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hi I would just like to schedule a blood test for pregnancy thank you very much yeah you as well good morning guys I just got out of the shower that's why my hair is up um but today I am five weeks and one day pregnant I am going to get a blood test today too for my insurance and I just make sure everything is okay with my HCG levels they are open today and they're open tomorrow which is Saturday and today is June 14th crazy but like in my family obviously there's nothing there yet but it does become more bloated at night so I think I'll show you guys tonight but Brayden is coming to get us in like about two hours to go huh I am so out of breath this pregnancy oh my gosh but Brayden is gonna come get us to go to the doctor to get a blood test I'm also going to schedule my first ultrasound when I'm there I'm so excited but I need to go get ready how many smiles does it take to be happy how many times do you have to feel lonely before you get the chance to meet someone for you get to meet someone iq how many songs can you write about heartbreak how to go on when you fed up with mistakes maybe I just found the answers maybe I just found the answers any okay I'm actually gonna go take my five week pictures outside so I think that's what I'm gonna do right now take me away I'm okay if I got you and we don't have to sting well I'm also out here I'm gonna turn the hose on it we can do what we want to just give a little bit of your heart give a little bit of your heart to me all the masks are start to heal I can explain with you just now that I'm done with that I want to show you guys something so I'm gonna take pictures with Victoria later today oh my gosh I'm so out of breath yeah I made like a little sign that says best friend coming at February 2020 so my due date is February 13th according to my period but according to according to my conception then it would be February 17th so a late February 2020 I'm so excited I just hope this baby is happy and healthy and I'm really excited um yesterday I actually took this test I'll show you in just a minute but I wanted to keep taking tests until the line was as dark as the controlling and it finally got there after six days which is great because HCG doubles between 24 to 72 hours and it seems to be doubling every 72 hours so that's really great but like if you look at the first one and the one where it's that I just took yesterday that's crazy but I'm just hoping this baby is healthy so let's pray for my blood test oh my gosh you guys look at that the line is as dark this is the Thursday afterwards today is the 13th compare that's the first test I took crazy today I put her down at time like I normally do I went in there about 10:30 she just wouldn't sleep so thinking she might have a dirty diaper I literally go in there smell poop I pick her up i undress her to change her butt and realize she had no diaper on at all I have no idea how she got her hands out of her arm holes into her sleeper to take her diaper off like I don't know I'm going crazy I'm just like hit my limit of insanity I swear this child I'm gonna like grow gray hairs any day now and I'm only 21 years old so I am not sure what to do I'm gonna have to buy her some sleepers and just hope for the best I don't know what else to do like we have tried fight training and I know that that's like a huge sign that they are wanting to potty train but we have tried it so many times like at least five times and every time it has failed and I will literally set a timer on my phone for every 10 to 20 minutes depending on when during the day it is so I know like her poop and pierre-jean and I know that in the mornings she is more likely to poop right before her nap so I will obviously set it for less time but every time she gets on the potty she's either scared and we do have a little potty training seat but that causes her to have a rash and so um she is either scared or every time she's on the potty she will immediately get off and meet LEP on the ground and so I don't know it's just really frustrating and she can't tell me when she needs to pee she can only tell me after she's already paid or pooped so um she understands what the potty is she completely understands however it's just really frustrating I have never heard of a child doing this when they're ready to potty train they show shot is show science and she's showing so many science but she don't want a potty train so it's really really difficult but anyway it's 11:30 Braden is probably going to be here around noon and then we're gonna head out and do the blood test so I'll see you there you guys this pregnancy is driving me crazy I keep smelling this one smell and it's smells disgusting and I don't know where it's coming from I don't know I don't know it smells like onions and green peppers mixed together but they've been sitting for a while I can't explain it I am I don't know this pregnancy is driving me crazy [Laughter] just hi I just need a pregnancy test they told me to just when you do that it isn't because you need a proof of pregnancy yeah you could do the $15 and we'll give you that really perfect yep and then we can make it together so when was the first day okay thank you very much I just got really emotional um I'll talk to you guys later about that but if you guys couldn't hear apparently I did have to have a appointment for the blood ultrasound or the blood tests and I was sure about that and when they told me that I didn't have to and that was just a walk in I was really confused so I didn't schedule that I walked in and they were like oh we don't do that unless you have an appointment so I did the urine test obviously it came back positive and then they scheduled my ultrasound in my first appointment now I was hoping that it was going to be like the 28th of June so we could announce on the 4th of July and we want to announce to our families obviously before we an outstanding of you so we want to announce on like the 4th of July well now we are not having our ultrasound until the 9th of July which is a Tuesday and then we have to wait that entire week till the weekend to tell our families because we both work those days so I'm just really emotional but yeah I'm really excited I will be eight weeks and six days on the day of my ultrasound obviously you guys will see that vlog I was really hoping to kind of get the blood test to see what my levels we're going to be I have a feeling this is a healthy pregnancy however you never know this is probably where I'm going to end the vlog I'm probably gonna go take a nap isn't it really emotional and just fatigue and I'm so tired but I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog and I will talk to you in my next one bye guys maybe I shouldn't call you or leave a message at all so I try to be patient cuz nothing's written on the wall

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  1. We are due super close together. My due date is February 24th. Congratulations and Good Luck with this pregnancy!!!

  2. Omg! We are 5 days apart ๐Ÿ˜… I'm due February 8th. So fun to find a youtuber that I can go through the journey with! Exciting. ๐Ÿ’–

  3. I went through that problem with all my kids. They would take their diapers off at nap time or at night. We started putting their diapers on backwards when they were going down to sleep and it helped and I didn't have a mess to clean up afterwards. I hope this little tip helps. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  4. I was a potty training teacher and the main thing is consistancy. Only only have her in underwear. Do not put her in diapers or in pull ups. Those confuse the child and they know when wearing a pull up or a diaper they can go in their pants so they get confused. Also give the child a sticker when they go to the restroom and punish by time out when they go in their pants. Constantly ask if they need to go pee like every 10 minutes. And when u think they need to go to the restroom place them on the adult potty with a training seat on it. If you are consistent with all of these things you child should be completely potty trained in about 3 weeks.

  5. Hello… was wondering seeing ur pregnant now are u gonna catch up ur videos to some what true time … like in this vlog ur 5 wks but really now seeing itโ€™s the 24 of July ur like 10 or so wks?. Much Love ๐Ÿ’•

  6. Where do you find your music itโ€™s so soothing. Excited for your pregnancy I had my last baby last year so I live for pregnancy vlogs lol

  7. I had the same problem with my daughter i put her in underwear and she learned within a few days she didnt like the the feeling of pee going down her leg just lay newspapers or towels down

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