Bubba's Abortion Bus

giorgia that they're no longer or they're considering or possibly will not do anymore productions out of Georgia as Tuttle mentioned earlier Atlanta is one of the hot spots with the television industry they are taping so many shows and doing so many things out of Atlanta they've called it Hollywood East have they not yes yes they have and so they've been getting a ton of of motion picture and the entertainment industry a ton of money and Georgia has some huge tax incentives the legislators have done well to draw some of the Hollywood business over to Atlanta so they've done well on that and Netflix says well now because you guys are a bunch of backward-ass stupid passing these you know you have to have your kid no abortion just the stupid archaic you know evangelical 19:58 type nonsense when where's a different you know just stop we're supposed to move forward be more liberated get more rights and what-have-you you punch a hill Jack's Manson you know that's what Netflix really wants to say in their press release yeah dear backward-ass hill jacks stop inbreeding and start trying to pay attention you're dumb who would ever think that you should take a woman's right away a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body that's what we feel Netflix and so we're not coming over to Georgia anymore so that's that's kind of cool that here's here's the article about that but I have yet another idea and I'd like to run by and I'd like to get credit for this I don't know if we call it the public limb Internet services blackout strategy I don't know but I got something else I like to tell people I'm gonna be the first one ever think of it promise you Georgia is home to some of Hollywood's biggest box-office hits from the Avengers endgame to Black Panther but now a flu shot you they shot the majority of Black Panther and yes when Hollywood are threatening to take their TV and film productions elsewhere we will we're gonna take it one step further under the Clinton plan not back now we will always continue to fight for life and so nothing could say anything more than comeback the only scumbags would want to be governor have that much about how would mine be governor yeah it's cool I've got no dough and I'd be like listen Florida is not only pro-abortion we're giving taxes we're giving tax credits yeah why tax credits for getting abortion yes if you get an abortion I'm gonna give you a $2,500 well it's not yet a crazy cuz at this point you know the well people just be getting pregnant to get man I don't know if that's gonna work out or not you say Outland hi I'm Pablo I'm a sponge I'm your new politician and I say outlandish off-the-cuff things that I don't think about a lot of times and then my people that are very very smart and know more than me tell me they messed up I'd be actually pretty cool at that candidate weren't but you know cabinet no but wouldn't you be cool if a if a politician said you know what I made a mistake on that one I didn't really look into it and I float I flew off the handle so I'm gonna change my vote they can't ever say that once they vote one way they got a stick by oh right yeah is over Governor Brian Kemp signing the so-called heartbeat abortion bill this month it's one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country ban highest level of sponging on the on the surface tax credits for abortion sounded good and prize not the most responsible thing but I'd like to have some type of incentive program so that the average girl can get a little something so I'm gonna save a lot of money in the long run mm-hmm mmm-hmm ending the procedure we have death benefits don't we and we got all our types of things well we need to hunt you know say you save the economy type of benefits right Ned what's up what's a baby and a human life cost to feed and house and stuff like that when this crackhead ends up having the baby and then we we as a society have to take care of the baby hundreds of thousands of dollars mm-hmm at least and Laquisha and Susan and Sissy may they all wanted to get abortions they knew it was the right thing to do but they live in Georgia so they had to get their friend Ned to drive them across the state line to Florida India where there's no hey you should be net we should open up like a Smokey and the Bandit abortion not an abort abort abort or mansis Papas abortion shuttle and you go here and it's like you know yeah I'm eating making and you get on the shuttle and you don't get this big bus right Ned like the Hat liked railways and green and greyhound and it's the Bubba abortions shuttle and you take them right across the state line and you get them all fixed up what they needed and then on the bus right back you know they have like you know it's kind of soothing music because and like you know maybe some extra stuff for them to feel better because they've been through a traumatic deal yeah Bubba's abortion shuttle you know idea you're like Millions Ned you go halves on my new bit company do you know what's called bubblers abortion shadow abortion shuttle here's the ball this is net we need to start this right on the south right on the south side of Atlanta Bubba's abortion and everybody meet up at one spot takeoff yeah and now you know you're like first 45 we only have 45 slots because the bus only holds 40 505 sluts I don't know if that's gonna be good for business no nano-coating there 45 slots well that's even worse no there's no slots okay like and oh I'm sorry 45 seats we have 45 seats of on the bubba abortion shuttle and that you know you like if an abortion down in florida is like you know 500 bucks then you charge them like you know 1,500 because of the bear could give you for the whole package deal right now what comes with the package like you know you get a ride to the abortion food clinic you get a little snack well what to get with the clinic and see what they want them to you know maybe maybe they don't want them eating before the procedure but then afterwards you get a little care package look you know some maybe some pain pills and you know just net pad still get your fetus in a jar fun show practice is healing through humor consisting of hyperbolic statements and parity on the backside including the use of disclaimers to cover their collective asses relax you can't take anything they say seriously it's just jokes jokes executed by savvy radio professionals and usually the jokes on them I gotta write a better disclaimer and have one of my voice guys like honey liquor instead of doing that be like the bottle of sponge just said show just somebody on the bubble of spun show just said something very outlandish and socially not acceptable we apologize on behalf of the bubble on the show the show is all about being cynical hyperbole hyperbolic statements of satire thank you don't take anything you know too too serious don't you think that we need one of those like a real fancy one pretty much yeah yeah after six weeks of pregnancy I guarantee you nobody's talking about this on your favorite radio show today right nobody nobody chat and Christine aren't talking about this Bobby bones ain't talking about this Bob last time or Tom last Bob oh I was listening to the best of Bob and Tom on when you're in Indianapolis on Monday I just wanted to punch the windshield is this still bad it's just um slow-moving chuckle hut this comedians coming in that comedians coming in and don't forget free this and free that and you know let's talk a little bit about the news and just be kind of cheeky if you will Stu Midwest cheeky Athena : have you ever noticed when they do have comedians and like they help set up their routine with myself it's like Bob and Tom have been given some list of like setup questions so Pat so tell me about the time to get them on my own like batch that's how it goes so we got Pat GOG one here Pat supposedly you had a hard time over in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh miss like you know yeah that's all it is and it's just ridiculous like it's not real great guarantee they don't they're not talking about the heartbeat abortion bill in Georgia and we're not trying to be shocking or our land a ship or outlandish about it although we are this is a way average smartass people talk but if I was over at Manson's house on Saturday hey Mike do you mind that abortion bill yeah you know we'd be just BBS and back and forth and so but nobody wants to talk about it nobody wants to cover it in that matter you're there on one side or the other yeah but you're not coming up with Bubba's abortion shuttle how are you nobody's offering that when they shut it down and you know what net I think you'd have to like be real discreet about what your bus was because the anti-abortion people would you know protest protest well not knowing that the bus shake well no I'm talking about putting stop sticks and Sabbath putting a bomb on the bus right they're fanatics fifty celebrities including Alyssa Milano Alec Baldwin and Christina Applegate sent this letter to the governor threatening to boycott filming in Georgia that's exactly what you need to do but I'm gonna take it 150 million stars well I got one can take it one step further but state representative ed Setzler who sponsored the bill this guy this guy looks like the kind of guy that would sponsor an anti-abortion bill does he not if I wonder how many CP he's paid for real slickster look at him yeah that's a real Georgia slick straining yeah oh dismisses tell you right now anyone not Harry but he calls Hollywood you know what Georgia is governed by a bunch of white up uptight hill Jack's there's no flavor up in here there's not even cool people not even even the white people out of them none of them look cool the people that live there are cool as hell though no hell yeah your government doesn't represent the coolness of the people in Georgia unfortunately the only ones have gotten elected but people in Georgia are cool as hell but you're being governed by a bunch of uptight whitehill Jack's right what elites Georgia is not not taking the pulse of Hollywood and in representing the values of our diverse population common sense Georgians recognize that a child in the womb is worthy of protection several whatever bitch no caddy be caddy Dee 94 is that a guy or a girl Kali Diaz well seems like since I've already sick out of Australia yeah call the show buddy or woman meet one oh yeah eight one three nine zero Bubba straight out of Australia now is a one three Monday payment we have free long distance yeah that's why I was about the house I I don't want to get a reverse net cheer Sarge here to be a $29 phone call they're gonna probably pay for it okay Kali d8 1 3 I don't know what our US American code is but spry knows and as a what says 0 1 1 0 1 1 Manson blitz is the only person that right off the top of our head News did you know what the American code was I know it started with one or had someone's and I know but did you know that it was zero one what not Manson did you back in the day because they used to make a lot of but as of today buddy no exactly so zero one one eight one three ninety Bubba you fine Australian I'm the 24 year old male I think you've called the show before no cally Dean 94 just wrote and cheered another 50 bits and said no I'm a 24 year old male I think I just said that but sorry Sorry Sorry no they won't fill me get your headphones on can you hear me yeah I can hear you okay you want a nip cause no I'm take the edge off yeah I don't think we have any one man hit him in the forehead including Amazon Prime's drama power and a Lionsgate comedy Barban star go to Vista Del Mar starring Kristen Wiig the potential ripple effect could impact the state's nine point five billion dollar – yeah it's a lot of money you punch a backward-ass be in film industry not to people the people that govern or the 90,000 jobs 90,000 jobs garner Kent sought tool how many how many jobs is that Ned ley concerns last week touring a studio and touting the state's economy and some major studios have not taken aside I've been in the film industry for about 15 years but makeup artist Bridget Crider is concerned about her job look at Reggie Crider buzzing out of them George give me them George sir you got to go to go give me them Georgia you got to go and torn between opposing the bomber Georgia she's got Earl Campbell thighs does she not yeah very Sanders oh and support what's that called that those who are boycotting it is a double whammy oh yeah and she's got she's a she's crazy girl she's got that tattoo all right target practice right cousin oh yeah you know being a woman and want to be in control of my body would you ned dang all day same time I have to feed my family the bigger test could come in January look at that humanity net that is an absolute gumbo full of humanity right there it's a nut that's a party right when the law is set to go in Ned if you could have a Phi sum or a foursome what those not be the gals that you choose same time I have to feed my family or in their neck for a pile none of those that come on plaid skirt and fact I think plaid skirt might be the odd girl out I think that might be the girl if you had to throw one out and add you throw plaid Willie I'll take the two in the black dresses the bigger tests could come in January to end our a black dress miss Ned when the law is set to go into effect Manuel Bojorquez CBS News lose out men while using man what cash man well yo horked has who effect Manuel Bojorquez see mr. Manuel Bowl es news Atlanta when the law is set to go into effect Manuel Bojorquez CBS newsman wimple forecast forecast great so that's talking as if you know Netflix and some influential actors and stuff like that or gonna possibly boycott Georgia when this the most strictest abortion law is in effect now that's great and I hope I don't know if that's gonna work it seems like the hill in the white Embree ting hill jacks are pretty adamant man said about standing their ground right okay but I know something that could completely flush him out what are you gonna ask Tuttle can I ask a question now I thought that the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was not illegal so how can the states come back around and I think I automatically say that it is I don't quite understand the dynamic of that either unless it goes back to the 14th amendment where the states have the right to make certain type of laws I just can all be overturned by the Supreme Court eventually I don't know why dog and pony show I don't know oh so you're saying manson the politicians need the next big shiny object yes and so they know they're gonna it's gonna get worked all the way up to the Supreme Court but this was a look whodunit over here real fast for you right yeah look at us we're real doing something look at all the commotion so you Hollywood boycott and none of it's gonna work unless you would we could come up with the Bubba Klem internet service blackout strategy and you take the big five you Manson you you're this guy this you know this really and like John Morgan knew John Morgan you're the glue that can put deals together right put this important person and pour into that / important person and you know John Morgan did you just see an article yesterday about him where he said I didn't quit the Democratic Party the Democratic Party quit me yeah I liked that too by the way and that all comes on the heels of remember that Andrew ghullam yah gyal I'm Andrew Gilliam guy he was an African American guy that was running he was the Democratic candidate for a governor yeah of Florida it was between him and de Santos de Santos on the Republican side and rune Gilliam on the right I'm on the left Democratic side so John Morgan a one of the largest contributors to the Democratic Party of Florida put in X amount of might have been five million and when Gilliam towards the last part of gillum's run for governor when it was right there you know neck-and-neck and some polls had Gilliam ahead and so John I think I may have the story wrong numbers wise but I thought I so put five million dollars into the last-ditch campaign deal supposedly Gilliam suspended spinning when he knew he wasn't gonna win suspended spending and possibly pocketed the balance of John's five million which I heard was three and so John Morgan publicly came out yesterday and said this guy's a thief and a scumbag and a crook and I'm gonna sue him for for that I'm all about supporting my candidate and I've supported all these candidates through the years but this guy's a crook because I think if you don't use your money there's ways that you have to give it back or something like that I don't think you do I think they'll keep it well anyway you don't keep John Morgan's money mansion and get your ass whipped okay yeah money and take the lumps from John is what he's doing so anyway yeah John's gonna sue or get try to get his money back on that deal what were you told you got me off of the book off the beaten path here total you asked me a question a second ago and I was on oh so my big my big Internet and that like it you get you get John Morgan to get these get these companies together you get a big sling and II like John Morgan and you get Google Amazon Apple Facebook and Netflix those five companies run the world do they not basically yes I mean Google which it's which you incorporate YouTube and other stuff now blitz this is right down your alley I don't know if am I kind of right on that between Google Amazon Apple Facebook and Netflix those are the hugest of of influencers I know you could throw Walmart but Walmart's not gonna go for an anti-abortion bill that they're the opposite side of that am i right on that blitz like those five are that there's nobody bigger I mean am I missing somebody I know you're right I think I'm yeah so Manchin if you could put these these five these five companies can change the world because they're I don't know if I want those companies changing the world well but here's the deal things just gonna keep getting shoved down to our throat like Georgia and and things like that but if these five companies said listen I'm work if you live in Georgia you can't buy anything Apple you can't buy anything Amazon you can't buy anything Google meaning going to Facebook including going to a YouTube you can't go to Facebook and you can't get Netflix you can't get Facebook and Netflix and Amazon YouTube Google and Apple in Georgia watch how fast things would change yeah definitely all those CEOs will be fired immediately what do you mean well traded companies I have to make money yeah you think that knocking the state of Georgia business input into Google you think Georgia makes a difference on Google's bottom line makes a difference to the shareholders I'm just saying Georgia's like one zillionth of the problem nobody's got any balls around here Manson to stand up for what they really stand for just follow the leader and sit down they don't stand for the they don't stand for what wanting to change the laws in Georgia maybe they don't care they just want to make money you know what man there you go there you go let's stop Karen and just start making money

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  1. is georgia production the weatherchannel's ? and NBC's somehow linked too ? and doesnt General Electric own NBC ? cuz

  2. The religious kooks in Alabama are only getting nuttier the more people are leaving Christianity. If they really cared about preventing abortion they would be doing everything they could to promote the use of condoms and birth control but they don't do it. It's all bullshit!

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