Bo Burnham | "Fetus" | w/ Lyrics

yeah that is good honey guy this is that is bad and again well it's one more but this I was 14 so you're going to give that mind my mothers that have ever played it again she kicked never house [Applause] that we went to the abortion clinic just the other day and we were really hungry so we have to say seedot seedot Lina hey what his feet up tan penis penis penis penis with a Fenian where

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  1. Just a quick thank you for all of you who subscribed to get the channel to 5k! Glad to have created a small community of Bo Burnham (and Tim Minchin) fans in one place! Again, thank you. 🙂

  2. Hey, if you're looking for something for another Bo video, there is a video of him performing a bit called 'Stinky Feet', with only about 2,000 views. I think it was a bit that was gonna be in 'what.' but was cut for some reason. If you haven't seen it, just type in ''Bo Burnham Stinky Feet' and it's the first result. Love your videos by the way!

  3. well, um, this Is good because my math teacher said I could preform any song I wanted at the end of the year. I'm thinking this one.

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