1. How can I purchase from the USA one pup in your next litter. this breed is nonexistent here. I really love it….thank you

  2. I have no clue what to do when it comes to breeding dogs, or rather any animal at all. All I have to say is you know your stuff. I mean it makes total sense. I heard you say and I've seen that people are criticizing you. All have to say is look at the results!

  3. I'm not sure if the ingredients are different in your area, but where I'm from, brands like Eukanuba, Iams, Purina, are not very good brands of food that you want to feed your dog. Most of the contain meat by-products and the majority, if not all, contain corn, which is just used as a cheap filler-food, that has no nutritional value to the dog what-so-ever. I personally feed my boy Blue Basics, which has a wonderful nutrient background, contains no corns, or by-products.

  4. CONGRATz Ben another fine BK litter. Great work with the weaker pup to. I will send you my review of MPV supps privately at some point over this week..

    All the best..

  5. superb vid as always benny… pups look magnifico and bambi is such a great mum…love the markings on the pups too…. all the best mate… keep up the excellent work and I hope you find good homes for all the little beauties

  6. i was asking how much delivered in the litter, and I've got no time in mean time for the breed or else i would of imported my own pair over…

  7. This puppy starter is magic indeed..even in Pakistan for owners who put their money in the breeding programme last thing they want is to loose the litterr.

  8. thank god all did go well :), and thats brill 8 pups… all alive and kicking… congrats once again my friend… good work there

  9. hey benny boy congratulations on you new litter of beautiful pups they look gorgeous love the markings welldone mate all the best 🙂

  10. Hey glad the tips work it really make me happy when my tips help your dogs with any issues they have thanks for the support. I too wish a pup.came our looking like a cravendel cow. Take care

  11. Love your videos so much. You are awesome with the Mom and Pups… I really do love how well you care for them. Thanks so much for posting. Awesome job!!!!

  12. Enough respect mate, Ur videos are very informative.
    I used all the tips u showed in the old video showing trixies whelp.
    December 11 i had a a litter of 10 akitas.
    I bought nutrolac, heat pad and the pups flourished. I was very suprised how big of a difference Nutrolac makes to a nursing bitch, milk production was excellent.

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