36 Replies to “Birthing Scenes White Woman pt3 – Woman Giving Birth – Newborn – Best Shot Footage – Stock Footage-”

  1. Damn thats disgusting as fuck i cant believe women wait so long to have thier baby ,this one is almost a teenager look how big he was ,her cootch must look like a turtle neck sweater 😉

  2. It may be natural…. but so is weed and that don't make it good for you, you know? this just looks dead painful!

  3. this is the most amazin and natural thing in the whole world i have a 1 year old and am 6 months pregnant and cant wait to give birth if ppo dnt like watchin it stop bitchin n jst dnt watch it

  4. @SoloAsian22 ALL obs help pull the child out like that when the shoulder is stuck to help mom get out of pain and to help bring child into this world so yes they are SUPPOSE to pull like that

  5. @erwinfummel and the award for the dumbest dumb ass on youtube goes to drum rollllllll erwinfummel congratz fucking moron

  6. for gods sake people that the fuck over it we ALL came into the world this way and if you want childern to carry on your name and genes you or your wife will have to do it like this too deal with it THATS LIFE

  7. Please realize—- This is not a good representation or a "Best shot" of a birth– look at some happier, more natural birth videos– this manipulation of the baby and intrusion is not necessary! Check out some of the births online described as "Hypnobirthing" or "hypnobabies" or " waterbirths" — They are all more gentle and comfortable!

  8. bastard was holding the baby like a freaking football, u saw how he stuffed his finger in his freaking mouth..

  9. @mapes05 baby is covered in vernix, a cheese like coating to protect the skin. Some but not all baby's will lose this coating before they are born

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