44 Replies to “Boohoo try on haul – postpartum”

  1. Sad that you have to say im not the same size i was dont come after me in the comments 😭😭 you are five weeks post partum u dont have to explain!! You look amazing anyway 💕💕💕😍

  2. Love your videos I always like them before even watching it. You are too adorable!!! & I’m obsessed with these little clothing hauls. Definitely don’t worry about the lay backed clothing I’m the same way. I love comfy clothes and now being 29 weeks pregnant that’s all I want to wear lol 💕💕💕

  3. You are so beautiful and i can tell that you are an AMAZING mother! Please do not let other mothers or anyone else discourage you or make you feel like you are doing a bad job. Sending my love to you and your adorable family !!!

  4. I am 12 weeks pregnant now and i already have a son whos 8 years old. I gained already 12 pounds😞 i just can wish my body will look even just 10% as yours after delivery. You are astonishing girl 😍

  5. Shout out to all the women who recently gave birth and are comparing themselves to other women that jus seem to look perfect in all the right places. You are beautiful no matter what changes your body may be going through. Sorry I had to put that out there.

  6. You’re body is perfect now !!
    Don’t forget that this body made a baby and you look stunning 😍😍❤️

  7. Grace you look amazing! After having my son my body changed so much,my son is now two & a half and I'm still not how I used to be,I never will be and I'm okay with that! A woman's body is beautiful at every stage❤️

  8. I remember watching you so long ago, you were really shy and reserved but you’ve grown into such a beautiful and confident young mumma! Love you Gracie, so proud of you 💖

  9. These sets are giving me vibessssss ❤️ Need them all. Especially that first top. Looking so amazing baby mumma bear ❤️

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