Boba Baby Wrap – Newborn Hold

this is the infant hold for the boba wrap the first thing you want to do when you have your wrap on is make sure that's nice and snug you don't want to have it loose you don't your baby to be slouching or to be low in the wrap you want it to be nice and high you want to take her and put her up on your shoulder and when you put your in the wrap you want to make sure that our legs are in the M like position just like she has them right now I'm going to take the inside panel the one that's closest to my heart and wrap it around your body thank you then once I get her in there I can adjust her legs some more and put the other side around get our nice and snug on my reaching through the sides there we go then get our legs adjusted of that M position take the front panel and put it up over a body there you go you want to make sure that her hat is close enough so you can kiss it and then you want to make sure that her nose is pella to the ground and that our airway was always clear if she's a little bit ahead support you put the side panel over again making sure that our airway is clear and that our nose is up and her chin is up so I have Rowan's legs in the M licking position because she's about ten pounds but as she gets bigger or if your baby is pushing her legs out or seeming to kind of go slanted in the wrap what you can do is wrap her legs around your waist and that makes it much more comfortable for you and your baby

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  1. If you notice, in the later part of this video the baby has sunk down a few inches. This is the problem I have with mine, I tied it so tight to the point that I could barely get my baby in and by the time I was done shopping she was sagging down around my waist. So frustrating. She’s was only 9lbs at that time.

  2. I love the look of this and want to try it for my next baby, but I have a question, since the baby does look comfy but super close to you especially with the head support, can they breathe properly?

  3. I went to visit my paediatrician and he was saying that in female infants this M shape can cause hip dysplasia I'm so confused on what's right and what's wrong

  4. Just got my wrap can't wait to try it out with my newborn. The fabric is very comfortable, light weight, and high quality. I can't imagine it would be warmer than using any other carrier. My son loved the ergo baby and it wasn't half as cozy as this, so I'm hoping this will be a hit. So glad to hear I can nurse in this as well.

  5. Expecting baby #4 and I love my soft shelled carriers but I definitely want a wrap this time around! Thanks for this great video. I also have a Rowan – my son who is almost 8. 🙂

  6. So why the "M" position with the legs? I was just thinking in the womb aren't babies more in a fetal position with their legs curled upward? If I put my legs around a chair in the M position for too long – well I can barely move my hips- OUCH>

  7. All I heard was moby wrap this and that but I decided to google reviews comparing the moby to the boba and everyone loved the boba more. This is the one I'm getting!

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