Brad Pitt Responds to Dax Shepard’s Huge Crush

Do you know that Dax
Shepard has a crush on you? I have a bit of a
crush on Dax Shepard. Wow. Yeah. Take a look at this clip of
how obsessed he is with Brad. Let’s talk about Brad
Pitt, because you love him. I sure do. I’ve actually changed–
look at this son of a gun. Let’s be clear,
you’re not gay, OK. I am not, with the
exception of him. I see. He’s on it. I see. He is an angel. He’s not a– he’s not. This is someone that has
fallen from the stars. Right. Let’s give Dax his gift. [SHOUTING] [APPLAUSE] That–Oh my god. I would take that painting. All right. We’ll get one for you, too. So this is a rumor, and I
need you to clear this up If this is true. You used to– I know you
started as an extra, right? Before you started
acting you were an extra. But did you– were you
one of those like mascots outside of El Pollo Loco
dressed as a chicken? Yes, I was. For the grand opening on
Sunset, and La Brea, yeah? Really? Yes, I was. So– A man’s gotta eat. How did you feel in that thing? It was a chicken. No shame. It was like that kind of outfit. Yeah, yeah. OK, that could actually
be you, for all we know. Yeah. No, I would have
to wave the sign. Grand opening. And– What did you get paid for that. I don’t know, but I
got flipped off a lot. So the bird got the bird? The bird– Yeah, this is why
you got the show. See, that’s how I do it. Because I guess
in the tour buses, they tell people that
that’s what you did. And I thought that
can’t be true. And yet– That is true. I did not know that about you. All right, so you go from that
to a– see you never know. I think everybody should
start dressed as a chicken outside of a restaurant. And then you achieve
things like Brad’s career. I just want to wave
at Sean up there. I want to catch your wave,
and I put it in my pocket.

100 Replies to “Brad Pitt Responds to Dax Shepard’s Huge Crush”

  1. Dax is not wrong in his love & obsession for Brad.. He is the walking talking living embodiment of the best leading man there is.
    Johnny is my number one.. But between him & Brad, it may just have to come down to body of work.. I mean we're talking Tyler Durden, Louis the vampire, Achilles, Joe Black.. And end all be all Tristen Ludlow!!🙌😍💘

  2. I loved Brad Pitt then he married Angelina and I couldn't stand him. Now he's back. That sweet, real, precious soul that has more to offer as himself than he ever did with anyone else. Still waaay cuter than Johnny Depp imo.

  3. Straight male here. Yup, he's the exception. And maybe Timothee Chalamet. Aaaaand perhaps Andrew Lincoln. Maybe I'm not as straight as I think.

  4. Can anyone please let me know the name of the song playing in the background during Dax's montage? It sounds awfully familiar and yet I just can't seem to remember what's it called!!

  5. he's still my ultimate crush… ugh… he's irreplaceable. and angelina is my woman crush. my heart was broken when he and angelina broke up… so in love with that couple.

  6. Hi I am a foreigner. English is my second language. I didn’t get when Ellen said “so the bird got the bird” I looked it up. Does it mean get laid off.

  7. Funny that a lot of "straight" women felt the same way about Angelina Jolie.
    They both have this magnetic draw from all people, it seems.
    Who doesn't have a slight crush on Jolie-Pitt?

  8. Im one of those unicorns as I have never found him attractive or have ever crushed on Pitt. Lol the comments on this video only confirm my suspicions

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