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  1. 2019 update: Blake is a happy and healthy boy with two little brothers! You can see them on my new vlog here: https://youtu.be/JMhnepYKHHs (you can watch the whole thing or skip to 1 minute into the video for the McHugh family). Thanks again for the kind words and support!

  2. When she said at 8:10 that she felt useless. This is how men feel for the 9 months of pregnancy. We cant do anything to help the baby. We can massage, help more around the house etc…but ultimately, like in childbirth we can only watch and wait.

  3. Awesome you guys are so lucky what a beautiful family my little guy Mathews was born at 25 weeks weighed 1 pound 12 ones exactly as you're ,little guy but unfortunately he didn't make it he passed away at 56 days I love seeing successful story's like yours melts my Hart I know the struggles the ups and downs my other I had two other premises both are doing well and growing healthy and strong congratulations you are a beautiful and blessed family

  4. That’s so amazing seeing what the baby looks like at 25 weeks. I’m currently 25 weeks and it’s just so weird to think that’s what my baby looks like in my tummy

  5. My first born, star .. May 21,2010 was born at 27 weeks weighting 1 pound 15oz seeing you wash your hands made me go back to those days in the NICU . She is now 8, about to be 9 in May! I was such a tough time . To any mom out there that’s going through a similar situation., watch this video& let it be known there is HOPE!!! & I’m so glad you guys got through this! He truly is a miracle baby!!! Precious as can be!

  6. My son was born at 25 weeks two weeks ago as of this post it's very encouraging to read these posts and see this video thank you all.

  7. My nephew was born at 26 weeks 1 day and is a healthy baby boy he just has to get therapy for his back because for some reason he lays crooked but other than that hes very good. & congratulations on your son i hope you all are doing well!❤

  8. Dad you're so great painting in anticipation of your beautiful baby. Mom you're so beautiful disposition makes available no words to describe how great mothers are! Babies are beautiful, daddy you're just wonderful! Mommy you are great!!!

  9. It's just quite amazing? A preemie baby struggles to live. Planned Parenthood struggles to murder babies. Who will you defend?

  10. My 25 weeks premature twin baby though lost the girl child is almost 2 years old and is doing very well but can’t walk up till now . He can only move some few steps , what what can I do to help ? Please

  11. Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of your Miracle Baby. May he grow to be strong and healthy👶👼👶❤👼👶👏👏✌

  12. I'm in the hospital currently for a shortened cervix, they are worried about preterm labor. I've been here since February 13th and it's now March 1st. I'm only 25w5d. We started out with twins, and ended up with TTTS stage 3(Twin to twin syndrome), we had a laser ablation surgery and the next day we lost our recipient. It's very nice to see your story and see him thrive being born this early!! Helps me prepare for the possibility that our little Everett will be born early too. I've been getting cramps and having some back pain so I have a feeling it'll be withing 2 or 3 weeks. Your little boy is adorable! ♡

  13. I was born at 24 weeks and had a very low survival rate. If I was born three days earlier I wouldn’t of survived. I only weighed 14 ounces when I was born. I am now almost 16 and the only things I have wrong is celiac disease and CRPS

  14. I wish when my daughter was born she was only 30 minutes away. I drove everyday 2 hours just to see her and breastfeed her cause the hospital in my town don’t have any NICU’s. The drive was terrible. But I did it. Lol not shaming her or anything. Just wish mine was that close at the time lol

  15. Beautiful Story ❤️❤️ I just had my baby girl a week ago she was 1Ib 7oz and I delivered at 25 Weeks 6Days

  16. Im 19 and my daughter who is now almost 5 months she was born at 34 weeks 6 weeks so 2 months preemie, mh husbend and i were there everyday from 8am to 2am or 3 am, so we would stay the whole day, she weighted 4ibs 11oz, and i couldnt belive that i could go inti labor at 33 weekd and 6 days and have two days later i was also induced, it was very hard to see her in there and to see that her stay while i got ti go home was really hard and the nicu staff was the best, im so happy you were so strong and you fought right beside your little boy 🙂

  17. I was a 25 weeker too and weighed a pound and a half. And I am in highschool now! My parents also got married after so it's ok God forgives ❤❤🙏

  18. My precious tiny baby girl was born 24 Nov 2018 at 28 weeks. It was an emergency c section because her mother had pre-eclampsia and her blood pressure shot up to 190. Seeing how little your baby is and everything they go through just breaks your heart. She was 2lbs 2oz and 14 inches long. Today is day 15 and let me tell you none of them get easier. You worry every single day the worst part is them not being with you and not knowing the day they will be released.

  19. Baby looks bigger them one pound..try like three pounds…i am a twin and weight only one pound .. i was only thirteen inches…55 years.later..Healthy baby go home at four pounds..

  20. You know i understand to question why women smoke and have healthy babies, but id be thankful that she DID do everything right, because if she didnt maybe he wouldnt have survived being born that early.

  21. I'm 25 weeks right now. My heart 🙁 You must of been through a lot 💜💜 He's so perfect 😍

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