Boosting Your Chances to Get Pregnant

hi I'm dr. Stephanie Daniel today we're talking about things you can do to start conceiving and how you can increase your chances the first thing you need to do is get off of birth control some people think that it may take a number of months before you can start conceiving but depending on the person your body may return to its natural cycle in a very short period of time the second thing you need to do is start taking at least 400 micrograms of folic acid this is a nutrient that's meant to protect the developing fetus from neural tube defects and even better suggestion is to use the active form methylfolate as 60% of the population have trouble converting folic acid the third thing that you can do which is optional is get a pre pregnancy health screening during this time you can be a sus for any blood tests or vaccinations you may need or want before trying to conceive while there are many factors that can affect your fertility one thing is clear being in your best health can only help your chances this means being at a healthy weight eating a nutrient-dense diet with lean protein healthy fats and plenty of leafy green vegetables and being active we really should stop smoking before you try to conceive as smoking can damage the egg cells which leads to decreased fertility as far as drinking goes there's not any direct evidence of how impacts fertility though it's easy to say drinking in moderation or cutting it out altogether will improve your chances a lot of women worry about this question and there is research that indicates stress can affect your fertility does this in a number of ways including impact on your relationship as well as by creating hormonal imbalances that can make conception challenging the best thing you can do is to stay relaxed meditate and spend quality time with your partner there's no medical research to suggest that one position is any better than another the most important thing is that you and your partner make the most of this magical time when trying to start a family one thing you might consider is to avoid lubricants as they can inhibit the ability of sperm to reach the uterus there are a number of things that your partner can do to increase chances of a healthy consumption generally speaking if he's healthy his sperm will be – the same factors we talked about in this video also apply to men keeping a balanced diet getting plenty of exercise and keeping a stress down he'll also want to avoid hot baths and cycling as this can raise testicular temperature and result in low sperm count I'm dr. Stephanie Daniel and today we talked about how to increase your chances for a healthy conception please visit our website for more information and happy trying you

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  1. Didn't get the second thing need to do, at least 400 mg of some nutrition, I didn't understand that word, could anyone tell me? Thank you.

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