Buying ALL the Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests??? 🛒 Large Family Mom Shop with Me *ALL DAY!*

– Well, we are back and my
girls and I are out and about. It is rainin’. Look at all that rain. So I got my trusty ball cap on. We know how to shop hard, we know we need our energy, and
we are going to lunch first. We’re goin’ to a little
restaurant buffet place called Country Cookin at a local mall. And then we are going
to go to all the places and do all the things. So come along and shop with
us on this rainy December day. Hey, so we are having a
good time at Country Cookin. This is why you get the salad bar. while you wait for your food. So I don’t know why I felt
the need to explain that. It’s not like (chuckles)
it’s out of the ordinary. But anyway, I got a
salad and cottage cheese. Miss Amelia, you got some fried apples. Yeah, yeah you got some, what did you order? – Um. – [Jamerrill] ‘Cause you’re a smart girl. What are they bringing ya? – Crab legs. – [Jamerrill] No, crab legs, I wish. They’re bringing shrimp, aren’t they? – [Naomi] Oh yeah, I wish. – [Jamerrill] We wish
crab legs (chuckles). Okay, lunch is here. We got sweet potato and a rib eye. So I guess I can count this
as a Trim Healthy Mama-ish. Even though, if I was having sweet potato, I technically would not have the butter. How do you like all that? And then here, Miss Amelia
got her shrimp and fries. And then Naomi, you got burger face. Burger, burger, burger, burger (chuckles). Lunch, check. Now, we’re going to the
closest thrift store near us. This city has several good thrift stores. And we always love treasure hunting. (shopping cart squeaking)
– That’s a cool hat. – [Jamerrill] Yes, that
is a cool hat up there. Pretty, got some boots. What are we going to see back here? – [Naomi] Oh Amelia, there’s
a dream house over there. – Oh.
– Can I just look at it? – [Jamerrill] You can go look at it, yes. I’m gonna look at this basket. – [Naomi] I wanna walk,
oh, that’s a Barbie. – [Jamerrill] It’s a nice basket for 3.99. I think the Barbie’s probably separate. Okay.
– How much is she? – [Jamerrill] They want $30. Oh her, $2.00. I bet people were clearing
out for Christmas like we did. Look here, it says,
dollhouse items in bag. I need to ask ’em what other items come, if anything else comes with this. ‘Cause this is a good
price for one of these big. – How much does it cost?
– It’s $29. (Naomi hums)
But see it’s made of, it’s wood, it’s not the plastic. Oh, look at this. You know I’ve talked about
these bread machine deals. This says new, never been used, $3.99. And I don’t need it. If the dough hook is in there,
it would be a good deal. And then here’s another
bread machine, wow. Good, we got a house you can
play with in the car, Amelia. – [Amelia] Uh-huh. And it comes with people. – [Jamerrill] It does,
and it came with a car. That’s a good $4.00. You had about five bucks so that was good spending.
– And I got a nice Barbie. – Well, that was sad. It was good at the first thrift store. Sad that we went to go
to a second thrift store that I hadn’t been into for a while, but it’s not there anymore, ah. We wanted to take some thrift
store treasure hunting time. So cross thrift stores
off our list for now. There is one at the other end of town, and we’ll make it over there eventually. So right now we’re gonna
go into Hobby Lobby, see what kind of after Christmas
sales they have goin’ on, see what kind of treasures
they have in there. I know we will also be
going to the Dollar Tree, and Walmart, and Sharp Shopper. And then by Sharp Shopper
is the other thrift store. I feel like, oh, and
probably into Aldi too. We just, again, girl day,
going to all the places. Look at these beautiful,
beautiful pieces of furniture. (Jamerrill humming) So yes, we should look for the big lights for outside the house if
they have any of those. Yep, those bows are nice. – [Naomi] I wonder what we
should get Grandma for Christmas. – [Jamerrill] I don’t know. We’ll find her somethin’ good. That’s pretty, huh? Now, these are beautiful wreaths for 66% off. Their wreaths are always super expensive. 99, but with that much off, makes it not much at all. That is a neat fountain. I love fountains. Look at the eyelash picture.
– Oh, yeah. Yeah. – [Amelia] Eyelashes. – [Jamerrill] This would be fun in somebody’s homeschool room. Look at this wonderful big thing. That is sweet. So it says that these are 50% off. So this would be like $2.50, $2.49. Those are big vases. You probably put beautiful marbles. – [Amelia] These cost
a little bit too much. – [Jamerrill] Yep, or other things in ’em. Yeah, we don’t have a
spot for those right now. Okay, guys, I think having a letter board. I know I am late to the letter board game. But, boy, I can just see
all kinds of fun happenin’. Let me know in the comments if
you guys have a letter board. Because between everybody,
and teenagers, and everything, I think our letter boards would be pretty entertaining at times. These are 50% off, hello
vlogging Jamerrill. I think I’m going to get it. And it’s small enough, it could
sit on our kitchen counter and make for lots of fun. Amelia has discovered the joy
of all the different knobs. – Every one.
– I know. They got some pretty ones. – Every single one.
– They do. And look at this one, it’s like a crown. I love it. That one is a globe. (Amelia hums)
Isn’t that neat? Look at these, Amelia. (Amelia gasps)
Cutie pie, cutie pie. – They’re called cutie pies?
– (chuckles) No, no. They’re called Fluffables.
– Aw. – [Jamerrill] Oh, a
little snow cone machine. – [Amelia] Oh, it’s a
little stuffed animal. – [Jamerrill] It is,
it’s a little hedgehog. Isn’t that cute? Glam llama and no prob llama. – [Amelia] Oh, look at these plates. – [Jamerrill] And mama llama. – Oh, those are pretty.
– They are pretty, yep. Gettin’ ready for spring
’cause we just had Christmas. We had fun in there.
– Yeah. – [Jamerrill] Okay, so we
have come into the pet store to look at fishies.
– Oh, look at this one. – [Jamerrill] And we are visiting kitties. – It’s always fun to look.
– It is. – [Amelia] Oh, over there is the fishies. – [Jamerrill] We will, yeah,
let’s look at these kitties. Oh, he’s a nice big orange kitty. Hello pretty birdies. – Oh, look at these ones.
– Uh-huh. – [Jamerrill] There’s a whole lotta fish. 16 cents a piece. (Naomi and Amelia giggling) – A little hamster.
– Oh, it’s eating. – [Jamerrill] So Naomi
and I are super tempted. We have talked ourselves into the fact that we certainly have room for a little two gallon
aquarium on the kitchen counter, by the TV, and this is half off. And we have a gift card
with part of our budget to get treats still on. So we shall see. Came in here to look,
goin’ out with a betta. I’m sure I’m not the only
mom it has happened to. We’re goin’ with a little one gallon tank. Okay, so now we are proud owners of a, what may be Bubba the Betta. We’ll see, we’re gonna try
to let the boys pick a name. But we’re already callin’
him Bubba aren’t we? We might encourage them to
name him Bubba (laughs). Dollar Tree time. Of course, all of their
wonderful, wonderful school stuff. Oh, Amelia, they have an Elsa math book. For Daniel, another good Maze Craze book. So we just checked out with
new calendars at Dollar Tree and I forgot (Jamerrill hums). I always like a big
stash of pregnancy tests. I know it’ll make everyone squeal, and I’m gonna get a bunch to have on hand. So we must go to Sharp Shopper. It’s 5:44, Sharp Shopper closes at 8:00. Sharp Shopper also has
a descent, pretty good, a fantastic, let’s say fantastic
thrift store beside it. So I also need to go to Walmart, but we’re gonna buzz across
town and go to Sharp Shopper and just treasure hunt
in that thrift store. And then on our way out of town, before we head over the
river and through the woods, we will get our Walmart list. ‘Cause Travis has quite
a bit I need to pick up for him at Walmart tonight. This is a good price
on these big puddings. 99 cents and they expire in February. Got some good 50 cent deals goin’ on here. We’re singing
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the parking lot. Okay, and on the way
out when we were loading Amelia saw these mints. She said, “Can I have ’em?” I said, “No, no, we don’t need ’em.” But then I saw that they were sugar free. They’re five for $1.00 and they
are juicy grapefruit flavor. So we got five, we’re gonna try ’em out. Just says open. I just got Amelia’s ready. This little lid, there you go. Now that comes off, and
then you get your mints out. Okay, off to a thrift store, ladies. I see.
– Benjamin would like this. – [Jamerrill] He would. Yeah, he doesn’t need
anything else right now. – ‘Cause it’s a baby toy?
– Mm-hm, it is. It’s very nice, I like looking at it. Okay, I just took all of these apart here in the thrift store. I’ve wanted one of these. It has the holder, I
put all the tables out to make sure that they
were all held together. It’s only 9.99 so I’m gonna get it. I always need more trays, let’s see. 99 cents and we get three of ’em? It’s a yes. So we’re in Walmart now
and we are looking at all the winter clearance stuff. – [Naomi] Oh, this one
looks like a Christmas tree. – [Jamerrill] Yes, these are fun. Okay, so we really are shopping here. But I have not been a
good vlogger in Walmart. Somethin’ that Naomi and I have decided we do deserve in life, so sorry, is this roller paper. Roller paper? Wrapping paper organizing box. And then that’s the groceries so far. This is cool. I’ve never seen these big bags of frozen cauliflower at Walmart. So I got two of those, and
I got some broccoli also. Okay, can Jamerrill get
in and out of Walmart in one cart? I had to reorganize some things, and Naomi is now holding
our wrapping paper holder. I think I got it all in here. This shows what a good deal
the butterscotch pudding was at Walmart. To they’re these big super
cups of butterscotch. One of these is 2.48 at Walmart. And we got a whole case
of these for 99 cents per pack at Sharp Shopper. So yay. So also, price comparing while I’m here. These folding tray
tables, for one of them, they are 8.42. And we got four of ’em
tonight and the holder for 9.99 at the thrift store. Gotta clean ’em. But yay. All this stuff is marked down. – Oh, those!
– Yes. – I seen it in a magazine.
– Oh, look at the stamp set. It’s one of the chairs for the My Life dolls.
– Oh.

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  1. I did a sponsorship with Easy @ Home pregnancy/ovulation test. They sent me a combo box to try out and they liked my posts. These sent me 3 more boxes!! I don't know if I would need to buy more ovulation and pregnancy tests for the rest of the year. LMFAO

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    Hope you and yours are having a blessed new year…and looking forward to seeing any potential new blessings/additions to the family….😉❤️

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  4. Hehe. We just drove out to try Sharp Shopper. Thought we’d have a good day out with the family. So sad…they were closed! Wasn’t thinking about it being New Years Day! We ended up grabbing Checkers (haven’t seen a checkers in over 5 years!). And then heading back to Alexandria. Maybe next weekend we will be successful!!

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  21. You can not leave them for days .they need fed every day.. don't have hand lotion on when feeding them by will kill them.

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