26 Replies to “Bradley 8/16/2008 36wks Stillborn”

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  2. Congratulations to your family on the birth of Bradley's little sister. My baby girl was born at 36 weeks and that was painful in itself, the pain your family must have felt I can hardly imagine. I hope life is a little happier for you all.

  3. My deepest sympathy goes out to the parents of this little angel..' I myself lost my baby boy… But i know hes in a better place now and forever he will b in my heart…

  4. i want to give my comdonlences to the familys of these babies who have died before their time my heart reaches you as one who wants to be a mother i watch these videos to teach me i know that life is special and precious everyone whos vids ive seen my heart reaches yours for your losses im sorry for all your losses its very tragic and sad when a babie is born dead its not funny my heart goes out to this mother and father who lost this sweet looking child.

  5. this gave me goosebumps – i have always said i could never be as strong as a woman who has to endure such heartbreak- my heart goes outto your family and i hope that the new little miracle can bring you some peace for your broken hearts <3

  6. These videos for the loved ones of babies born still are so touching. It's about time heartbroken parents have an outlet for their love and their pain.

  7. i could imagine how u guys must have felt my daughter almost was a still born she passed away twice i am so sorry for u family n ur sister may he rest in peace beautiful child

  8. im 4 months pregnant with my second child and i'm in tears. i constantly hope and pray that i never have to endure this kind of pain ever. i can't say i feel what you felt but watching this video made it hurt just as much.

  9. im so sorry to hear of ur sisters, ur's and ur families loss!!! i pray for her and her baby that is due soon!!! may u all have the happy ending u all need and deserve!! May beautiful lil Bradley Rest In Peace! And dont listen to the negative comments on here! u r grieving and by putting this video up ur are healing and helping other families in the same situation heal to! god bless u all xxx

  10. @sxmand you are truly disgusting. What if it were one of your children that had died as a baby? you wouldn't feel anything? We're just supposed to forget about them? They're the only innocent, beautiful, harmless people on earth. Yes, what happens is meant to happen but videos and things like this help families to move on. To share what was so precious to them with other people that care. So if you feel that way, keep your comments to yourself and don't watch the videos.

  11. So sorry to hear this. My family went through this on Dec 15, 2010 Meagen was 36 weeks. I didn't know that still births were so common. My granny says the same thing about God needs and angel born ( lyra2008 older ppl think alike). Although a struggle God is seeing our families through it. God Bless

  12. I heard from a 97 yr. old woman the other day….a story. A story she believes. And it's comforting. That when God needs angels to be born……He takes one before life here on earth. They never breathed a breath of earths air…..only that of Heaven. He needed an Angel…….so sorry for your loss. He is a beautiful little boy. Only fitting that he is one of God's angels now. So happy He let her have the little girl….hopefully all is well there and she knows her big brother is in heaven.

  13. its always same old song………………..yes life goes on.. werent meant for this world.. in the arms of the angels.so cliched.get romantic notion out ur head .. i got 4 kids……………stop romanticising. was meant to be ….this is life real life. what happens is meant to happen.why do people romanticise babies……………..

  14. im sorry for your loss i just went through this myself my son was 33weeks and i didnt know that this kind of thing happens more than ppl would think
    rest in peace jacob

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