Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Boyle Tells Amy She Is Ovulating (Episode Highlight)

– Listen to me very carefully. If you and Jake are
thinking of trying, you are ovulating
like crazy right now. You take that helmet
off before I knock it off. What? Your basal temperature
is off the charts. This is a good thing. Boyle. NYPD, get down! No, freeze! God, the room is hot. I’m blowing out. This way, come on. Oh, come on. Where did you guys
even come from? Your nightmares. Hey, Amy, allow me to
introduce you to Big Bertha. OK, I guess I’m not worth
introducing to your truck. That’s right, Joe. We went to Homeland Security. Yeah, this beauty comes fully
equipped with thermal imaging, a satellite link-up, and she
plugs into every surveillance camera in the city. And she’s also got
a holding cell, which is big enough for three perps. Jake, counting
this guy, how many perps have we caught and placed
in the three-perp perp cell? Well, Sarge, we
placed three perps in the three-perp perp cell. So the three-perp
perp cell is full? Full of three perps, is
the three-perp perp cell. OK, stop saying perps,
and cell, and three.

16 Replies to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Boyle Tells Amy She Is Ovulating (Episode Highlight)”

  1. Finаllу I'vе fоund hd Broоklуn Nineе-Nine mоооviе hеrе =>

  2. no offense to Charles, but I hate it whenever he comments about Amy is "ovulating" or something about carrying Jake's baby. I know he does know that Amy is more than just a baby carrier, but it is so annoying

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