8 Replies to “Bladder Outlet Obstruction Interventions | Cincinnati Fetal Center”

  1. Im pregnant this is same case but doctors say to me after delivery wht happens I dont no operating hosakta nai bhi hosakta dua Karna bus all people pray for my baby thanx

  2. before watching dis video i read it but I'm not able 2 understand even an 1 line but now it just cleared.so many many thnx

  3. I Am Coming There Soon To Get This Procedure Done Please Tell Me They Won't Take My Baby Out This video was great btw

  4. I figured that, but I was wondering if they hired an illustrator or a company, I went to art school in Ohio, so I was wondering if I knew that person.

  5. I recommend this hospital and procedure. At about 16 weeks gestation I had the stent placed in my daughter. This procedure helped save at least one of my daughter's kidney. 6 years later her kidney was still functioning without the help of dialysis. She had her kidney transplant in Dec 2015 in Cincinnati. We are not from Ohio, I researched them years ago when my doctor said my baby had an enlarged bladder and they were the best around then and still is today. Highly recommended!👍

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