hey guys today's Friday you gotta make it yeah it's 12:30 4:00 p.m. and I had my 38 week appointment this morning to talk 29 Philip but the time ahead but yeah they checked out which died way they've how much more I am last week I was three and now I'm a little over five so we're on our way to the hospital in his work clothes cuz I called him when he was at work I was in the middle of sealing the deal with the customer he was actually taking delivery and I was just like hey bruh that I got it I got a jet Beyonce's she's going into labor so appreciate your business yeah and I was having some stronger contractions earlier right now not really I've only had one and like probably the past 30 minutes but yeah the doctor was like yeah I think it's better if you go today because if you wait she's like if you want an epidural she's like because if you wait too long that you probably won't get it so I definitely want the epidural cuz I'm not like in this pain I just want this to be over already I was a little baby but yeah I'm pretty excited in nervous I know what no-good last I'll gonna say watch them send me back home like there's no way they can send me back from yeah especially if I'm five centimeters dilated but they said they might have to give me some pitocin something like that to get the contractions going so I can have the baby the doctor said I'll do that have it today have the baby today or tomorrow y'all will find out the name soon do ya I'm like said in my : road for all these people are coming here for me yeah I'm gonna be Philips eyes on the road right now so I'll talk to you later all right guys we are here at the hospital and Sophie's putting on her eyeliner I don't get that she's about to go into labor AG just trying to get all fixed up those people are gonna come visit and I'll be looking all dead no you having a baby I think I understand Oh God yeah we're here excited and we're just gonna keep that updated throughout the day or throughout the here we go again in contractions after right after I stopped that last clip I had one another yeah so we got to get in there quick that way for this girl to get our eyeliner done already and yeah yeah this is chicken side she great Oh again round two I got to step it up again I gotta step it up to another level and he's no sleep and pure grind yeah of course I'm gonna get Smith didn't sleep well that's good guy yeah it's this some complication he's always but don't know he would stop breathing it was scary yeah yeah we'll keep y'all updated alright guys here I am weapons room if we can get a deal let me know update again still at the hospital we're still here 24 315 now we does it to 345 yes or 415 all right 345 yes because somebody know it's that's what we're waiting for yeah I'm still 5 centimeters dilated but they said I need to wait a little longer so yeah we will keep that updated another contraction it's a good thing we got our Finding Nemo on here yeah yeah I'll get this baby out push it up hi booboo how we feelin cuz you got the epidural how many centimeters are ya when they kick me out really yeah the nurse thought that I had said that I didn't and so he's got this crackhead shakes Oh what's going on guys yeah we did it got baby number two out it was so different this time – on the second so yeah it was so different this time last time what Chi how long we were here – he came out this time no yeah like one ish and I had the baby at eight and then with Chi when he was born we had to I had to put him in the NICU because he swallowed all that stopped breathing really bad and then with Luca he came out crying perfect that's done real quick no no issues the Sam things look in the yeah I'm sleepy Mary had two different doses say that again this is true better lighting main what a day started the day closing that one deal at the dealership but jetting and now Here I am nighttime in la noche yeah I like it took me 30 minutes to have what to contractions he was out that's crazy and then the last push she was just like just lightly push he slipped out it was crazy riffing yeah it was four story today today's the day got to say boo-boo I will give him a lot of attention don't you worry okay I really gotta like wash my feet or something because alright guys well we're gonna have to wrap it up see they're telling us to wrap it up already so yeah that's the end of the vlog y'all enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up we really appreciate it subscribe if you're not already following the Dussehra family and we'll see y'all with another video next time

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