Breathing and visualising for birth – Riding the waves (surges/ contractions)

congratulations on your pregnancy I'm Tessa and I'm going to guide you through a visualization to help you with the contractions and you can practice this visualization as many times as you want when you're pregnant and use it during the birth of your baby too it's really important to think about the breathing and to practice awareness of the breath because if you breathe deeply you bring lots of oxygen to yourself and to your baby it gives you something to focus on and also deeper breathing helps to release endorphins then can block any negative signals that you're getting from the body so let's get comfortable if you want to rest lie on your left size using cushions and blankets so you can feel warm and you might want to sit or lean onto a birthing ball or even to stand so that you can move the hips circling them or rocking them so get into position that suits you we're going to start with the golden thread breath this is a very helpful focus that you can use all the way through the birth of your baby and we're going to breathe in through the nose and then blow out through the lips very slowly as if you're blowing all the seeds from a dandelion head across a garden breathing in through the nose and blowing out through the lips very slowly as you're breathing in drawing energy into the body and as you're blowing out having a sense of softness and relaxation and letting go the jaw is relaxed the tongue is soft in the mouth and the teeth are apart relaxing all the way down through the center of your body and this time as you breathe in again drawing energy into the body and as you blow out imagining a golden thread a very fine thread extending out for the length of your whole exhalation as far as your breath will carry you breathing in and blowing out just a natural rhythm a gentle breath naturally deepening and lengthening to support the birth of your baby you can feel safe and protected wherever you are at this moment feeling at home as you're blowing out through the lips relaxing all the way down through the center of the body feeling that you're opening and letting go and relaxing so that your baby can move down into the birth canal and out into your arms keeping the breath going breathing in and blowing out through the lips you are breathing deeply it feels effortless and comfortable and is supporting your birthing journey breathing in through the nose and then blowing out through the lips imagining either those dandelion seeds blowing out into the garden or the golden thread breath very fine like gossamer extending out in front of you and you're moving into positions where you feel comfortable that feels right at this moment where your pelvis can move freely so in an upright or forward leaning position so that you can respond to the dance of your baby as he or she moves and twists to move down ready to be born and then we'll keep the golden thread breath going as we use the image of a wave to help with the contractions I'm going to call them surges from now on because really they're surges of power they're intense they're very strong but they're our friend because if they're strong and effective they help our baby to be born and I want you to have this image of a wave washing up your legs as the contraction gets stronger and then as you see it pass you feel it pass it washes back down towards your feet and to the earth so that you feel grounded and earthed and supported and then you would have a rest having a rest between contractions or surges and there might be three or four golden thread breaths to carry you through a whole surge as you feel the next surge building and intensity you imagine the wave washing up your legs towards your womb and your baby and then as the intensity subsides you can feel the wave washing down your legs to the feet and to the ground and you have a rest even if it's for 30 seconds or less you have a rest might move position have a sip of water have a hug with your birth partner just have a big long sigh and think every breath every surge is bringing me closer to meeting my baby to holding my baby in my arms and then you feel the next one building and initially in the first stages of the birth of your baby as things are building up they might be 20 seconds long but as things really get established they will build to 60 seconds and even up to 90 seconds as the baby prepares to move out into the world so keeping the golden thread breath going all the way through every surge bring lots of oxygen to the uterus which is a big muscle so it needs oxygen to work effectively if you're holding your breath or you're feeling tight then the muscle can't work as well so breathing deeply supporting your wonderful body that knows just what to do your body and your baby are working together and then you see another contraction you feel another contraction starting as it builds in intensity you feel the wave washing up your legs and you can even imagine your womb like a cave the wave is washing into the cave the power of the surge is helping your baby to then move down as you pass the peak of the surge and you imagine the baby moving down through the birth canal and the wave moves down your legs into the feet to ground you and earth you all the time you're keeping the breath going sometimes you might want to focus on the image of the wave and other times you switch to focusing on the golden thread breath every breath every surge getting you closer to seeing your baby feel that you can communicate what you need what your wishes are to the people that are around you feeling safe and protected wherever you are feeling at home feeling that you can trust your body if it feels like you want to move change positions all the time breathing in and breathing out keeping with the natural rhythm of your body of what's happening to your body so that you can very soon meet your baby keeping it going you're ready you're ready to have your baby

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  1. It's wonderful Tessa. Thanks for sharing 🙏 how can someone dislike it?
    I am due next month and I am surely going to give it a try ✌️🤘

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