Bull Dog Puppy Delivery | Live C Section

oh hi my name is Jennifer Romeo and I'm from Romeo's bullies and Romeo's neo messy I'm very excited today because I am starting my new channel I've talked about it for a very long time today's July 22nd and I've decided to launch today so here we are with Jojo here's one of my bullies Jojo and we are here today for a c-section because Jojo is having babies so the next eight weeks lived in a cover in the life of Jojo now where my Neapolitans are concerned we will do another shooting in the next couple days on them but today we are here for her c-section and we're gonna do some live footage inside of the babies and her having the little babies right alright so we'll see you soon okay so we're here now and she is way cooler okay okay great thank you are you yeah yeah yep she's sleeping just checking this you're upset no but oh there we go no it's coming out right that's good here's Jojo the first infection there's so we open up this time yeah this one hope it started yet yeah yeah many more hands cuz I just got a squawk okay great okay I'm not sure yet oh oh yeah I'm sorry I need another machine what's that yep yeah and I'd like the oxygen tanks turned on and you can leave the o2 generator on just turn the tank on yes please thank you how you doing there okay so this one here didn't make it unfortunately there was a little bit of blood etre than know so we know something's not happening and she never had a heartbeat so unfortunately she didn't make then we had one water baby this is the water baby so sometimes with Bulldogs this happens they get all this fluid and we call these guys water babies and unfortunately you cannot save them it's part of the breed and it can happen at any time so this one here was a little girl so again unfortunately yeah very different-looking I know but that's okay for stuff like this so we've got five let's take a quick blood this is a little girl tiny as ever later a girl and this one was a really really tiny tiny this is a little baby little tongues out okay looks like an alien a little bit right now this is the smallest one the biggest one two voices rose and then if you want to come over here and see miss Jojo just came out of surgery okay so she's out see the tubes in the mouth and now we're just putting a little bit design to nurse so as you can see we've got one little one out of here not the easiest thing to do right now because they don't know what they're doing well today's been an extremely long day we are back home now there's Jojo she's doing good she ate some food I'd like her to eat a little more but we'll get going soon read my mind but little baby's here all nice and even give me kisses oh thank you anyway she's happy to be home so thanks for watching my video today and subscribing to my channel I hope you'll continue to follow the life of Jojo and her pups over the next eight weeks and I'll be back in a couple days also with some videos with the meals so thanks for watching Romeo's Boies Romeo's neo mass TV like subscribe follow and I will be back in a few days enjoy just remember you have one life to do this do right by people do right by their animals all right take care

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