27 Replies to “Body-cam video released of baby found abandoned in woods”

  1. This precious innocent angel. Whoever did this is heartless and they will answer to God. I know All Knowing God has a powerful plan over her life. God please bless this precious baby with a family who will shield, guide, nurture and protect her.

  2. If the person who did this is reading this, know that you now live in a world where everyone not only wants you dead, but wants to see you skinned alive, set on fire, torn to pieces, ripped apart by animals…..destroyed slowly. Everyone. Best thing you could do is tie bricks around your neck and jump into the ocean.

  3. To know that whoever dumped her knew it could takes days for her to die, or that an animal could drag her into the woods and begin eating her alive, and that with the blood and fluids on her ants would’ve been present within a few hours and begin biting her all over and crawling in and out of her ears and mouth and nose, and they still just left her. Hospitals, churches, doctors offices, fire dept, fucking houses, everywhere, but they chose the woods. Some people are %100 evil, and they’re usually the ones that fuck everyone and have unprotected sex.

  4. Young mothers, or mothers to be, stop doing, or thinking of doing this shit! You had a chance at life! I’m sure your mother did not think of doing this to you. She gave you a chance at life! Theres help out there. Confidential help! No one has to know. Thank god that family heard her cries. Everyone involved, to save this baby was on point! ❤️

  5. That baby mother needs to be shot. How dare she leave her baby in a bag in the woods. I hope she rots in hell

  6. To the bitch who done this pray your days are nothing but pure hell!! This baby is innocent and could've been dead and that is what you wanted!!! But God has a different plan for her! Thank you to the man and woman who called 911 from hearing the cries! Thank you police and EMTs 💪💪

  7. Thank you to the people who saved this baby's life. My heart is breaking that someone would do something so horrible . There are Safe Haven Drop Offs if you don't want or cannot keep your baby. No judgement. But for whoever did this shit, it's unforgivable.

  8. Beautiful baby girl. Humanity is truly beautiful yet the Democrat’s ideology would logically describe this as a just and righteous act if the mother was the culprit.

  9. I hope the court terminates all parental rights to the baby. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 The children who found deserve the keys to the city. The baby bonded with the paramedic immediately.😇💖💕

  10. In this day and age especially with 30 days to anonymously leave your newborn at several places, this is a complete shame!!! What a pos to do this & wonder if the woman that raised this pos is proud her daughter would try and leave a baby to die?!!! Loser idiots getting pregnant…. no doubt she’ll keep it going or already has a slew of kids she doesn’t want or care for!! Don’t understand the mindless youth …. country is doomed!

  11. Whoever did this needs to find help for themself. Thank God the baby was found and is now safe. But someone is definitely not right in the head or they themself is hurting or just plain lost in this world to do this. I'd hate to think to think otherwise.

  12. I pray to God that she will receive parents that will Love her unconditionally and that she will never have to see this video.😢

  13. Extremely heartbreaking!😞 it's always the ones that don't want kids that get to have them and the ones that want kids can't have them or have a hard time to conceive…blessings to that angel💕

  14. If I was a betting man, I would say the baby is detoxing, from a drug addicted egg donor. I hope they find it, and I hope she faces some real punishment.

  15. I live close by, if I saw this person doing this I would've pimp slapped her and raise that beautiful child myself.

    I'm hugging my kids extra hard when I get back home today 😥😥😥

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