again this is what it looks like from the other side so you guys can see I still have little bit of like a mom couch I would say my bump was really really big and poppin before I gave birth so this is nothing in all honesty it does not bother me at all and from the front you guys can see that my waist is starting to be nice and defined again on the sides so I'm definitely happy about that I know a lot of you guys have been asking on Instagram to see what my body looks like right after pregnancy a lot of people told me that you will walk out of the hospital looking like you did at six months pregnant I think that I definitely looked a little bit more pregnant at six months I would say that this is what I look like around four months pregnant I want to say so definitely pretty happy but I'm not obsessing over my body right now or what I look like I just wanted to share that with you guys because I know that I've been getting a lot of questions


  1. Lee thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am beyond over the moon happy for you!! I was crying during this vlog. I can see and feel how strong your love is for your precious baby boy and honestly this was so touching to watch. Leo is so lucky to have you as his mommy. Hector is also such an amazing husband. God couldn’t have chosen a better partner for you or a better father for Leo. After all that you have been through you deserve the world and I do believe that now that Leo is born…you do have THE WORLD! I’m not a mommy yet so I can’t really give an opinion or make any statements regarding the labor (or non existent labor as you pretty much described it in this vlog) but I do believe not having an epidural was a blessing in disguise. Girl! God knew you didn’t need an epidural! He knows how strong you are! You did it mama! I’ve been following you for years Lee and I love you girl! I’m so very happy for you Lee. 💗

  2. I Have 4 kids , i never got a epidural since was scared on that procedure , I do agree giving birth was soo traumatic for me too , pain was soo intense , I felt was getting Crazzy on my second child since they where making me wait when I felt I had to push
    This dumb doctor was coming late to me , literally I was pulling my hair I just couldn’t wait , I still cry when I remember my delivering .

  3. WOWWW you look beautiful mama!!! Happy and healthy boy!! Sending so many blessings your guys’ way 🙂

  4. Hi lee congratulations on your baby boy!😊also where did you get the nursing tanks and how to I look for them I’m due in 4 weeks and I really need them!!

  5. Awww I’m so happy for you ❤️. He is a great Dad . He said “I promise I’ll always take care of you “ 😩🥰❤️ . I’m also a first time mommy, my baby is 6 months old. It’s an unconditional love ❤️

  6. I’m 20:38 in watching this on train on my commute home & trying so hard not to start bawling 😭😂
    It’s so amazing to see where you are in life and how god has graced you with an amazing husband and baby boy. Thank you for sharing! You look fabulous!! 👌🏻🙌🏻
    Congratulations Lee and family, many blessings to you and Leo 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  7. Congratulations on your baby, he’s so beautiful thank you for your story it just reminded me of how special my labor was and how much my baby change my life as well. Babies are the biggest blessing, enjoy every second of it <3

  8. Héctor!!! Thank you for giving Lee the selfless unconditional love that she’s always deserved. It’s so hard to help someone going through something you can’t understand or experience. Such a beautiful story and job well done Lee! I think we all started balling hearing this story, thanks for sharing. ❤️

  9. Yes Very similar experience to mine! & I have a sneaking suspicion it may have to do with how we were medicating our body with the proper herbs. My first two labors….both very long & very difficult, in labor for more than 30 hours BOTH times, had to have my water manually broken both times, pushed for several hours both times, required all sorts of help both times including episiotomy & forceps. Third pregnancy, I began looking into traditional herbs used during pregnancy that have been used for centuries to aid in delivery. This time around, drinking all the traditionally recommended teas for each trimester, and also using primrose oil amongst a few other herbs and oils to aid in elasticity and cervical thinning, WAY different birthing experience 3rd time around! Wow! The night I went into labor ….I also didn’t have any contractions at all, I had plenty energy & was cleaning until 2 in the morning (cuz you know how it is lol) finally decided to go to bed. Laid down, and literally 30 seconds after I lay down, I heard and felt a big SNAP. it felt and sounded exactly like a rubber band snapping and breaking….I couldn’t believe I actually heard it 😂 anyways….I was like wtf was that? So I shook my husband and asked him “did you hear that?” He was like “no what” and I was like “a rubber band….snapping…..but I felt it inside of me, do you think my water broke?” & he was like “no babe, I don’t think it works like that” lmao, plus there was no water? But then I thought, maybe if I stand up it will start leaking? So I stand up and WOOSH, water everywhere!! And I kid you not, those contractions came on quick and strooooooong like instantly! so I quickly try to do my makeup but the pain just instantly comes in flashes just too close together for me to function at this point, and from my previous pregnancy’s I was quite alarmed to know from experience that I was already in what would be considered active labor and we hadn’t even left the house yet. we jumped into the car and my husband sped as fast as he could to the hospital (we actually got a speeding ticket haha) I thought for sure I was giving labor in that car. I got to the hospital and we could tell they didn’t believe I was in active labor and it seemed like because of my age, they assumed this was my first baby and didn’t understand what “active labor” really felt like…so they took their sweet ass time, while I was screaming on a stretcher in pain, I could hear them behind the nursing station casually talking over my screams while grabbing monitors and supplies, I was CHOKED. So anyways, I’m like…these bitches have no idea imma bout to pop this kid out into this stretcher! So I started yelling 😂 “HELP HELP PLZ SOM1 HELP” 😂 I was terrified! I did not want to do this alone and my poor husband just stood next to me not knowing what to say to make these nurses take my progression seriously. So one of the nurses FINALLY casually walks around the curtain and looked under my gown and immediately yells “Oooooo! We got get her up to labor and deliver like NOW” so these ladies are rushing me as fast as they can and when they finally get me into a delivery room, they check me again and the nurses face literally looked as white as a ghost 😂 she looked at the other nurse and said “call the doctor now, like now” I’m crying for an epidural, and the nurse is telling me the anesthesiologist is coming as fast as she can, the anesthesiologist walks in and I’m bagging for the epidural and the nurses are all panicking, and the anesthesiologist says she doesn’t know if she can give it to me, I’m just so progressed, so I started to freak out so she says “ok, ok, I will try, but only once, if I don’t get it the first time then I will not be able to attempt again” so apparently she got the needle into my back (at least I felt a needle enter my back lol) but by that point I was way too far gone into my labor, I laid back down and the nurses said “sweetly I’m so sorry but you have to start pushing!” And I just started crying because the epidural had not started working at all, I felt EVERYTHING, I was asking “when will the epidural kick in please! When will it kick in?” And the nurses kept telling me “any minute now sweety, any minute now it will kick in okay? just focus on pushing!” I did NOT want to push until the epidural kicked in but waiting was not an option any longer, at this point, I had only been in the hospital for approximately 30/40 minutes & once I began pushing, I pushed maybe 4 or 5 times and baby boy came out, it wasn’t until later that my husband and my nurse told me, they knew they were never going to be able to give me an epidural, and that in fact the anesthesiologist was not successful and knew it was too late but pretended it worked to give me hope that pain relief was on its way 😂 she and my nurses knew that if I knew the epidural was not on it’s way, and that I was going to have to do it el natural it would cause me to panic and defocus. And they were right! I am SO glad they all put on an act and pretended like the epidural was gonna kick in any minute, had I known i probably would have fainted out of fear ☠️ it all worked out tho, it was a VERY fast delivery, I didn’t need any type of assistance getting him out, and I didn’t tear at all, in fact I was walking around no problem just shortly after & felt absolutely fantastic 🙂not the case at all with my two prior labors!

  10. Wow your story sounds just like mine 22 years ago when I had my son ! I almost died pushing that boy out because I was 10cm walking into the hospital ! But girl for the next 2 .. nope I was there hours before they came because I wasn’t doing natural EVER again !!! Kudos to you girl !!! God bless you and your baby boy !!! 💙💙

  11. Awww congrats lee! You're story has come full circle and now you have a beautiful family of your own. What a blessing! And your next baby will come even faster. I have 4 kiddos and each one was faster than the one before.

  12. That’s goals you have relieved some of my fears , I’ll just think about baby. Congratulations 🎊 beautiful mama and baby

  13. I had a similar experience where I went into the hospital because I had been having minor contractions (my husband and mom told me to go; I didn’t want to lol) and when I got there I was already 3-4 centimeters. 8 hours later my baby was here. I got the epidural too late because I kept dilating really quick and ended up delivering naturally because the epidural never kicked in

  14. Your birth story is so similar to mine! I had both my kids all natural because I did not feel pain and had my kids so quickly. The first was the same, I tore everywhere and the second I did not. God bless you and your beautiful blessed familia! Lots of love and light 🙏😘💜

  15. Sooooo thrilled for you…been watching you for years and seeing you finally have true love and happiness is outstanding!!

  16. I had the same exact experience. Wow. I went to the doctor the day before I have birth and was dilated to a 0 12 hours later I woke up thinking I had gas cramps and ended up going to the hospital. I was trying not to push in the car and ended up having the baby in triage. I screamed like a wild animal because it was so painful. I was so traumatized from the pain and being told no to the epidural that I thought I had PTSD. I had nightmares for about 2 months straight. It’s crazy how watching this I remember my exact experience 8 months ago. I had my Daughter at 6:01am.

  17. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you and your family. I'm a wuss and can't take pain, so I teared up when you teared up….scary. You are a strong women. God bless him, he is gorgeous.

  18. Omg Lee he is PERFECT! 🤗 Beautiful!! Congratulations to you both. I'm so incredibly happy for you!!! I must be hella mushy too bc I was literally sobbing 😜😜😜 That kid was born into so much love, he will do great things. 💙👑
    God bless your family Mamita.
    P.S. – U look amazing 👍🏽

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