Breastfeeding in Public : Public Breastfeeding with a Ring Sling

Hi in this clip I’m going to show you how
to nurse in public wearing a ring sling. I have my wrap sling, which I happen to love.
I used it for years with my son. When you have a baby in the sling and you want to nurse
it’s very very easy. If they’re in the laying down position, then all you have to do is
drop down the back fabric, pull aside your nursing top, or lift up your blouse. Latch
the baby on, give a little tug to tighten it, and then you can use this extra fabric,
the tail, to cover up for privacy. And this is great if you have an older child who is
at preschool or you’re at the park and you want to nurse with privacy. You have the privacy
of this tail to cover up and nurse wherever you are. When my son was a baby, we talked
to our contractors while I was nursing and they had no idea. So when the baby is done
on this side, which would be like the cross cradle hold, you take him off, put your top
back in place, undo the other side and then your going to lift up the shoulder portion
and lift up the baby from underneath and just swing him around into this football hold.
All the time he’s supported by the pouch, or the sling, but you’re going to want to
hold him anyway. And then you can take this over here for privacy, come underneath and
latch the baby on. And you’re all set to nurse on this side. As your baby is done on this
side, take him off, put your shirt back in place. You can even lift the baby up and burp
him. And then usually a newborn is asleep after nursing, so you can just lay him right
down in and he’s nice and asleep and you can go about your day or chase your toddler or
what ever you need to do. It’s a great, great, handy tool for breast feeding and a wonderful
thing you can use for years. Happy breastfeeding!

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  1. some ppl feel embarrased if they see a mother breastfeeding… if they dont know your doing it… saves their embarrassment…

  2. Diablo, for some women, modesty is a big part of how they live their life. Whether for their own comfort, comfort of others, or religious reasons. We should respect women who make an effort to be modest when breastfeeding, just as one wouldn't disrespect one who decided to breastfeed openly with no cover over the breast. To each their own.

  3. and do what? feed the baby crap man made formula and have it diseased for the rest of its life or let it starve to death, ur a 'noob' mother.

  4. I used a similar ring sling – didn't have as much extra fabric but a blanket worked for that – and it made breastfeeding easier to manage when I was still healing from a c-section. I'd sit even in church and nurse my kid and no one had a clue. Just got to pay attention and latch on before the kid gets up to full scale "air-raid" wailing. When they start that rooting and sucking, hustle 'em over and get them latched "online"! 😉

  5. Thanks for this video, I feel a bit more confident about breastfeeding in public later on (baby due in a few weeks!).
    But can someone PLEASE monitor the comments and delete the ones that are inappropriate??

  6. Breastfeeding for me i not at all like that, everyone has a different experience.. It was very delightful, never had cracked nipples, sore perhaps.. So we all have a different story, and I wld love to have this with my second child seems very convient! like to know here to get it!

  7. I am at a complete loss why anyone could possibly object to breastfeeding in public, covered or not covered. Nursing moms should be able to breastfeed their babies anywhere, anytime, covered or not. If it bothers someone, they have a problem.

  8. @LiLHeLLioNFeVeR perhaps you should ask what I meant before abusing me. Also, this video was about how to cover up, not how to expose your breasts while breastfeeding.

  9. She's using a doll, but you MUST be able to see the baby's face at all times, especially when nursing. Babies have died when being breastfed because their mothers assumed they had gone to sleep, not realizing they'd suffocated. A baby's face should NEVER be completely covered. You should not have to move fabric to see their face. An infant should be returned to an upright position after nursing, not left in a cradle hold, for breathing safety. Slings are great for nursing, but not like this.

  10. There are ways to use the tail for privacy without covering the baby's face, as well; covering the breast, not the baby, is a compromise between privacy and safety. Modesty is fine, but please don't put your infant at risk for it. Newborns are at risk for positional asphyxia, where the chin is pressed towards the chest, and that occurs almost exclusively in the sort of cradle hold shown in this video.

  11. Maya Wrap (the brand of sling used in the video) removed instructions for a cradle carry (with baby reclined like shown) over a year ago. We now know this position to be unsafe, particularly for an infant below four months of age. To nurse safely in a ring sling, you can leave baby upright in the tummy to tummy position, just lowering them down to breast level. Alternatively, you can place them in a semi reclined position away from the rings, with their head and face still visible.

  12. Maya Wrap (the brand shown in the video) removed instructions for a cradle carry last year. This position has been found to be unsafe, particularly for an infant under 4 months old. A baby can safely be nursed in an upright tummy to tummy position by simply lowering the sling until baby is at breast level. Alternately, baby can be semi reclined with head away from the rings, with his head and face still visible. After nursing, he should be returned to an upright position.

  13. This is very misinformed for safe babywearing. Babies should never be completely covered with fabric of any kind (would you cover the baby's head with a blanket when swaddling? no. Why would you do it in a sling, then?)

    While the intentions were good, this could put a lot of babies at risk and casts a bad light on mom who do wear their babies safely.

  14. I don't mean to sound hateful or uneducated, but what I am saying is indeed the truth. Most mothers do not breast-feed their babies anymore. They do not believe there is a significant difference in breast milk and the baby formulas bought at stores. I also agree. I was not breast-fed, nor was most of my generation (X). I still had a very high IQ as a child. And as far as bonding goes, it depends on a parent's ability to care for their child. Most parents fail at this, so you do the math.

  15. Who needs a blanket? Breast feeding is perfectly natural and legal. Seems that covering the baby's face could be unsafe.

  16. the period which baby must stop breast feeding is age 3 , and breast feeding is something private it should not be shown on you tube , i dont blame the moms i just blame the stupid husbands which agree to let the rest of the world to see the breast of his wife on you tube where perverts can jerk off

  17. I have no idea what zeid67 is talking about…..that aside people should be able to use common sense. Of course you don't cover a baby's face completely but draping a light piece fabric over your shoulder when the baby is feeding and then removing it when the baby has gone to sleep (as at that point you can cover yourself up with you clothes) would be the intelligent thing to do. As a mum you just need to be aware of your baby when they are in the sling…common sense people, not that hard!!

  18. @maktorri9 Saying that there is not a significant difference between formula and breast milk is VERY uneducated. One is LIVE; the other is made in a factory. One has the ability to kill cancer cells; the other doesn't. One has the ability to prevent diseases and infections; the other doesn't. One has ingredients we ALWAYS know; the other get's re-called for having bug parts, salmonella and glass in it. Those aren't significant differences to you?

  19. @westcoastlovely not sure who said that, but I have learned that a baby can be healthy and immune to diseases even if they were only fed store-bought formulas. Most mothers do not breast-feed these days, nor did they do it when I was a baby in the 70's. It is mostly a thing of the past. But if I had a baby of my own, chances are I would breast-feed it.

  20. @maktorri9 If you can put live white blood cells in a can, you need to call NASA! Yes, breast milk contains live white blood cells (those are our immunities); formula does not, it comes in a can and is factory-made. 65% of women breastfeed their baby at birth. I don't know where you're getting all of your info from, but I believe this is one of the HUGE problems – people are VERY misinformed!!

  21. @westcoastlovely why does this seem like an argument? What I said is correct. Breast-feeding is an event of the past. Most mothers do not breast-feed their babies like they did 50 to 100 years ago. I have been around for quite some time and have only known a few older people who were breast-fed as babies. My generation and the younger generations have not. Also, I was never sick as a child and have a relatively high IQ, so it is not just breast milk that promotes such things.

  22. @maktorri9 Because what you're saying is not correct. You can look up the stats yourself. Breastfeeding is definitely not "a thing of the past". The percentages are lower than they should be, yes, but that is only in America. Look up stats in other countries, where formula is used ONLY for it's original purpose – a substitute. I also urge you to look up the differences between formula and breast milk. You seem VERY ill-informed on this subject.

  23. @westcoastlovely You said, Lou seems very ill-informed on this subject. Who is that??? Most people I know are uneducated when it somes to things that matter. That is what sets ME apart from most of the world. I am educated on MANY things that matter, such as understanding someone who is hurting, knowing why this world is so messed up, etc. Parents have no clue how to raise their children to be happy and successful. All they know how to do is abuse them and ruin their lives.

  24. @westcoastlovely (CONT'D) Not only am I correct about everything I've said on here, I am also EXPERIENCED!!! Most everyone is when it comes to being raised by toxic parents. If you don't know this, then you have been living in a cave seriously. No one has been breast-fed in my generation in America. They all say it is what the poor third-world countries do because they cannot afford store-bought baby formula. IT IS A THING OF THE PAST!!!!

  25. @maktorri9 I said "YOU seem very ill-informed". Not Lou. No, you haven't been correct. You weren't correct when you said "there's no significant difference between breast milk and formula", you were incorrect when you said "breastfeeding is a thing of the past", you were incorrect when you said "a baby can be immune to diseases even if they were only fed store-bought formulas", and you are incorrect when you say "no one has been breastfed in my generation in America".

  26. Good idea. Wish I had one of those when I was breastfeeding. I never really minded nursing my boy in public. I would just lift my shirt and do it and if people looked and scoffed, oh well. They didn't have to look at me. Breastfeeding is the best and most natural way to care for your baby and really I don't think that women need to conceal themselves or feel embarressed or ashamed because they aren't covering up, but good idea with the ringsling for women who DO want to cover up.

  27. This is quite a good educational video. Never thought a woman could get the privacy she needs while breastfeeding.

  28. I simply cannot figure out why anyone would be offended with a women breastfeeding in public, completely uncovered. I really don't get it. If it bothers you for some reason (??), then don't look, or, better yet, put a blanket over YOUR head.

  29. rediculous advice to cover up the breast…
    with this comment, you motivate people to do it secretly.
    While it should be seen as normal, and mothers should feel comfortable doing it in the open. So we don't need you to say we can cover up.

  30. i love breastfeeding and never feel like i have to completely cover up no matter where i was feeding. I have always cover my breast, not my baby

  31. Did she say Pre-school? WTF? isn't that a little old to breastfeed? When they can tell you they want some breast milk, Its time to wrap it up!

  32. Preschool… Lol! I thought you stop breastfeeding kids when they get teeth! Ok, may the kid is not biting the nipple. When they can eat table food, they can drink from a cup!

  33. whoever breastfeeding they kids when they are preschoolers and older, you're sick and perverted! You are getting off on that.

  34. You are highly uneducated and wrong in so many ways. You obviously know nothing about breast milk or anything about having babies in general. Get a life.

  35. Once again, we see ignorant posts bashing breastfeeding. Hungry babies come before ignorant adults. I found this video informative. Thanks.

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