British Court Orders Disabled Woman to Have Abortion Against Her Will

good morning guys let's start this with over in the Great Britain it says an appeals court in London on Monday overruled the decision by a lower court judge to force a disabled woman to have an abortion it says today three Appeal Court judges in London have overruled the horrible decision made by justice leavin to have 22 weeks unborn baby aborted praise be to God it says a British Court has ruled that a mentally challenged woman must be forced to have an abortion against her will and her family's religious beliefs the unnamed mother is in our 20s and has been diagnosed with moderately severe learning disorder meaning she has a mental age between 6 & 9 the Catholic Herald reported the case which was decided on Friday was brought to court by National Health Service trust that oversees the disabled woman's care both the pregnant woman and her mother are against abortion as it is against the Catholic faith the grandmother is reportedly a retired Midwife in a catholic number of the Nigerian Igbo community she offered to take to care for her grandchild when it is born but the pro-abortion activists lawyer turned judge in the case justice nuttin Natale laven decided that it would be too difficult for the grandmother to look after both the daughter and the grandchild Wow isn't she just a wise one The Woman's doctors argue that an abortion was in her best interest but her social worker disagreed and her legal team said there was no proper evidence to show this her legal team said that although they accepted the woman was unable to give or withhold consent the woman's own mother believed that doctors underestimated her ability and understanding and that more weight should be placed on her wishes and feeling welcome to the world of state-run health care this is what we were headed for with Obamacare they were going to tell us what to do when to do it and how to do it here you have I mean who the hell are they to say oh you need to have an abortion this is nuts this is absolutely nuts and this is what people all around the world are up chucking they've had enough it's like thanks but no things well by the way that one in one video I did about the the four outhouses getting knocked over it wasn't by a plane it was an air balloon and so it was kind of like a slow domino effect it wasn't like it wasn't a plane anyway I just wanted to clear that up so New York parents with unvaccinated children threatened with CPS investigation a new law in Albany New York required all schoolchildren public and private to be vaccinated by July in order to continue their education is causing confusion and panic parents in the Deerpark area have received a letter from assistant superintendent James Cummings explaining that in the event that you do not follow this mandate we will be reaching out to Child Protective Services to alert them of your non-compliance and as as we know the problem with these vaccines many of them raid are made over in China and nobody knows what's in them anymore it's not like the vaccines of yesteryear these are different and they can have catastrophic consequences and Mitch McConnell he says I'll be watching baseball during the Democratic debates I don't blame him I don't watch baseball because well although I love playing baseball what I did as a kid watching baseball and I remember my brother and I sitting there from the TV waiting waiting waiting for Colleen Yastrzemski to come up to bat and but I have to admit watching baseball is a little bit like watching grass grow movie sorry I know there's a lot of baseball learners out there but for me it just doesn't move fast I mean when they move they really move but it's like it's just a solo moving game for me and then not this up in South Dakota it says hi Morris 50th annual settlers Day is just a wonderful time to get together and come back home mayor Vicki day sit but an interesting float at this year's parade is giving some folks palpitations well something needs to give some of those people palpitations and he says I had to think about it with a mask of Obama coming out as racist Jeff damer creator of the controversial float told ksfy i just wanted to put it out there it was just my view that they should be charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton so it as they say high more South Dakota's 50th annual sailors Day was a huge success this year the float portrays former President Barack Obama in a cage with Hillary Clinton while current president Donald Trump stands on the outside and I don't see anything wrong with that what's the big deal that's what it should be they should be in prison absolutely it's one of the few things I've actually worked for and then down Indonesia two strong quakes hit seven point three and six point one followed by ongoing sustained series of moderately strong earthquakes Wow a lot of stuff earthquakes all over the place anyway that is all for now god bless you all have a good day and I'll talk to you soon bye-bye guys

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  1. This could be an important block to forced vaccinations – anywhere: U.S. GOVT LOSES LANDMARK VACCINE LAWSUIT —
    It's from November, last year, but very relevant.

  2. You are spreading misinformation. Criminalizing abortion is beyond government interference. It is authoritarianism. If you can't even trust your fellow citizens to make choices about their own families and health, then you are a disgrace to our nation and to the servicemen and women who have fought for our rights and freedom. There's nothing moral about government overreach in contraception or abortion. Especially when you consider that most people having abortions already have children. Birth control is not always effective. Health risks arise. If you want to survive under religious tyranny and moral hypocrisy, there are other countries you can do that. This is America. We afford citizens the right to make their own choices about what works best for their families and health.

  3. That is how abortion is in China. The state will force abortions upon their people… do your own research into it everyone… Canadian federal abortion law is also disturbing

  4. They have no right to make any decision they dont own us, who do they think they are, it is a family decision on this babys future

  5. All the judges involved in her case needs to be in prison rest of their lives. There Definition of mentally ill more than likely a over reacting young woman knows that she's pregnant she knows what's going on she should be able to have her baby that baby can be healthy and normal.

  6. People in New York listen. No one or no group has the right to inject anything into your body without your consent. It's ungodly, immoral, unconstitutional, and it just ain't right. Don't comply.

  7. When we more often housed the mentally disabled in institutions, the question of sterilization was frequently debated. These people are often highly interested in sex. Whether it's during home visits or other times, there could be resulting pregnancies. And inherited conditions were possible. Abortion doesnt seem like the right answer.

  8. Abort the tyrants. It appears to me the ones wanting this abortion are the ones with the mental disorders.

  9. here we go down the slippery slope….this is how auschwitz got its start. The mentally ill; then the physically ill; then the gypsies; then the Jews…step by step.

  10. I suppose that his judicial atrocity has one good outcome…finally pro-abortion (baby-killing) advocates will no longer be able to use the word "choice" when their vile and hideous activity is being pushed upon an ever more appalled public.
    Hey, baby killers, no more "pro-choice" for you, thanks to the UK and their National "Health" service! Your cause will finally be understood by everybody for what it is…Pro-INFANTICIDE!

    Abort feminists, not babies

  11. Next elders, mental deficient, disabled and all right-wing people… The left are psychopaths!

  12. So nothing wrong with the baby, or they were under have used it that. So kill a perfect baby for no reason plenty of options.
    So I guess we need to go to California and I’m sure other places and kill all the homeless, they are way to hard to care for or for others. I see where these Fascist are going. If you aren’t important enough, young enough, and get sick your in big trouble.

  13. If it's in the UK I'm not surprised probably going to sell the baby parts, andrenachrome and gift it to Queen eLIZARDbeth.So she can have her 200th jubilee.

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