Body Transformation After Baby #3

hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I wanted to create a video talking a little bit about my fitness
transformation I wanted to kind of do a recap of every month but it was just too
much to follow so a little background I had Maximus in October 2000 2018
he is my third baby boy I had a pretty good pregnancy I wasn't as active gym
wise with Max as I was with the other two but I was very active because I mean
I already had two boys that are big and just require you to move all the time
and also I was working so I was pretty active I would say after I gave birth to
Jake I was so like I have to get back to pre-baby body and it was like this whole
process to just like me motivating myself but like not in a positive way so
I definitely made sure that I didn't experience the same type of pressure
that I put on myself with Benjamin and then especially with max I was
breastfeeding max until he was three months and then I stopped just because
supply and schedule and then my other kids schedule was just it was a lot for
me so I decided for the benefit of my mental health it was enough and he
actually was the longest breastfed of them all so I'm pretty proud of myself
for that with breastfeeding of course you lose away much faster just because
your body burns so much energy with breastfeeding but you also consume a lot
of food I didn't even care to think about weight loss at all until I stopped
breastfeeding I was very active before I got pregnant with Max I was working out
quite a bit probably between like three to four times a week I had a pretty
healthy pregnancy I gained about between 30 to 35 pounds which is actually what I
gained with all three of them I wasn't concerned at all about weight loss I
actually haven't weighed myself that I gave birth no maybe I weighed myself
once but I don't look at the numbers just look at the way my body feels and
how my clothes fit me so that's where I know you know where I need to lose
weight or get toned or just if everything is back to normal so once I
stop breastfeeding that's when I kind of went back to a more balanced diet the
way I eat is kind of what works for me in my schedule so I'll have actually
small meals every two to three hours so if I wake up in the morning I'll have a
glass of water or lemon water and then I'll wait a little bit of brush my teeth
and then I'll go and I'll have something before I drop off the kids so usually
now it's like my go-to I have a grapefruit just a bunch of walnuts and
pecans and then mold berries and some pumpkin seeds and then I have my either
matcha latte or coffee then I drop them off I'll come back and then I usually
get hungry again after about an hour and a half or so then I'll have like a
breakfast and maybe eggs and avocado that will be around like 10 ish and then
I'll eat again at around 12:30 1:00 and then I'll have a snack at around 4 maybe
and then I'll have dinner at about 7:30 or so so that's kind of how I eat
usually and with snacks or if I feel hungry during the day I will have a
smoothie or a protein shake or something to kind of fill me up I try to focus to
eat a lot of lands a lot of vegetables and everything that I put on my plate if
you watched any of my nutrition videos you kind of see how I go with food for
me I truly believe that the quantities of how much we eat is so huge these days
especially in North America I always talk about filling up a full plate but
just a smaller plate rather than the big plates that a lot of us have at home
I'll always fill it up with half my plate will be veggies and then I'll have
my plant-based protein or protein like chicken or
anything like that and then I'll have kind of my healthy carbs or like five
source of fiber as well I always think about making sure that I have fiber
healthy fat and protein and every meal that's kind of also my train of thought
when I either order at restaurants or when I cook something at home I'm petite
so I actually tend to lose weight which I mean I guess doesn't sound so bad
but it's not great I mean I'm trying to build kind of muscle and structure and
feel stronger I've always kind of battled this like skinny fat type of
body it's very important for me to make sure that I eat enough because otherwise
I just become like really really skinny and really really weak also during my
pregnancy with Max I did eat a lot of sweets so I'm trying to cut on that just
because it's not healthy at all I've been really impressed with my body just
how it didn't bounce back but how it has the kind of memory still of everything
that I did before regarding the working out I decided to
get a trainer I didn't have a trainer before this pregnancy I actually used to
just go to different classes and work out on my own but this time I decided to
get a trainer just because I wanted to make sure that I'm not gonna get injured
I think that what happens a lot with postpartum women is that our body is
still healing it takes about a year or 18 months for our body to heal after
such a traumatic experience so I really wanted to make sure that I'm not
injuring myself or causing any damage I definitely decided at this time I'm not
gonna take a chance on this and I'm gonna make sure that I'm doing
everything properly so I did get a trainer I also do Pilates Pilates has
always been such an amazing way for me to tone my body and feel strong it's a
very great way to elongate yourself and learn how to carry yourself more
elegantly that makes sense you really see a difference with tawny
so I'm doing a weight training and I do Pilates
I don't do really any cardio because I just
I don't like it my heart rate is actually like going even from like small
little movements so I'm not a big believer in like cardio for me for
myself for my body type this is all me talking about my personal experience
this is by no means any expertise whatsoever about the way it should work
out I highly recommend people to really learn more about their own bodies I know
there's a lot of fitness gurus out there and doing a lot of different things but
I've learned that what works for me won't work for someone else I'm still
kind of tweaking and learning how my body should feel and move and when I'm
doing something if it's wrong or right form is extremely important I prefer to
go slower with things but to make sure that my form is perfect a lot of you
guys kept damning me ask me about my goal weight I don't have one I don't
care about numbers whatsoever I really want to get stronger and I want to build
a booty that was never there before which is a really really difficult thing
to do just really kind of follow the way my clothes fit me and that's when I know
when things are changing in my body I don't care to see results for at least
18 months I'm being serious like again it takes so
much time to change things up I mean for me after childbirth I'm just giving my
body the time and freedom to figure itself out and heal I truly know that
consistency is everything and just being in tune with your body and treat it like
a temple that's kind of the rule of thumb that I follow with food and my
workout and I feel like I definitely see a difference I'm so proud of my body I
see things are changing and moving and I'm just really excited to keep getting
stronger and I'm not interested in getting back in my pre-baby body I want
my new body post three children strong badass body that's what I want so good
luck for me so we're gonna do this again when max
gonna turn one year to see the progress and I'm super excited for you guys to
follow me on this journey thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you guys
next time

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  1. I’m feel the same with cardio exercise .Thanks 🙏 for sharing Valeria. You’re right there’s tons of diet methods/ techniques out there claiming they are the ultimate best but I think the best one is what works with your body. So firstly we should all be aware first in our body to know which ones appropriate or not

  2. You look far better in a bikini post partum (after 3 kids–wow), than I ever have with no kids. I'm glad you're being careful about working out and love how you said you have no intention in getting a pre baby body back but want your body now to be the best it can.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Seriously refreshing to hear someone not caring about specific weight, just how you feel. Yes!!👶🏼💃🏻🍋🍓🍯

  4. Hi, I'm Brazilian but I really liked your channel is the first time I visit your channel and I loved it, much more success than you already have 😍❤️

  5. So beautiful… you’re a really inspiration for all the womans around the world. Thank you ❤️

  6. I got to say you looked absolutely stunning when pregnant and afterwards 💜❤️🌻😊i had twins babies and I can’t imagine having a new born plus watching for other children 🥴🌹thanks for sharing you make me cried because I remember how beautiful and strong we are as women ❤️❤️❤️🌈👍blessings! Love and light💛

  7. Обожаю твоё видение мира и то, как ты мыслишь о принятие себя! Не гонясь за цифрами, килограммами, не учишь девчонок грызть капусту, запивать это 2мя литрами воды и ждать чуда! Ты мотивируешь на что-то большее и это прекрасно🧡Всегда так приятно смотреть твои работы!Тысячу раз спа-си-бо!!

  8. You are my inspiration, Valeria! I like how you are not even complaining about any changes you have on your body after giving birth. I watched some youtubers are complaining and crying after only gaining some weight. I love the positivity that you have. You even mention about your body being petite and about the skinny fat i can literally relate to that. Many youtubers are crying over gaining weight even when they are super skinny. Thats why i always come back to your channel and watch the videos even those ive watched before because your positivity can influence my day. Thank you Valeria 💖 good luck with the journey 💪

  9. Great job!I used to think that you have good genes and its easy for you to have such super-model-type body, but now I see how hard you worked to get this shape. You are a true inspiration and motivation, my son is 10 months old, I also try to get fit, but after this video I realized that I shouldn't get back my pre-pregnancy body, I need to get the new after pregnancy body, that's the key, I need to reset my brain mode and understand that I am different now, my body is the body of a young mom and I need to accept it and work with it.

  10. I actually unsubscribed a while ago and I came back today just to check how Valeria's doing. I'm not coming back for good, but I have to highlight that I admire your determination in achieving goals 🙂

  11. Bravo tie… ai cu cine sa lași copilasii cat timp ești la sala… As face și eu, dar il am legat de gat pe bebe.

  12. how do you take care of your hair? During and after pregenancy isnt there going to be hairfall? Is there something you do take care of your hair post and during pregnancy?

  13. Your attitude is everything, Valeria! 😍 But yes, body types are a real thing. I am a more "muscular" type, so it takes me like a week of not intense workout to build a peach. 🍑 However, if I skip cardio, my body tends to hold water and build too much muscle and I feel sluggish. So it's really about knowing what are your body's needs and what works for you!

  14. You don't even believe that life and babies are a precious gift from God. You call a child a "choice."

  15. So inspiring.
    I gained 30kg. when I'm pregnant and just lost it in last April. I took 5years!!
    Now my body doesn't look the same cuz cover with a lot of stretch marks and also cellulite.
    But I know that as long as I taking care of it, it will be better so thank u for ur video to make me feel more motivate with what I'm trying to do. Love u.

  16. Can you show us how you would strategize eating like this if you worked a 9-5 where you have to be in a cubicle 8 hrs a day and only get 30mins to eat once a day? I’m sure you have tricks. Also, how would you strategize eating like you do if you had a job without access to a fridge all day. (Jobs that require you to be out driving all day. My husband is an environmental scientist and he is in the field and in a company car all 8hrs a day. His diet isn’t great, as a result. I know he’d love some strategies for healthy eating on the go.)

  17. You look AMAZING ! Love your perspective on accepting your body and caring about it ! Such an inspiration ! ❤

  18. Watching you give Fitness so much priority has motivated me to be a healthier mommy and guess what?! I haven’t even started planning yet. Lol. But for real, thanks Valeria for being so damn awesome. Love & Gratitude 🙏🏻

  19. Following your journey is really inspiring Valeria. I love your message of taking time to become a better version of yourself. I had my son at the end of October and it’s been such a learning curve understanding healing, how to balance breasting and my appetite for everything sweet, and working out to just be more healthy, stronger, etc. I’m realizing what my body likes and needs can be the same thing and I’m finally losing weight and inches in a healthy way.

  20. Valeria, what a pleasant surprise to see you pop up on my YouTube feed! Congratulations on perfect baby number 3!!! You are the Real Deal – a wonderful woman. XoXo

  21. As a 20 year old that has recently got pregnant this makes me feel so much better about what my body will be like after. Soo many people have told me that I might as well say goodbye to my young fit body once I have my baby as if being fit and a mom wasn't possible.

  22. You're such an inspiration Valeria! 3 beautiful boys, business woman, a wife! You balance everything! You're just a boss woman 💗

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