Breastfeeding Education Learning Lab and Academy (BELLA) for OPENPediatrics

Bella Breastfeeding is a peer-reviewed online
course on OPENPediatrics, a free web-based digital learning platform designed for healthcare
professionals around the world. The goal of this course is to fulfill the
Baby-Friendly USA 3 hour training requirement for providers. At the end of this course, you will have a
true understanding of: Benefits of exclusive breastfeeding, physiology
of lactation, how your specific field of practice impacts lactation, how to find safe medications
for use during lactation, and who you can refer a mother to for help These short learning modules will:
Review a brief history of breastfeeding and current US breastfeeding rates. Discuss what the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative
is and research on it’s effectiveness. Describe the 10-steps including prenatal education,
skin to skin holding, rooming-in and safety. Offer help with positioning and the latch,
and offer tips for preparing for the Baby-Friendly site visit and provider interviews. The WK Kellogg Foundation generously supports
this course created by Barbara L. Philipp and Mary Foley

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