Breastfeeding the baby! C-Section Recovery Vlog Day 3!

good morning guys so I woke up this morning about 6:45 because the nurse came in to check me and take my pain pills and keeping track of all the last pain till at 7:20 and then I went down to see baby Adam whom Adam and I tried to feed him but yet here id8 basically by the time I got down there and plus they want to check his blood to see if he needs any more minerals so yeah he's get the blood test right now and so this is my breakfast so check it out in theory has been teeth look with some condiment apples some miso soup some rain and the cabbage stir-fry you know you can do that much with cabbage in the back down yesterday as a wrap and in the heaviness today so it's actually giving me some great ideas for dinner so I'll try some of these when I get home all right guys I mean eat not condiments this is not though I think morning guys were here but to try some cabinet food for lunch so I just finished nursing Adam and today is day three yesterday I did not let he's kind of latched but it was like for 30 seconds so today he just ate for the first time from me for 20 minutes so now I'm trying to burp him use that where pain could be sleeping hi guys Josh I said all right turn the camera off all right guys I'm going to eat this up miso soup marry me I'm not going to get chicken substitute and that's really good we just got off the phone with our friends from America whoa you need to rip my baby me Rick he's good Mitchell Sue Emery Wallace hop really timber so you think it's okay analyst enough of etiquette all by himself three days old I think that one burp was good was a loud one yeah so hey guys I'm so lonely chastised less and somewhat grow up and I was starving and sighs man I really wish I had a doughnut so I come back to the room because I seen earlier Josh had a doughnut in here with his food because you know he's eating outside the hospital food I mean besides some of them miso soup or whenever I decide to share because they don't like give you a lot to share anyway when I was like so hungry and earlier I already had a aspinall I had a banana and a courage and the doctor already told me like try only doing one fruit per meal so I was already trying to like listen to him and be good but I'm super happy when I came back to my room brought me some toast and I had two pieces this side and some tea and I know what kind of tea is but it's different from the tea I've been drinking it doesn't taste like green tea I don't know what kind of tea did it's really good and then I don't know if this is like apple butter on my bread but it is amazing I live in a lot a lot this hospital is super healthy because it's really giving me some great lunch and dinner and breakfast ideas the cabbage for breakfast with rice and eggs who knew that was the thing I was like really stressed out because I couldn't get him to latch but today was like so much better so I'm happy that they keep you in hospitals as well but I just wish I had some outside time but I did walk around the hospital but tonight Josh is fun to kind of stay here with Jordan so we have all our toys in a duffel bag and our iPad here looking forward to sleep over at the hospital okay so my mail came right to me so soon I think there's some type of salad potato salad maybe substitute meatballs he's probably not meat but it probably tastes really good and so fries soybeans what is this boy this is a soybean okay you want to eat it hey guys so we are attempting to have a sleepover it was a very hard evening quickly and I did her hair braided it took forever because she's not want to keep still she fell off my bed over there she ran around the hospital like a two-year-old and let's just say this is night three and yeah how it's not ready so I'm going to take baby Adam back in baby shower try to or see if I'm brave enough to and then probably rest because I'm beat rest now so Jojo and Josh left because Jordan just couldn't sleep here so I think you'll be better want to get home and uh it's a level clock at night you may just got rose and she usually goes to bed at like 7:30 8 o'clock like on schedule so just be better let's get on so we won't try to have a slumber party at the hospital because it just did not go well

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