Boy Tries Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge |3 Miscarriages |Part 1

hi guys welcome back to another video and today we are doing 100 baby x so this is a I'm a truck with home and you can just super slow us up and so she's also called princess probably yeah I'm saying since about listen this is how big most grateful out there she's gonna have it she's gonna be boarding this outfit I love their Barden rubbish and this is her first and foremost attire and that that I randomized these outfits so yeah and I just randomized in one look listen I just I just picked this outfit wasn't super like say yeah and yeah and I do have some additional so the other eggs cut this up cuz of me know I'm like snow and and we have above the cake so that it's not cheating so gotcha bitch and today she's she's she's family-oriented upcoming and romantic and she wants a big happy family and she wants her daughter to take it over yeah so we opened made into the lovely this house so we're gonna move into oasis things through the new typical early I live in to 30 by 32 by 15 our maids okay whacks win swing nummies I think he did you sure that belicoff to get adopted and she just stayed Oh friend Oh cookie cookie okay sustained he's so like left up here and then he was like no we made a damn dumb look are you done dawn isn't there idiom you just don't like him I don't like this good use it now I've never seen anyone go to the lounge before it's just I don't want so guys just take another lady's here they can go okay good I wish oh you died in my veins I need this joking I can't [Applause] and what awesome somebody cheats because I mean you want to do that then we'll so slightly odd about this Pam life I don't know that's why I'm asking you I have no live in this apartment when we get older I mean not everyone has a pool in their call of duty yours and this apartment is good it's yes to these birds oh yeah I don't know I'm getting ready cos you guys you probably clear kept them yourself my pants ladies issue no I'm stalling yes yeah I know I said that and I don't care I don't tap it's only been like 7 minutes audio cuts a bitch we can age up there to do stucco what you don't like is it this one yes it is I want to know which apartment I'm looking for yeah it's this one I remember this where's that guy that we were going to have you know do it so we just apartment they have like why you doing this yeah yes I was in your reaction about one time video my name is Jimmy and I know what Jeremy's fully 100 that I am okay did we not get the image a not me we understood with a kid I have heart and his name is appearing yeah I wish I had more packs guys you can subscribe and I get money packs and then I can do you let's play island she has that bedtime outfit that Monica and the friends you guys seen friend I've seen it and she has the outfit oh my gosh should another lose courage yeah don't take two pregnancy tests Monica looking down that bad can you sense the I haven't miscarriages and you like Henry the eighth's first wife or something aren't you you guys I'm studying they have a bar it just need to be friends you know our relationship was like to love but now it's not so I can just was the other guy is it gone something get your Monica offs out there go downstairs and find the other guy she's clearly trying to be like us oh my god do not use cheats by me I will use cheat so this good stick hobby okey Bob monka more and more coffee second oh my god most of our golf and whatever her name is harmony yet but come in best tomorrow tomorrow this guy's okay just not going to care about the guys like that goes I don't have a singing skill what singing skill do you mean excuse me I'm not cool maybe we'll just do our painting career she just thought she acquired the paint you just go like halfway through ruining all my Twitter – cool – it's quiet excuse me I am NOT cool we poor people time I don't want you I want you to do the painful career okay I mean a lot of watch these movies all the shows a seminar guys simmers dinners emos I mean look pink everyone with us so these people are getting paid I mean not okay good this guy this is crappy called the ball so they change the ball mortal as them oh my gosh motor not our og friend most of us that's gonna be our OTO children oh do best friends but he will die oh my god they don't cook at World Cup where is the skull yeah look safe baby and you know I'm talking the ugly people make pool plans yeah is somebody gonna having a career but your son yeah you're making millions of money we're not that play we are kind of issues they change the girl again we're here like every day and I did add another little basically their losses they goes down all of them be allowed to use some cheap she went just we Jews drunk hurry up you drunk oh did you drunk okay fine at least go to the toilet what is wrong with you drink that ball you know – what do you mean it's okay I'll get you a bed that's a bed and I love this new bag we're gonna get that I so don't care these are the under three main ones so we don't really talk about hygiene it's me and lapooh and you have a DDT die die can I stop no he's about to again you know why you went to the twin anyway could he walk in them summer working on you good sleep but you know they've got chips and be hunted yeah not good not colony soon you're painting they wanted me to I feel bad for you don't talk to us you lady doubt my way I mean I was at pink at least she's talking to Karen she just watch me I don't care you're doing this got some tips oh yeah where are you Lisa Lisa bleeding Savini Jeff okay let's get a shower oh so annoying and embarrassing then resume it let's just take a shower I should not go to sleep then he left some food and then releasing that oh my god didn't stop okay you guys you sleep fun go home just go home you home you're clearly not listening I know what you're trying to do I just need a line masks on and let's see what else the Bible Charlie Sheen labor I'm not in labor just morning take a shower and good sleep you know how to cook me on some chips have assumed this I can't be off assume that guys I think I'll end the video here so subscribe like and share see you next time

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