49 Replies to “Black label society – Stillborn acoustic”

  1. I love how Zakk just does not stop playing the guitar even when the radio host is talking he is just jamming. Love it

  2. Best album that I have listen to hanging on the wall behind them!! Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park ❀️ if im not mistaken, looks like its recorded with a calculator!

  3. Too bad the band I played with in Virginia took a trip to NY to promote our demo cd and less than a year later Stillborn acoustic comes out and sounded nothing like the wired version but exactly like our song Judgement,note for note, thank Mr. Wylde for crushing my dreams, and if you think I'm joking here is the proof Β 

    .https://myspace.com/brokenminded/music/album/nowhere-to-be-found-7779785 and listen to Judgement. Kind of our fault for not copy writing it, but we were young, and at least they could have changed it. But you can clearly see our release date as May 9 2004 well before Black label Society released theirs

  4. Ugh sad when it was over πŸ˜©πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ well done so wickedly beautiful. Love the acoustic

  5. Its so nice to see real musicians BC they are a dying breed unfortunately. We need more music like this and not rappers sagging in skinny jeans that is all ^.^

  6. ya know when it comes from the heart n u put all ur feelings into the song makes it that much more powerfulΒ 

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