Brigitte Nielsen On Childbirth At Age 54

all right tell me about having a child at 54 first why'd you want to have one well first of all children are amazing I have four grown-up boys but 15 years ago I met the love of my life Mattia deci and he's Italian and he's 50 yeah I said 15 years younger than me never had a baby so we knew immediately we wanted to try to have a baby we tried for 11 years 15 years you tried for 11 years yes and miracle Frieda I had her last year at 54 she finally stopped because at 54 when you get pregnant doesn't mean you're gonna have the baby every day you're a high-risk pregnancy and every day she was in vitro right there yes of course of course absolutely and it's it's an emotional rollercoaster I would say to women it's not for everybody to try this for this long over time but I just know I'm a fighter I was not going to give up the doctor said you have two and a half percent chance and my attitude was well someone has to win the lottery and it was us and finally she's cheating a half percent and a half percent chance what was the birth like the birth was amazing I have a c-section you can imagine I couldn't wait for her to be there I have my husband by my side was the love of my life the my miracle girl is just about out and she was out in a second it was so easy it was not a problem I heard her little scream and there she was and it was probably the happiest moment in my entire life and I'm 55 today and I really I used to say I don't believe in God but there's got to be a God there because she's incredible and he had a daughter a daughter with four boys finally a daughter and I said to my mother because my mother and I we are like this and I said god I wish I had a daughter that could establish this friendship that I have with my mom and now she's here and I if I could I probably wouldn't be working but I love my work too but I will bring Frida everywhere because I love every single minute I have with her did you know it was gonna be a daughter I did ask I couldn't wait my husband didn't want to know but I said I have to know and it was funny because I think men they always want to have a boy I wonder why because I looked at Matty and Hugh and when he heard it's a girl I was yes and I looked at he was like huh he he already knew that his boy was gonna be brand brand oh he wanted to call him brand new huh I said no Fritos here never miss a beat subscribe to Larry King now and watch new episodes every day

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  1. I was expecting to hear you pushed that baby out yourself. Now that would have been a more heroic story at 54.

  2. I have to say, I had pre-conceived notions about Brigitte (mostly based on Joan Rivers' disdain for her) but all these snippets of the interview made me change my mind. She's smart, she's real, she's relatable. Maybe that's age and wisdom. Love her !

  3. Women care too much about having daughters. It’s a shame that they don’t care about having boys that much. Sexism.

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