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hey uh first off before I even start y'all getting rid of hang out ere like how I be going live with Charlie getting rid of it and I don't know how to feel about that whatsoever but heavy Monday what some people getting here [Applause] restless of people Ami's please oh my goodness I'm downstairs evidently because that's where the kitchen is a heaviness leave boo it I'm downstairs evidently I can hear myself and see the chanting but yeah yo so off I want to know how everybody's mundane has been of course I haven't been live and love them in a day but I even gonna fry it's not that I even feeling you two but I've been so busy they YouTube has been like on the back burner kinda sorta is this four people in here say hello like it is that it's not but it kinda sorta is this glares and everything to me so I'm gonna take y'all right here how is the how is there let's see don't worry this is cool this is fine now that I guess I just scratched my head please cool but yeah hold on you actually a lot of these clients like I gotta make a Facebook for me to make weird faces yes you making dinner even though this dinner for the rest of the week is low-key making lunch because they ordered pizza and then one type of day I also have a lot chef only left over from lunch but right and have one job yo and he failed at their job he's supposed to take the Chipotle out the car after he dropped me off for my audition today and he didn't do it so now my guac that I was so hyped to eat I don't know way because probably Brown cuz you know that's what's safe injury so honest home laughing Hey so I was initially making a chicken yo I was Susie making a chicken a sun-dried tomato pesto dish right but let me tell y'all about my life so far it's a speak again I've been really busy so like I'm trying to get my bearings together with likes where I go what I'm doing excetera etc and y'all struggling so I had took this chicken out like Friday took the chicken out Friday and when I took the chicken out Friday I wasn't really a little bit I wasn't really able to like defrost the chicken was able to defrost right so the chicken wasn't able to defrost enough time for me to cook your Friday I was cooking Saturday's but then Saturday I had all this stuff to do like we had family events all kinds of stuff so basically I've been one goat since Saturday try to come of course what I thought would happen everything the chicken was bad but I'm like I'm not gonna sit here and wait a whole nother no just to make my stuff it'll be like I got to make it so I was like shrimp the phone's me today that's good sure chef's defrost fans let me just do shrimp so that's what I did now I'm going to try to still use the same recipe who would have be used to make like I'm gonna still make it jerk shrimp instead of your chicken and I'm going to um I'm adding spinach and I'm spray on Nick hey Willie and call it a day I'm pretty sure I'll still be good I want y'all to start sharing recipes with me unique already does they share all the recipes with me y'all okay longer they don't have no pork I eat chicken and fish at the moment I will prefer if y'all can still send me some really good plant-based things that'd be nice good but other than name my Monday has been okay I mean I kind of went into it on some I was to myself a lot I started off a little doubtful or not even doubtful but like I was like am i feeling in my head when it came to my audition um because I'm not you know I don't I don't had an audition frequently um just yet so I was like really nervous really wasn't feeling what I had was bring us a sequel and I reached out to my friends and everything and everybody was so fun tiring it's and game myself and what I should be you know worried about and it's so funny because then you go to the audition y'all and know this is nothing like I don't want to keep playing jerk seasoning on it and then it'd be too hot for my liking but yeah so the audition wasn't even what I was anticipating like thank you I was the pizza all right so basically we get into the audition I got there two hours early on which this so I could get a free ride so I practice I practice they call me up or whatever to come and do this but it called us up and said his room so we a little longer and so we waited for like fifteen by like ten to fifteen minutes so I'm turning this so I'm thinking you know we're gonna go into a room like a big room and how odd because I just can't sit for a short films and stuff before any like a lot of times when I've either cast it or you know then that something with an audition there's not like it's my first ever audition you know usually going to a room and it's usually a couple people and there's like a good amount of space between you and whoever you're auditioning for and they give you your sides and you have the option to read them or you know if you memorize it however it goes right so I know for how we did our short we let people go and read what we gave them first I mean let them sit with it read it first of what they think you know how they interpreted the character or whatever it was and then after that we would give feedback and have them do it again for this one they just had it had it out I asked them if I needed to like look at because I had the camera actually if I need to look at the camera they were like no like just read the script so I didn't need to memorize it like like you know anything to memorize it which I didn't feel like I I didn't think that I was going to need to memorize it but my girl Trudy did make a good point of like trying to memorize it just so I can be more comfortable with saying it so I did a lot of phrasing of that prior to umm and I basically didn't even use it so because I literally read my script from the paper so that was kind of not expected and then on and because I read it from the paper like I kinda was like feeling like although I was probably delivering really well I was still concerned that when he looked back it was like she never made eye contact with the camera but at the same time we were in a really small um I'm frozen my back okay but then again we were in a really small room so like where the camera was it was lay like the camera was like right here like it was like right here with a mic everything and so it was a little intimidating for me to do but after I got done reading it um that was it like it was over so when I say it went unexpected like I did think that they would give some feedback there wasn't any feedback um it was just letting me know that time frame were when I hear back from them if I'm hearing back from them and when they would basically shoot um that was overall good I think for me learning wise I'm probably always gonna freak out prior to auditions at least definitely now and my beginning stages but I feel like to an extent um long as I try to you know um does not go into it being myself and basically knowing that was for me as was is for me I should be cool um I do know that I initially like given the role the one way I was practicing I'm hoping was so often basically I had to be a robot role and I did extra clarification prior to like do I should I say on railroad robotic or should I be a little softer he said a little softer but at the same time like I've been practicing this whole time so I think then I was a little softer I'm not sure um but hey it is what it is is done what was really unexpected was the weather conditions post I got soaking wet in the water of the Ring I'm heading to run down to the Train then had to wait in a line just to get a pass for the Train offer the guy to eventually say that he just let he was letting us all in which was interesting um but I was blessed and grateful for it no matter Timon I didn't spend money to get home so that was great and now I'm here when you hear Matt cuz you got this hon when you write write write when I hear big and even if I don't know like I'm not even trippin like is one of those things where it's like I'm so glad I went out there and do it did it I literally came home and try to look up some more stuff to send emails for to try to get some more acting auditions in the air um so I can get more comfortable and more secure in myself because one of those things where I realized like I do have a bunch of people who might believe in me but then it's me and there's not that I technically don't believe in myself but then at the same time technically I didn't but it is I think it's just one of those things was like I know what imma be and I Know Who am I be but I still go through the motions so I gotta be patient with myself but I do think I did good like I really I practice a lot and I know I got better even over it a little bit of practice so shout-out to unique shutout even still shot suicide say even though he left at my first attempt that goes on take shoutouts to the face Kyah hey girl Ashley Devante my twin Tootie like y'all really y'all was really here for sister girl today too and yes hey major hey Twizy I was just asking about you some I did um so now despite the fact that I expected to give him a chipotle in my wife when I got home I came home prepared for this week like this week is all of this month has been full of gigs and figuring out stuffs because I'm trying to make another shift but as we can tell the first shift is the out to eat food and things so love the journey yeah you know it's gonna take some time I need this to be seasoned it's gonna take some time for me to eventually be like okay cuz that's funny because I was talking to the people there they had us like wait wait certain people and I was talking to them and they were like oh one guy was like it'll get better watching some bigger project you'll be less and less nervous and other girls like you never get over being nervous and I was over here like oh why you want people interesting and I'm like oh well we'll see three because I still get nervous over videography sucks like I literally had for instance last week I had an my newest client is a YouTube family which is really awesome because it made me realize y'all how much I know about YouTube and how much I really does this and I don't be giving myself a two-to-one back you know give yourself totes when you're out here um um when it comes to yeah so when I went to shoot I was nervous like I was like oh going through my motions again like hope I did good by now granted that's also because I usually have like not the best of luck when it comes to when it comes to basically you my shooting days they always have some like something that goes left but in reality like when I actually got other than okay I didn't have I miss him my hand like internal smudging on my lens and it was like oh my god what if this is black mark I'm a problem but I got it so I was able to get that handle so basically once I started going I realized again like I would trip them for no reason things are unpredictable and I'm passionate about and I'm not necessarily always living in my passions and doing my passions enough to where I feel like I'm around like oh yeah I got this then basically I'm going to get married aspire to but woody alright you know when you re so in whatever you could do oh when I start anything cuz I am an edited process for their stuff oh you took no Opry's business but yeah um I'll be showing you out like at least link a video I'm a seeing thing they'll probably be cool with it because they are trying to build their subscribers in their following so I'm sure they'll be cool with me sharing like snippets of the video in my vlogs or anything like that so stay tuned for those what's the goal you set for this week I haven't necessarily set my goals for this week I'm gonna be completely honest so let's do that now so for this week's definitely keep the spending to a minimum this every week I guess one of my goals was to prep my lunches and I'm gonna probably eat pasta for a couple days which I'm cool with you're not in the shot but even if you wasn't in man what manner um to upload and schedule for the week that's a goal cuz I want to actually get them scheduled my videos I have some sponsored stuff well not even really sponsored but some content that I need to record for some people does all of this that or just that corner okay and I'm trying to think of all aspects so we got some personal personal is to cook into um not suspend really I already have my outing I already have my out to eat lunch that I had so I can't you out for lunch anymore to speak um I have one outing that I have to do with a friend I'm doing tomorrow today and I don't even think even for the outing I'm going to eat for her I think I'm gonna do the free chips and dip and then maybe a drink and call that a day anything or YouTube consistent scheduling and posting I want to make my three times the mark right now I'm going on to twice a week and I want to make three times a week I need to get that offense in get make all my deadlines for most moves in regards to people's videos and dress and that's that's gonna be my main goal listening oh and get my permit Stubbs handle because I'm waiting on doctors and all constant and I don't have time for no more you ever look at some no spin challenges I've had even I had some different types of money challenges but I don't know if I've had a no spin challenge send them some each send them to me I don't need a lot of oil I don't really like a lot when I'm wanting people they're only poor enough to like cook my food so I like to do the move it around the pot as much as possible yes pasta is like a go-to for me at least it was in college because it's like filling it's a lot you have to cheat um I'm not gonna be like when I was like listen girl I'm going to be taking over the kitchen I got a quarter spinach is in being what she posts ain't gonna lie I'm posting a vlog so we're almost so this week which is good we're getting to the chill of the travel blog so when we were in um Disney will be coming out this week the vlog that will drop um I think up tomorrow night yes tomorrow night that will be the last of the back oh my gosh I'm skipping that would be the last of the oh I'm sorry they asked me if I wanted it but I was from each boat lay my Chipotle so we don't matter so that's one manner but yes there's gonna be the last little makeup what's the name and then from there um it'll be travel vlogs but travel walks there should be my night routine I'm gonna do because I have a product that was saying and a discount for y'all so I'm going to do that video and I think I'm gonna do a Boston salsa and then feature like the part of me washing my face in there um what you cooking I am making a shrimp penne pasta with sun-dried tomato pesto I never had it before but we are going to obsess know we can turn this thing ain't about the singing there's a little more well I understand I had sure corny but I like garlic so I'm going to answer miss Ferguson hello Alex Gaiman hello from Brazil I don't speak Portuguese but kya did inspired me to get back on my P's and Q's and teach myself umm finished learning my Spanish because nobody should have taken as many years finished like me and not know like I know it and I don't know um to see the football that's good you never good morning Portuguese sing sing look at you is out here I really wanted people that inspires me a lot because she does makes content my god ah nothing ok I my friend Katya now you are key to believe in the night you get I know a little German okay okay who else well that's no another language my cooking chronicles is more like experimenting because as much a and you can make things based on recipes y'all young really look those found in the air and I just I just try things like I don't rinse it I want you know you know recipes and all that nice stuff but I'm one of people they're like I know what seasonings I like or like what kind of seasons I like so I'm not I'm not scared to just try something like this isn't this is a true experiment and I'm sure it won't come out delicious what happens in a few days I'm not sure in a few days I don't know a lot can happen in a few days all I can happen is that minced garlic for you girls I'm girl all I do is experiment exactly it's kind of like the joy of cooking to me the joy of it is experiments and they've been finding something that you really like you know now I just want to say I'm patting myself on the back so even being able to go live with John right now okay that's another thing like having that day said you remember my head meeting last week I couldn't stop crying yes oh yeah unique this is a lot of minced garlic okay unique um well I'd assembly dinosaur chow Reva garlic so much they won't even ever um unique had a great last week unique legs a lot on me alright once Lex one shot in there but a lot can have hitting a cup with these locking at the end the month like happening for hours and I was experience it so many times which is never a bad thing I know one thing I hope to happen in the couple I might want I have this thing where I'll be wanting to tell y'all I'm gonna hold much weight I want to tell y'all so much but then I was told like chill fact like I've been told by mentors and not even is mentally spiritually right now I think it's time to tell what I'm trying to get into and now it wasn't be telling y'all on the team yet but I just had big plans for y'all and I'm in the works for working it out but part of them is these lifestyle changes this is cooking it's the CMOS in the morning because I do a teaspoon minimal of CMOS every morning now it's all those little things oh my god the seasonings are making me react funny so the pasta I'm making it's whole grain for now y'all just already had left and I figured honestly I feel like with this meal in general God has been choosing what you wanted me to have because I didn't want this necessarily I was trying on both side business the regular kind that didn't work out I tried to make chicken that didn't and then I'm using sun-dried tomato pesto by family yeah you see the Barilla gorilla or Hispanics is Maria and then oh oh my gosh y'all so some of my shrimp won't have this missing I just thought about it I might lose the Cajun season I got from the farmers market when I went to Atlanta we weak because it I'm gonna use this as the salt so my pasta this is pink Himalayan salt by the video I got a lot and I got it for a dollar and six cents yes taste my chocolate song new whistle me y'all goals for the week was wish our plans for our audience how we feeling about this what is this the second quarter out of year now well we will be filling what is looking like have you been sticking to your goals are you achieving them left and right third quarter date a chorus for third quarter so basically are you come in the clutch play yourself this clutch time my future are now looking okay you shouldn't now look your brain oh we know you need we know you're looking break and you got this bill here to you just out here you just audiences I'm here for I got some water boiling you know as you should I'm trying to think on my next hairstyle and first I thought I was gonna get twist but I'm thinking I'll be getting my hair done until a little minute from now so now I'm not sure okay all right y'all here's something I'm going with them already they're different by get shotgun codes because uncooked one allow so much growth in the flavors I'm a marinated shrimp next time take good girl like I still taste shrimp II don't know how to explain it but it also saves me looks like season soon Johnny I don't know how are that French is that um or is that uh is that French Portuguese hmm and I'm going to bring this little piece in them on to the rest little oh well I'm glad you're here I'm starving I don't speak the language oh come on like this I could fall with my own water I'm trying boil water so I can get the pasta ready and that's not a thing what are.what says what are you making for dinner week me or with it what did everybody else eat for dinner did you make dinner are you bike purchasing food tonight what's the verdict I do not know how I landed here well we're glad you were able to get here I mean I'm not sure if you want to stay but you are more than welcome we're just making dinner and champion while we make dinner I can't wait so I'm doing this with my glass of wine I don't wait on me when I cook it's so hard not to eat my food why I'm cooking and that's what he's saying don't cook pose veggie sausage kale garlic bread and as people see those dumb yummy yummy yummy in my tummy well things 152 and I'm tired well have a nice night I get it I wasn't want as finished to the pasta but I thought about like I need some type of procedure something you know make it a little more healthier and I am gonna make this little bot show thank you you have a good night's rest hon bun um I've missed going live I think goin live me making me feel like I get to know y'all better try Phil Rose Italian sausage says next time you go shopping okay I need to write a Dion somewhere no shirts laughing money people much bang real crazy oh yeah well your number on these ones came out saucy I don't know got to see them but these look came out better your boy all right no games to be played honey now another thing I'm different and I like more see fun and special in my left hand I don't even use that for anything but I like to UM I like so what's the name cook all myself in one pot and I don't only one that does it like I'm really like one pot shot look show to you like I don't really like this is I ain't bout to rinse this out I'm bout to put some more oil in it today I'm telling you I really stirred up it's cool it's like that on everything cuz I also ain't one put too much cuz I know what it's like to put too much jerk too much of that more anything wrong you ruin it you want me to eat nothing but I like to I like to you know get all my my seasonings I like to keep a mini I'm a one Pachirisu yeah you got to go out of juices in here you know you don't want y'all want to not cook it all into one pot and then stuff eight seasons you know I actually had a lot of spinach to my own fish because first of all this finish is an to casaya days my dad will carve the sins of bed because I'm supposed to go bad today and I don't want to waste no more I don't want to waste food they placed and food out here in these streets and I feel like we should be wasting food I so it's finished cooks down anyway so – more – better now my spinach i seasoned that – but not a lot I'm really high I'm a heavy garlic Prince I'm like anything garlic is my friend I love garlic okay love it love it love it so I'm not afraid so go ham with garlic that's how some Caribbeans do it they have a dirty pot for seasoning I'm saying I'm saying and you know what's funny that you say that so I found out recently that my origins might be from the Bahamas and so a lot of stuff then and it's interesting because I feel like recently I've been experiencing things that make me feel like okay I can see why I gravitate to this like presents so the girl who made my little shitty Pink's for my birthday there she's Jamaican like they all are Jamaican that class that I was alone for yesterday was a wine and wine fan so her energy though about partying and having fun is all of my energy and like and I was like it seem like I'm you know when it comes to people I need to be friend or whatever I need to meet some Caribbean people because that's the type of person I am – and then I thought about it I'm like well I recently found out that my origins might be from the Bahamas so I wouldn't be surprised even though my dad let me know like that's funny how certain things you do without even questioning can be related to who you are like or where you from without you even knowing that he is a person of color who doesn't really know is there another reason why I love making pasta is because pastas quick like it's quick it's not a lot of steps not a lot of stuff that you gotta do necessarily it's real quick but yeah this should hold me at least a couple days if I don't eat it on from wonder about me is it and cook or like when you start making your own food you can eat it more like I sincerely be going way more in hands that I need to be when it comes to food now that I'm cooking or anything right like I be hungry faster again like my metabolism don't came up on it and that's fine I'm at it I'm gonna start my night routine okay so it's no problem after I get done this I'm probably gonna eat start my night routine I probably won't record the night routine today um I'm thinking maybe recording it tomorrow I'm not sure yet cuz I still see I'm thinking of don't eat oh I think I'm gonna do a video so I actually probably just recording it tonight set up shop record it tonight and um playing they just edit it later or in the week but I have some clients that to try to edit what this is I'm really taking over to spinach because I just don't want to waste it I can't take all of it because something that's already been but the drop pieces is going in here okay you bring matcha probably into the house for a ride so she waited the breaks issue you know that was your job addition one job one listen you can't tell people that you do half-ass work then you get no pay yes open a I know sauce but I'm in the house yard us boss I'm in house it was called happens yeah oh I do think that I am excited because I feel like well one yard I will be bringing some projects to the channel and I'm so excited for them but to I'm just excited because the content is buck isn't really starting to shift like my energy is shifting about how I'm learning things so the content is starting to shoot and edit in there I still got to make a new intro so please send me ideas for intros or like it go see me thank you Wow all right I think that's enough spinach I think yeah don't need some type of like I was gonna record one but I'm starting to realize like I don't know the I appreciate intros like y'all are a lot of people that really wish that people didn't make an intro and just want the words or y'all like somebody who like can do who loves our intro with the intro or are y'all like people who feel like I could do both this London blogger needs a good one do you know that patients want to be money fun fact Rayven and Paige were names future potential Ning City all right I think the rest of this one had to get trashed y'all we tried we went through a lot of it my water is boiling so I'm going to and my family soft now I'm turning this down now usually I'm clean as I look but I don't know I can clean as I go and talk to y'all so hope so I didn't know them I would have been Fantasia our capacity Wow capacity it's very different and I later name isn't capacity though I kind of said different though but Fantasia is different and cute too but I'm glad you're unique because that fits you so well sis trust me that fits you amazingly so it is 805 perfect timing because I'm going to dump this listening in here they say to cook this for Alden Tay is 9 to 10 minutes cordoning mama stay my baby ain't carrying no lo I'm on saying capacity sounds limiting oh my no nothing alright all in there we can turn this all over I mean not the Train let's finish now I am going to start putting stuff away questions random the random thinking is Monday so I know Monday's are big show Dee's what shows are ya'll watching what shows are you into there's anybody that any fights subscribe the Zeus blac Chyna's um show my cousin said is good I want it I really really wanted to watch it but I can't so y'all go get back to Poland a wine on my F around just in my class that Ulster y'all might eat the Chipotle tomorrow because assist the girl is anxious I want to know what it tastes this won't taste like you know what shows are watching do you watch TV do you only watch YouTube I would like to know another show that I heard was good was the one with little Kim or whatever it's on vh1 or something and then I watch them you gotta watch it for ya I heard UV phoria was good too I technically don't watch television radio but because I want to make television I am making it a point now that I'm I'm just tell you it's only about six going here I don't fly in the school again so yeah I am welcome I'm I was waiting the applied said my dream school but my dream school only allows 36 people into it but yeah so says I'm doing that again I got a right I need you seem like what is it that gets people going what is it then people are interested in one professor is professor from Clark that I took when I was going I did a film course or an intro course at Clark um regarding film and he was like how you expect to make movies or make TV shows or make anything visual or video wise and you don't watch it and that was really really great advice like it made me really think about it is something I'm going to even like when I make concepts for you guys like grits that I make it for myself like do they like it what do you like but don't you like but that's also I'm always constantly asking alright now if you cut the lead a little like you constantly excellent question so that's one thing to think about whenever you are trying to build something make something about your service you always want to think about what the audience you know likes or dislikes or and it says what would you like because if you're doing it you look at it from your perspective it's easier understand cuz you know how you will react to it we don't know about the show overall season two piece of yeah I'm showing off I'm going on but I don't watch TV such as YouTube movie but Netflix I have I have when they see us she's got a heavy reunion and cold poses on regular TV currently I'm going to binge watch them she's got a heavy I like the first season I started the second I didn't get dragged in necessarily it was stolen a lot um I still haven't started when they see us yet I don't know if I'm emotionally I don't know if I'm ever gonna be much like a fairy but they I know that we're all that stuff going on mistakes like that y'all don't be like me that's what cooking is all about Charlotte area and learn it's them um so yeah um family reunion I've been thinking of starting so how is it uh let me know whatever Netflix stuff I just started oh my god John so I started to show caught impostor irritating me the first the first the first six other baby is new she's just been a car in the car in the car talking put his head on I can't like all those I recommendations from people nothing that I found myself I'm so like at war shows yeah that's what's up they um Spike Lee is Spike Lee you know he whorehouse guys you ever you know how to kiss this and he he wrote it like he was trying too hard I don't know is what else things where I'm starting to realize like a lot of people be trying to are you don't have to try that hard I should have just did the whole bag of shrimp she yeah this room different the taste over a real season like a row season one different different slightly need some constructive criticism yeah he's is a lot of stuff this seemed old like overbearing in a sense like couldn't wait I was like this see the first season was cute funny I said I still see what people would like earthed about it now but then I can season was just like I'm trying to think of whatever says I know I'm not going in ocean for this week but the finding is says it's fine I'll eat it without the shrimp five six seven eight nine ten wait why you never came back Cosette didn't come inside about I am talking to you Wesley I have at least twenty or twenty shirt I don't aim what time is it away it should be object attached mmm not bad I want it click for one extra minute or 1 minute and a half then I'm gonna turn it off and let it sit cuz I'm I understand them the pasta so cooked in the hot water if you let it sit and then pour the water out and my sauces add my shrimp and then mi spinach and then we looked it up you know what else I watch too on their own Netflix that was cool Marlon was kind of sort of funny um you try to think of what else is something good Oh someone great it is is a cute movie I liked that movie it made me cry but it I also just cry whenever I see a prize so it doesn't matter I can't help it whatsoever I heard it was – yeah was it was killed it was mighty cute it was real like is one of those things where you realize that you know it's it's not that it's funny because it's on motion the afterlife I already knew or like a theme that I'm familiar with the people people kinda miss out like a lot of people are really linear when it comes to relationships and a road like black and white when I feel like any type of relationships like all cause relationships are low-key crazy and they're more complex than just you supposed to be together you're not supposed to be together or we just grew apart versus like it's so many different layers to it and I feel like that movies showed like the good it showed a lot of that complexity definitely post or like I was in a breakup like it really showed the complexity of higher the emotions are during a breakup then also like how sometimes things just run its course like it was a sesame your girl talk catch up this week and schedule our part two of our convo yes we do and I'm not taking any more clients I'm only doing at it in this week so after tomorrow's outing sis I have all the nights are free so that means I'm gonna be able to wake up earlier so even if we need to do it earlier time for our three-way call that be cool all that good okay it's merchants me I need one one one – whatever excess in here yeah we do over strainer how I'm set up right now we old-fashioned it cuz I also like doing them dish yes y'all get it together ix now why did my soul bring me with this soul when considered next thing is with us with with experienced relationships with others mmm that's a good question the eggs that ensure we attract we attract but that is true but we do attract certain people you know we do attract give me a chance what comes to us comes to all right that's a good question thanks sorry my bank is too old y'all and y'all still hear me okay here's a tip with the spinach I don't want to welcome too much because I feel like it's moving around enough I don't think I have to use this whole thing you wanna see um oh snap oh I'm struggling because my hands are yeah that's alright so obviously not all right it is just part of version one of two different versions alright vote today okay and you can see as you can see you so what's these fire sticks you know no damage well no I didn't you still have you should I'm I have to use the whole thing y'all I forgot I made a whole box of plastic but as a mom said you just keep trying a little bolder a far-away y'all whenever overdue when you can see so you add as you go now already added my spinach so I'm about to add restaurant because I already added some sauce too now this is when I start taste because at the same time I didn't think about this but this high ain't big enough for all this but this is all learning experience I'm getting back into cooking I wasn't I want to visit there so I am going to visit their free to let us know places we need to be in Barcelona you see it's different yeah so I'm grateful for you guys I can't you made a pesto I recommend you know some minutes are on me oh is it medic time you know – I know because it's not an envy killed anyone it says right but yeah nice beaches alright I'll put that on my lip you still can't find I don't know up here Wesley is pasta yeah just got done it's a whole bunch of pasta grate some cheese instant Mao and spray on lettuce yeah that is the Mediterranean I knew that was the English word I was trying to say in Spanish or whatever let me get some open issue I'm Annie I'm also making a business page but Oh English Oh Catalunya can make it over here you should subscribe become our well then guys or even videos so you gotta refresh the multi be there it's just safe all right so you see not everyone says unlock these TV there what's the clock because emulsion yeah right like for that one and then bottom right in to see settings that drunk elbow egg we're on this one it's just say upbeat continent at the rice on a very right you would click then also with this one with this one oh that again yeah with this one you see where to say speeds us if you don't ever act where you put down they'll let you know official internet they don't usually as an agreement you and I can honestly say like the whole week the whole green what goodnight y'all but like it's obvious that it's kind of harder for the I guess get one in on hunting Swedish but for the class that the flavors no-no-no if you're not going the right thing thing on the right hand book you know you see fine so that's good that's that's our it that's it going you want to watch movies watch some of the movies from there always have fun tonight all right cool the duel has to individually poll everything so sometimes the movie got uploaded and that's how this but don't ever pay for no movies on fire take everything that you watch live TV in movies so I make my donation my back is safe I guess taking it one the sun-dried tomato buddy I know it's leap biopsy be is busy thing going to begin and then the thing and the other thing after that is seriously but you got this movie that cut on the lobby to like Sonya thank you all for stopping by and watching but uh yeah thanks for stopping by I am about to 2 now and go tune in to Kyle's life I hope you guys are subscribed I hope you enjoyed this my whole brain is better for you that's why I'm like definitely different but it ain't giving I'm gonna try to still go I'm on my start trying to live life you got the Sunday or Monday next week and then make sure y'all so again this week make sure y'all even in comments focus on you can't send me follow me on my social media and I was on the next

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