46 Replies to “Black Label Society – Stillborn Guitar Cover”

  1. can you do fire it up also great cover keep shreding man also sorry about the tickets thats happend to me once

  2. One of the best covers of stillborn. Awesome job. What setup you got to get his sound? It’s hard to get his exact tone and you nailed it

  3. Is this all by ear? I look at BLS live performances, but they move around so much it's hard to see how it's done. So far your bids seem to be right on.

  4. im a begginer guitar player, you make playing songs like this seem easy. and that solo…. NAILED IT!!!

  5. really cool cover dude – whats the name of the stacks in the back marshal mini somethings? Help me out pls 🙂

  6. Amazing!! You definitely deserve more views!
    Could you please do a lesson of this solo? It would be great!

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