49 Replies to “Black Label Society – Stillborn (Acoustic)”

  1. His voice is awful. Still not as bad as seeing him live. I'll respect his guitar playing, but his voice is awful

  2. Love this song Zakk puts his heart into everything he does …. regardless of what anyone else says he's a bada$$ musician .

  3. If I pick my guitar back up, I think I want to purchase an acoustic one and make an attempt at learning this. Beautiful song.

  4. The Main riff is not as hard as you think…..It's Fsharp or Gflat minor…Your hand stays in that position for the main riff…..The difficulty comes in the way of finger picking it….It took me about 20 minutes to get it down….Come on Brothers….Have faith I know you can do it 2…..

  5. I've seen Zakk live with BLS and I can honestly say I prefer him acoustic over electric. His visceral style of play/picking lends itself better to acoustic guitar than it does electric in my opinion. Jerry Garcia was the same way; a lot better on acoustic guitar.

  6. i learned the normal still born song figured id try to learn this version. im 15 seconds in and i change my mind

  7. Remember hearing this for the first time in the pen. Original version. I got goose bumps that day. Now those goose bumps have goose bumps

  8. "Not it's time to get good and f**ked up, let's go, start drinking!" just made my whole day. Classic Zack. Cheers!

  9. Thoughts… I know its just a song but! It sounds like, he sounds like he waited for god to show his face to try and belive maybe not for him self but for family or some thing… he never showed so there is now a disconect…

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