Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel | IVF Legendary Guide | Speed Farming

hey what's going on guys Joe let's do one thing I'm here and today we're going to be speed farming the IVF so what you're going to do is come up here to pity's fall and we're going to be farming the bozon now this was not actually added in the patch notes so the ivf has been added to the bosons loop pool which is pretty cool it's got me questioning what other drops have been added to the game possibly sneaked in there to other bosses and I'm excited to find out so the IVF you can get it from be Bosen over here pity's fall I showed you a shortcut in the past in which you could rock and climb this wall and then get over there but the law bringer class mod has been nerfed ever since so you can't get the quick shot by rate scale which is kind of a bummer I mean you can still get it but not the really really high version of it so it's a little bit harder to climb that wall but you can still actually do it so we're going to take a different shortcut you're going to come right over here and we're going to go ahead and jump this gap right here and it's going to be a nice little shortcut otherwise you got to go through all of this which is kind of a pain so so we're going to go ahead and do is grab your rocket jumping gun soccer or wow I've been playing too much Borderlands 2 neasha your lobby area you can actually use anybody you you just need to do a grenade jump but rocket jumping does help so I'll just make your way over to this post over here you can go ahead and take the long way around if you don't want to do that rocket jump so you can see right here we have a gap there's the little bridge we're going to make our way over there you can see to our right there's an invisible wall to our left there's not one so you want to go right there and we can go ahead and clear that gap so what we're going to do is stand by this little piece of metal door grenade and then go ahead and jump off of it with the rocket jump and glide our way over to the the pole there the little beam so go ahead and do that now go and then we'll go ahead and fly over to the beam and you have plenty of clearance here I mean you can land all the way down here at the bottom of the beam and climb your way up and the once you're up here you're gonna jump for Ibaka Charlie and then just go ahead and get up here and now the IDF is actually a really good weapon we'll go over the stats in a minute and why it's a great weapon with Nisha and pretty much anybody it's it's basically just a huge damage machine so so we go ahead just go down this escalator or elevator or whatever you want to call it and then we're gonna go ahead and use our light cannons to go ahead and get a kill skill and take out the boson so let's go and fly up here reload to get the quick shot skill for the actually gun damage what not that and let's go ahead and lay waste to the boson let's get another kill skill go fast I didn't really set up a good build for this kill so this is a terrible example of a speed kill there we go he's dead and let's go ahead and see what God got two heads so we definitely didn't get it so you know the drill I'm gonna go ahead and keep farming until I do get it and I won't meet you guys once I do so be right back so let's go ahead and cover the stats of this weapon so this weapon can come in all the elements corrosive Bioshock cryo explosive and yeah it's definitely a really good weapon and I would definitely recommend you use it on every character because it can do some insane damage and you can see here when you reload it you're going to split it into two more pellets which are going to do reduced damage but still this is one of the best TD or weapons in the game so especially with Misha and Jack because Jack can do grenade damage and this you can hit critical hits on any weapon which can make this thing very deadly so instead of just general mopping with it which would just completely destroy them we're going to go ahead and take on AI which you read because I'm Akira is a boss and this weapon is definitely meant for bossing so we'll go ahead and let them use this little thing about your goods and get a kill skill so we can activate tombstone and get a critical hit bonus so there we go there's a guy over there we'll go ahead and kill him get some cryo and switch over and you can see here it's just completely wrecking them and it's effortless kill right there that was definitely very fast so and I yeah that's the weapon so go ahead and farm it up yourself it's definitely a good weapon like I said definitely recommend adding it to your build because it does some really good damage so anyways I hope you got enjoyed this little speed farm if you did please be sure to leave a like because that'd be epic and I'll catch you guys later peace out

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  1. So hey idk if u read this in 2019. But i tried to grind the thingy rocket launcher from the secret boss in serenetys waste. I tried at least 30 times now but it did not drop for me. Was it removed from his pool? I wanted to craft me a IVF out if it damn

  2. I CANT GET IT TO DROP, no matter how long I farm, he won’t drop it, I’ve been farming for bloody ages

  3. Love the DnB in the background 🙂 I need this gun but I’m terrible at speed farming/running. I’ll try this but I may end up just taking the regular way. Sigh….

  4. On Xbox 360 you can put two leganderys and a purple smg in the grinder and get it if you don't get it first try just press the home button and don't save

  5. Why don't you use the nasty surprise for rocket jumping in bl2? In theory it would work better because more grenades.

  6. @joltzdude1392nd try? Fyou man! I've farmed this mf for so long and just gotten 2 cryophobias in +200 farms.Do you know if this addition to his loot pool was via hotfix?(I know I'm so late in this post. But this is the time I'm playing this game). Or is implemented via update?I'm on Xbox360 and I don't use online so I use the last title update available. Can this be the issue??Cool energy man.Pd/ I have a pretty cool way to get to bosun in 10 secs. Sure you know how, but if you want me to show you how I do it, let me know. Take care 'dude'.✌️

  7. I know an easy way to get level 50 Legendaries without killing Iwajira. 1: Pull the sword from the stone at level 50. 2: duplicate it. 3: Moonstone Grind the duplicates with a purple weapon of your choice. 4: Profit (not kidding).

  8. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, which helps women who can't have kids get pregnant. The IVF is a lot like the baby maker from borderlands 2 so this is a cool Easter egg.

  9. Do yourself a favor and get a Two fer Luck Cannon.  BTW, as far as bosses dropping other weapons, I got a Flakker from Iwajira and two Thunderfires from Despair and Self Loathing.

  10. It can also be pretty deadly with Athena in my own experience, going down her far right tree will give you the element bonuses and can kill the invincible sentinel in about 3 minutes

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