33 Replies to “Black Man Steps In To Protect Pregnant Woman From Raving Lunatic”

  1. That fucker got what he deserved. No matter what age, race, or gender, it's never ok to do that. It's completely messed up, and it disgusts me when this kind of thing happens.

  2. If you pretend you are talking than don't take out a gun and be like "everything is ok", i don't care if the law allow "self defence" by firearm, taking a gun out is something out of the world in my country, considering you KILL somebody just pulling a trigger.

  3. I do not think that I am the exception as a single mother where the presents of a male figure was lacking. I have always taught my son that women, no matter from what walk of life, is to be defended and protected. Just because his father was not always around it does not mean that certain life lessons are not going to be taught. As a single mother I feel I have covered what needed to be covered, even what was supposed to have been taught by his father.

  4. I hope that old man realize how ignorant and wrong he was in fix his ways before someone hurts his old ass

  5. sorry to tell you Fatboy but her attitude never change you have a guy getting in a woman's face what do you want her to doall she was telling a guy was to back up she was saying that before the guy came to defend her and she was saying that after the guy came to defend her just a backup and give me my personal space

  6. And that man right there is what majority negresses kicked out of the home😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  7. The only person making this a race issue is this hoorah. Its should be like that for everyone not just because this white guy or this black woman . Practice what you preach no dude should be in any woman face causing fear. No one has to bring race in it.

  8. That's the typical white mans attitude…they think they can just do whatever they feel..and get away with it …times have changed buddy…face it you messed with the wrong one….and you got checked..good video….

  9. I am not white or black but I know bad people come in all colors. Any man who thinks it is ok to approach and threaten a woman should be put down hard enough that he can never do it again. Make him a cripple or execute him. No room for monsters in this world

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