Bringing Newborn Baby Home 2019 – First Days Home Vlog

it's been a couple good days and we have finally been cleared to discharge so we're gonna be going home with this little guy so let's get the party started just got this little dude dressed okay buddy should we get a hat on him could be cute I always love looking down the barrel of the pacifier right there that's my favorite it's like a little fish okay so you got mama in the back new baby over there all right so we're heading home we've got the little guy back here sound asleep holding these gorgeous flowers for my parents Andrews driving so he can't vlog but we're about to drive through potbelly and then head on home get a rack on white I'm gonna I'll have a nun regular this time I'm gonna be naughty don't you have a go brownie cookie or something I do and I'll have one of those thank you so much all right okay so we got the we got the baby swaddled and in his bassinet I remember the first time around when he did this about two years ago with our first son Henry it was super scary we didn't know what to expect me to know what to do the drive home was just like walking through the door and coming home with a brand new baby it was a mix of fear and so much excitement we had been fed all of this information over the course of a couple days at the hospital so it was incredibly nerve-racking we were scared with how to proceed we didn't know what we were supposed to be doing and I thought that you know we'd be doing this and this and it's just a you know a lot of stuff to do because we have to take care of Bubba bla but the reality of all of it is it's extremely calm and slow maybe it's just because this is the second time around we kind of know what to expect a little bit more but I don't feel nearly as overwhelmed as I did the first time our two-year-old is with the in-laws right now he's gonna be coming home closer to dinnertime so before he rejoins the family and gets to see his brother again there a couple things I want to take care of a couple toys I need to do so let's go take care of that right now so I'm getting Katie's pumping gear ready the baby just fed a little bit so this is all the pump gear right here I'm gonna have to sort through in just a moment yeah if you want to be a good guy you can manage all these pump parts and try to clean them after each use take that burden off your spouse the temporary changing station here in our bedroom is nice and locked down this is the baby beretta formula Pro advanced love this thing we're supplementing with formula gonna wait a couple weeks to actually use it but got it ready and prepped this is the Philips Evans bottle sanitizer right here it's good for sanitizing bottles quickly and this is our rack where we put the bottles afterward all the bottles are actually in there right now but yeah those are set up yeah so this is the halo bass anest swivel sleeper the premiere version I've been wanting to test this out for a while so I ran out and got it honestly we're probably gonna end up returning it I think it's a little much but yeah wait for that review so there you go my little guy still sleeping but he's gonna wake up soon hungry but until then it's chill the hard part for Katie is having to endure the diaper part that kind of sucks that's the part that they don't tell the girls after yeah it's a little boy yeah so this little guy just had a feeding with Mama over there momma pumped he and I did some skin-to-skin and now we're looking for some apps to attract feeding and all that stuff and I did a video on this while back but things have changed in the past couple years so she just found a couple good apps hello sorry I'm picking his profile just since we've been home for the hospital I didn't do it at the hospital so hi and dog give you a hug bud give me a hug Oh buddy can you wave you want to go upstairs yeah I don't know if you're gonna be able to bring every possession that you have lobe I know gecko yeah you can only get go catboy owlette Mario and two of his other babies Oh clearly hear the abandons over here are we going upstairs to play a little bit okay that baby college you could just stay up late cuz you're a big boy but callin both huh yeah it's currently 3 a.m. the baby's having a hard time downstairs in our room so I just decided to come and hang out with them here up in our media room for a little bit hi we want to get to your j-bird changed did you poo-poo oh you peepee yeah so last night's that maybe it was up for quite some time Katie came and switched shifts with me so I went down to sleep so that I could wake up a few hours later with little Henry who's hanging out with me right now I got about 4-5 hours of sleep last night which actually is pretty good it doesn't feel like I feel like I only got like one hour sleep I'm a little bit out of it I don't know what I've actually just said to the camera if I've repeated things so I'm gonna go circle back with you a little bit you are super chill when you're awake my dude you are completely different than your brother calls being fed right now we're much more awake he had a good stretch of sleep hey Henry what's my name hi Andrew are you saying my name L just like yesterday that I was doing a vlog of Henry getting his newborn pictures taken and now it's two years later and he's huge and he's getting his newborn pictures taken are you gonna be good and let us get a good family picture of you loving your brother awesome Katie just came back up with a photographer and she noticed this little thing on the bed that that's the baby's umbilical cord it just fell out that's that's crazy I feel like that's pretty fast but amen hey feelin gonna make your photography debut hey guys so it's actually been that's better do I look good yeah we're good so it's been about two weeks now and usually when I vlog I can edit in my head I kind of know the story art that I'm trying to tell but I definitely overshot that's usually what you do when you have a newborn you take way too many pictures and videos and I kind of just lost track of everything so I just wanted to quickly give you a couple highlights that's happened over the past 14 days initially Henry really was having a hard time with Collin but since then he's really come to embrace his little brother so it's been really cool seeing that at the moment the hardest part for us right now though is keeping our house clean for potential homebuyers because we are selling our home I know we got ourselves into the toughest situation but we asked for it that's what we're doing so it's it's hard because you always have to keep it clean for potential homebuyers who want to come and view the home and it can be at any given time so at the drop of a hat we have to get everything cleaned pack everything up and skedaddle and it's really hard to do that to do it with a newborn and a toddler and now that I'm back at work it's even more difficult for Katie so we're managing that we hope this house sells really really soon other than that life is continued we've been amusing Henry with friends outings and we took him bowling for the first time so that was fun [Laughter] well buddy high five high five nice or the final scores there you go Henry you did quite well here first time last little update that we have for you guys is this little ear wells on our boy and we'll explain to you what those are and our next vlog so stay tuned god bless guys later

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  1. Aww congrats you guys! Colin is so cute! I’m sure Henry will continue to adjust but you are clearly trying your best to give him attention and you’re doing amazing!

  2. Congrats my dude and fam!! Baby fever is so real lol. We had the same experience with our second–just felt so much more relaxed and less anxious. So happy for ya'll 🙂

  3. Awesome video! Looking forward to when you'll review the Halo bassinet. When do you think that'll go up? Thank you!

  4. I love that our twins can crawl and babble and all that, but there was something so magical about that time right after taking them home that I miss. Not enough to have another right now, but still…

  5. So much to like in this! Congrats! We are due July 30 and your journey and vlogging has been a huge inspiration and very helpful in the beginning of our newborn journey. Thank you!

  6. Hey congrats!! 🤗I was wondering what kind of rocking chair is that ? I’m looking for a small one . Is it comfortable ?

  7. aww congrats again! How does Katie like that rocker chair in the nursery . I like that its modern and isnt as big as the others in store. would love to know where you got it from 🙂 Thanks in advance !

  8. When we came home with our son, members of our church provided for us lunches and dinners too. Definitely one less thing to have to worry about. Such a blessing.

  9. Watching this an hour after getting home with our baby girl. She came four weeks early and currently resting on her swing while momma gets some sleep. It's so surreal. I started watching your videos when we found out we were expecting. It's been quite the journey since then. As always, your work is much appreciated.

  10. So beautiful! Congratulations man! Much support and love all the way from Costa Rica 🇨🇷 my wife and I are expecting our 1st baby 🙌🏻😍

  11. Thank you! What a wonderful video and well shot and edited too. 🙂 My wife and I are expecting in a few weeks and it was really reassuring to see what it's like from your perspective. It's a relief to see that it can be calm too, haha.

  12. Some of the most beautiful bonding times with my husband were in the recovery suite. So happy for you and the Mrs on the newest addition!!!!! Congratulations!!!! ❤️

  13. OMG so precious. Those little baby cries pulled at my heart strings. So happy for your little family. Glad Henry is adjusting well!

  14. My wife and I are expecting our first this Friday! These videos have really helped me better understand the whole process and also calm my nerves. Thanks for the quality content! Congrats on the growing family!

  15. Great content. We just brought our baby girl home yesterday and introduced her to our dogs. It is hard to the adjusting and lack of sleep. Glad to see this video makes me see a light at the end of the tunnel that it will get a little easier. Thanks for posting videos.

  16. We used the Halo Bassinet regular, not the deluxe, and loved it and totally thought it was worth it. Then again I had a lot of pain getting up and down. We have also let 2 of our friends borrow it so we haven't had to store it for 6 months! We used the baby tracker app and still do but only track her sleep and growth now that she's almost 14 months old. 😊

  17. If Katie plans on pumping, I highly recommend the Spectra pump. It’s hospital grade, sleek, is the most comfortable pump I tried (I tried all the Medela ones and the Lansinoh). I pumped exclusively for 13 months with it and it’s the only reason ai was able to tbh. It made pumping so much easier (it’s a closed system too = less cleaning) oh and it’s $200. Most affordable hospital grade pump on the market. Sorry if I sound like an infomercial🙈😂 but it’s a good pump to consider. I was miserable using the Medela. I tried the symphony, PISA, Sonata and the swing. They all hurt (and no it wasn’t the flanges, it was the suction type). Anyways, I can’t say enough about the Spectra. 🤗

  18. Our first baby boy was born on the 19th. Just brought him home on Saturday! Little overwhelming but everything is starting to fall into place! 😁👍

  19. Congrats to you! Such an amazing time. My wife and I had our second boy in April and his brother was just over 2. He was not thrilled with the addition once we were all home, but now he stays worried about if he is ok. So neat watching a child grow, and accept/love their sibling. I hope your house sells quickly, I couldn't imagine the added wrinkle from that process. Enjoy your all your videos. Have used so many for advice. Look forward to the next one!

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