Boris and Franny Blasts Circuslovania at 3 am and Gets Both Grounded

Doris: Boris. Today is Franny’s Parents come to the house. Doris: Why? Because they wanted to stay at the house for the rest of the day. Doris: Do you hear that? They are coming. Franny’s Grandpa: Hello Doris. Franny, Say hello to Doris. Franny’s Grandpa: Hello Doris. Franny, Say hello to Doris. Franny: Fine! Hello Doris. Doris: Nice to see you Franny and Franny’s Grandpa. Come to my house. Franny’s Grandpa: Hello Boris. I’m Franny’s Grandpa, and my daughter Franny. Franny’s Grandpa: We are going to stay at the house for the rest of the day. Boris: Okay. Go ahead. Franny’s Grandpa: Thanks. Franny’s Grandpa: Franny. Don’t try to misbehave at Caillou’s Family House. Understand? Franny: Okay. I understand. I won’t misbehave this time. Franny’s Grandpa: Good girl. Doris: Hey Franny’s Grandpa. Let’s drink some coffee. Franny’s Grandpa: alright. Let’s drink some coffee Boris: So Franny. What are you doing here in my house? Franny: Well. I got grounded for bullying someone in school. Franny: My grandpa wants to stay at your house for punishment. Boris: What? I can’t believe your grandpa means for you. Because he sucks! Franny: I know right Boris? I don’t know what should we do? Boris: Franny. I have a idea. Franny: What is it? Boris: What about we are going to blast Circuslovania at 3 am for using loudspeaker? Franny: That’s good idea. Let’s do it. Franny and Boris: (laughs) Boris: But first, I need to call Arthur and get loudspeaker. DW: Alright. I already finished my videos. Let’s see. Arthur: Mom and Dad! How dare you ground us! You know that you both just being child abuse! DW: That’s it! You both are grounded (x5) for 500 days! DW: Go upstairs to bed right now! David and Jane: (crying) DW: (laughs) That’s so funny! Arthur: DW. How are you doing on your laptop? DW: Well. I just making grounded videos out of those parents. Taking a look. Arthur: Okay. Arthur: Mom and Dad! How dare you ground us! You know that you both just being child abuse! DW: That’s it! You both are grounded (x5) for 500 days! DW: Go upstairs to bed right now! David and Jane: (crying) Arthur: (laughs) That’s good video DW. I loved that those parents got grounded by us. DW. I think my parents or someone called me. hang on. Arthur: Hello, Who is this? Boris: Hello Arthur, It’s me Boris. Arthur: Hi Boris. What do you want? Boris: Do you have loud speaker in your room? Arthur: Yes I have it. Boris: Because I have planned blasts Circuslovania music at 3 am with along my friend Franny. Arthur: Sure. I will take that speaker to outside and you picking up. Boris: Thanks Arthur. Also, I want to show my friend Franny too. So goodbye. Boris: Hey Arthur and DW. I’m here with my friend Franny. Arthur: Hello there Boris. We are so glad you have with friend. Arthur: There my loudspeaker right behind us. DW: Also, If you want return the loud speaker to him? Just sometimes around the end of week. Boris: Thank you Arthur and DW. And one more thing, My friend franny wants to see you both. Arthur: Hello, I’m Arthur. DW: And I’m DW. Franny: I’m Franny. Nice to see you both. You can hanging up to me and whatever you both want? Arthur: Thanks Franny. Boris: Okay. I’m taking that speaker. Boris: Now Franny. Help me taking that speaker to the living room. Franny: Okay. DW: Good luck Boris and Franny! Boris: Alright. We are hidden that speaker behind on the couch and no one sees that speaker. Boris: Now Franny, We wait to wake up at 3 am and blast Circuslovania song on the loudspeaker. Franny: Alright. Boris: Okay. I’m playing Circuslovania song on the loudspeaker. And Franny, You need to turn the volume loud up. Boris: Um. (x5) Good morning everyone. And why you all wake up so early? Doris: BORIS! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT TIME IS? IT’S 3AM! YOU JUST MADE ALL WAKE UP AND PLAYING LOUDMUSIC WITH ALONG FRANNY! Grandpa: FRANNY! I TOLD YOU NOT DOING BAD AGAIN! BUT NO, YOU DIDN’T LISTEN TO ME! Doris: But wait. What do you both get that speaker? Boris: Well, we are just got that speaker from Arthur. Because we borrow that speaker for revenge. Franny: Yeah. This is really truth. Doris: We are have to return that speaker for this morning!-You both are grounded for the rest of your life!-Now Go upstairs to bed right now! Boris and Franny: (crying) Grandpa: Man! Maybe I should stay in the house with Franny for 1 months.

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  1. Hey guess what! My brother wrote hurtful things about me in his private journal! I was so mad that I messed up his journal and then we both started fighting

  2. Request: Boris Brings a Real Turkey to attack Doris/Grounded BIG TIME/Lock in his Room


  3. Request: Boris and Franny's Extreme Punishment Day
    1st Part with Franny:
    Ides for punishments for getting 4 F grades and 2 D grades, killing Joe Rosenberg (JoeyTheFan929), breaking the fourth wall at grounding:
    1. Eat rotten potato
    2. Fred will give a 64 concussions
    3. Send him to BND of Doom Logo
    4. Get in the hospital, to take flu shot for 4 hour pain
    5. Take him to 150 degress per celsius shower
    6. Change her look to Business Freindly
    7. Take him to minus OVER 9000 degress per faranheit shower
    8. Will be Grounded for 763 enterneties
    and 9. Will be frozed for 90 years and get locked in her living room for 763 stupid hundreds years (locked windows, doors, walls will look bedrock)
    Then Boris:
    Ideas for punishments for getting 9 F grades, 1 C grade also 3 D grades, Grounding Caillou until he age is 639 years old so, Doris ungrounds him, Force Daisy to kill gillbert with a gun:
    1. Eat the 5 kg rotten fruits (by Doris)
    2. Taking him to very very hot shower (by Caillou/594 degrees per celsius)
    3. Drinking the rat poison (by Rosie)
    4. Will be shot into a left hand (by Daisy)
    5. You will get into dead meat and permanently blocked from Chuck E Cheeses by guardians until your age is 848 years old for insulting Caillou (by Cody)
    6. We going to school (by Emily)
    Get that the test:
    1) 5632/32+(4852-4385)=
    2) 3214+234213+132334+667321+543819=
    3) DJFSAQ98U2Q938ACSH98+AFDH2398ADSJH2938IDSA*(9823HASJDFKH938+AFDHNAF98EHA)= (Baldi reference)
    4) x*432=214748364739201394
    5) Fred gives a 59 concussions to Boris, to Toris he gives 19 concussions bigger than Boris
    6) Make octagon BORISSUX with P = 48
    7. Last of the day 1, Send you to jail until your age is 89 (by Lily)
    When age 89 (2048)
    8. Downgrading her Windows 14.1 Computer to Windows 2.01 (by Agnes)
    9. Let her to Destroy the PC (by Amanda)
    10. Change her clothes color from Green to Light Yellow (by Hannah)
    11. Will be send to Baldi's Basic's and if he get violate the school rules Principal will send to detention not for 15 secs, FOR 99 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Sapphire)
    12. Will be Grounded bcuz he instulted ur 45 year birthday bcuz 2048 if he born at 1959 (by You/Hanif)
    THEN BACK TO 2019/2020/2021/2022

  4. Request 1:Devious Diesel Forces Tbone Animate to Stop Making Arthur, & D.W Get Grounded Series/Devious Diesel PUNCHES HIS NOSE!!!!!!/GROUNDED BIG TIME!!!!!!/GET BEATEN UP BY ARTHURS DAD, & ARTHUR'S MOM!!!!!!!!

    Devious Diesel:Simon/Angry Voice(Turn into TEETH GUY!!!!!!!!):SHOUTY VOICE!!!!!!!!
    Tbone Animate(Victim):David
    Fat Controller(Sir Topham Hatt):Eric
    Thomas the Tank Engine:Brian
    Emily the Emerald Engine:Salli
    Arthur's Dad:Paul
    Arthur's Mom

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