Breastfeeding Photos Unveiled at Hanford Family Birth Center Event

We decided as the Kings County Breastfeeding
Coalition that we wanted to give a gift to the hospital that would help them portray
that breastfeeding is normal and it’s acceptable here in this community so we found a local
photographer who actually happens to be a doula, Savanna Morgret. We could just tell
that when we explained what we wanted to do she captured the idea and the pictures are
amazing and so that’s why we decided to do the historical getting women to breastfeed anywhere, any place, and that they could do it discreetly and it could be just a very
acceptable thing to do in this community. So this project to me was all about supporting
the moms in our community and really letting them know that it’s ok to nurse your baby
in public and it’s normal and you can feel comfortable doing that. As a breastfeeding mother myself, especially
in the very beginning it was really really kind of hard for me because I felt like I
needed to be covered and I needed to go to the car when we were out at restaurants and
so to be able to show moms that, hey you don’t have to do that you can nurse your baby at
the Civic Center or Thursday Night Market or Downtown Lemoore. It’s ok to do that. It was really really important to me. These pictures really show moms just in everyday
life and it brings it into something that moms feel like it’s more attainable, I think,
seeing these pictures and babies from such a small age to, you know, toddler, being breastfed
I think it makes it more of an attainable, real idea that they can actually do this,
so they can succeed and real moms do it every day. I loved it and it’s really exciting to just,
to just know that it’s a part of such a really big thing and to know that it’s going to be
inspiring to other mothers and that it hopefully will encourage especially these new mothers,
especially first time mothers that breastfeeding is possible, it’s easy, it’s exciting and
it’s best for your baby.

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