Bryan Health Follows Strict Guidlines to Keep Moms Safe During Childbirth

Childbirth can be a
beautiful yet dangerous event for mothers. Our local Bryan Health says they
have strict guidelines in place to help keep you safe. New tonight, Channel 8
Eyewitness News reporter Katrina Sperl has more. Katrina. That’s right, Megan. Two leading causes of
childbirth deaths and injuries are hemorrhage and
severe hypertension. A report found that medical
professionals are often eyeballing instead of
measuring for warning signs. According to a report
from USA Today, 50,000 mothers across
the nation are severely injured during or after
childbirth every year. They say it’s because
hospitals are not following long known safety measures. At Bryan Health, strict
policies and guidelines are in place to ensure swift
intervention and treatment. One of their patients
was Courtney. Yes, this is serious, but
we’ve got this under control. We’re managing it. Courtney experienced
hemorrhaging with both of her children’s births. She lost about three
liters of blood during her most
recent childbirth. Thanks to the care she
received at Bryan Health, she was able to avoid injury and
deliver healthy babies, Cameron and Emily. The whole procedure, I
felt very comfortable the whole time with
the nurses, just because everything was weighed. Every time they came
in and did a check, all my checks pads were weighed. They had a scale in the room. And they were in constant
contact with my doctor. One of the many protocols
in regard to hemorrhaging is electronic fetal monitors. They allow for
constant monitoring of laboring mother and baby
from their room, nurses station, and a secure mobile app. A nurse educator also talked
about the special training they receive and
simulations that help prior to the real
life event happening. A simulation would
be a high risk fidelity birthing simulator
that then hemorrhages, and we have to do
interventions with our team to walk through that before
it’s in the real scenario to give exposure and
experience and keep skills up. Courtney has a message
for the moms out there who may experience
complications during birth. Trust your doctors,
and trust your staff, because they are
very well educated. I never had any concerns when
all of this was going on. But if there was a
question, I asked. Last year, over 3,000 babies
were delivered at Bryan Health. About 0.5% of mothers were
treated for severe postpartum hemorrhage, which is blood
loss of at least half a liter. And good news, there were
no deaths related to that. That is wonderful news. Katrina Sperl, thank you
for that story tonight.

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