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hi this is Amy Jones crater birth ology com since 1997 i bin abdullah and childbirth educator and i want to address some of the most common questions that parents to be half for me and one of those questions is I trust my doctor and he's told me that he and the nurses will totally take care of me during the birth experience so what is the point of getting any outside help this is a good question and even if your caregivers completely on board with your birth plans and you feel like the staff at the hospital you've chosen is also very supportive it's a good idea to have someone that's objective and unbiased and a third party that's there for you during the pregnancy so you can ask questions and get direction and also someone that's there for you during the birth to help guide you along towards your path because the doctors and the nurses they have a lot of tasks to complete in a lot of obligations to fulfill and sometimes your emotional and mental well-being gets lost in the shuffle and ironically your emotional and mental state play probably the most critical factor and having not only a positive outcome but a safe outcome as well so it's critical that you get your needs and your questions attended to during pregnancy and also get your needs met during your birth you know what studies have shown that even having a doula or a woman that's just sitting in the corner doing nothing during the birth experience it significantly improves the outcome of the experience so hiring a doula will reduce the life that you'll be induced and we're just likelihood that you'll ask for pain medication which leads to a healthier outcome you'll studies have shown that on average there's a twenty-five percent reduction in labor time I mean who doesn't want that right uh-huh and also reduces your risk SS arian by up to fifty percent you know not to mention there's an increased rate of satisfaction with the birds and increased rate of breastfeeding success and a decreased rate of postpartum depression so you know there's a club by John Kimmel that says it's a duel over a drug it would be unethical not to use one and boy ain't that the truth if you find a doula that you click with and that is professional and has your best interest at heart there's really no downside to seeking not only a doula but also seeking a mentor or childbirth educator during pregnancy to help feel those questions and guide you towards your safest most satisfying birth possible and in fact any caregiver that prohibits the use of doulas or discourages the use of duas in my opinion raises some serious ethical questions given the amount of benefit clinically speaking that hiring a doula provides if you found this video helpful and want to go gain some more quick tools and tips to seeking the best birth possible for yourself please go check out my other videos Thanks now good day hi my name is Julian I wanted to talk to you about some of the things that I learned Amy's birth ology course I was lucky enough to come across this course when I was about five weeks pregnant throughout that I was able to learn things in nutrition that was able to help me throughout my pregnancy and afterwards in nutrition I was able to lower how much morning sickness i had i was able to not have any water weight i was able to not have any toxemia or any of those types of complications I had a full-term pregnancy without without a week during my birth process I was able to learn some things to help me stretch my skin to where I didn't have any stretch marks I didn't rip I learned some breathing techniques that helped me through my labor after my labor I was able to learn some things that helped me through the first stages of breast feeding which isn't always the easiest thing but to really help me there it also has made a difference in my baby I have been told countless times how alert she is she was smiling right after she was born and it everybody goes just gasps it's not gas she it was interactive from the very first day and the bottom line is that there are things that I learned in this course that I would not have otherwise information that would not have been volunteered to me and it completely changed my outlook my opinions on on birth I felt so much more confident and empowered to make different decisions and I believe wholeheartedly that it helped me to have an amazing birth experience anybody who is looking to have children needs to know this information and if you try to go to research it on your own it will take you years to get everything you can get out of this course for more information click on the link below you

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