Books From Birth

I’ve always been big on reading. I was a big reader when I was a child and so that’s always been something that I wanted for my kids. You don’t have to read Victoria Strickland’s mind to know how much she values literacy. Look at the words. And for the past five years Victoria has had a little help. It was always an exciting thing. Baiting her son Elija’s interest in books. Yeah just like every kid is excited about getting something in the mail like something with his name on it. As a participant in the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation Imagination Library Elija has been getting a free book in the mail. One book that I like It was like a mommy book. Every month. Having a book sent to your home like sent to my home It made it really convenient, you know to be able to like have a book. You don’t have to go to the store to get it you are you have the book right there, and it’s just ready to read so there’s no excuses. Books from Birth provides those monthly deliveries until children turned five and in 2016 the Tennessee Department of Human Services joined in to help expand the program’s reach by helping enroll children receiving Department administered child care assistance. The goal is to ensure even more children benefit like Victoria’s son. We always have something to read. And his twin brothers with an early recognition of reading. It’s abled me to start a library for him and start a library for the baby my other twins. I think that’s creating habits at an early age like will definitely promote those same habits in adult life or in their teenage years.

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