♫ I have to poop in the toilet ♫ I have to poop in the toilet – [Jared] Whatever makes
it work, I guess, right? (upbeat music) – Good morning, guys. We are off to a early start. It is just Calvin and I
that are up this morning. No lie, Calvin woke up at
six and I went and laid on his floor in his bedroom,
’cause I knew that was the only way I’d get him
to stay in the bedroom and I could actually lay
down, and he had his ukulele from last night and
played for a whole hour, and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t like, you know. Sometimes when kids play music it’s like, “Okay, you can stop now”. It was like, he was strumming really soft. It was really cute. You played me music this
morning, and I liked it. Say guitar. – Guitar. – We’re just watching Peppa
waiting for everyone else to wake up. It has been raining all
night and all morning, and I love seeing the
clouds on the mountain. That looks so cool, the fog. Let’s see if they fit. Can you walk to me? (laughs) Pretty cute. Got you some rain boots. Bonnie says she likes the
rain boots here at Walmart ’cause they come in a lot of colors and they’re a really good price. Those, I feel like they’re a little big, but that’s the smallest size they carry. K, lets feel ’em. Stand there. No, those might work, and then I have these
blue ones for Jackson. Do kids wear larger sizes in rain boots ’cause those were a big
size, and these seem bigger. Hm, I don’t know. I might have to come back. They don’t have a ton of sizes right now. I think I’m gonna be just
as disappointed as you. I think they’re too big. I don’t think we’ll get ’em. I’m really sad. We might have to just order some. All right, I’m in this section again, and Lauren on Twitter said to
get the pink ovulation test, which I believe I got this when
I was trying to get pregnant with Jackson, ’cause I like
that it has a smiley face. I’m happy to pay more
money ’cause there are some that just do lines, and I
kinda just like the fact that this is just a smiley face or no. It’s very easy to read. This is crazy. This feels weird. It’s the last one too. There’s the ovulation
test, pregnancy test. I’ll grab these bad boys. Crazy. That’s weird. Sad we didn’t get rain boots. Happy to get these though. Wanna hold these? Thanks. (laughs) My stomach has butterflies like crazy. I’m gonna grab these too
for when the time does come. He’s so excited. Do you know that I found out
I was pregnant with you here at this store, which is crazy. If I really would have
thought I was pregnant, there’s no way I would have even tested. We filmed and I figured, “I’ll
just delete that footage,” but it was true. – A couple weeks ago I ordered
a brand new box of contacts which is so refreshing,
because I have been wearing my old pair for way longer
than I should have been, and they were starting to get
really irritating in my eyes, and, when I put the new
ones in, they felt amazing. It feels like, I mean, it’s
like putting on a brand new pair of socks or underwear. It’s just the best, but, for some reason, today when I put them in,
this happens quite frequently with contacts is, you
have something in them or they’re just not
fitting right that day, but today, for some reason, I put ’em in and I was just like, “Oh my
gosh, like, instant headache,” so I was like, “Man, I can’t do that”. I’m wearing my glasses today. If you guys haven’t noticed,
I can’t remember if it was Jackson or calvin, but the
frames are totally bent. They’re crooked on my face. That’s what I’m gonna be doing today, ’cause I have a lot to do and
I can’t go through the day with just a terrible,
incapacitating headache from my contacts. Please tell me I’m not alone in this. Am I alone, or do you guys
have something like this too? It just totally makes me want to do Lasik. Carl and Ginger both had it done, and they said it was the best
decision they’ve ever made. – [Ellie] Do they have them here? They do! – Yay! – [Ellie] Guys, I have my crew. – Yes. – Last summer, Bonnie and I
had come to Smith and Edwards. This is a cool store. They have everything. We bought cups, plates,
and bowls last summer, and I thought I bought plenty, and I feel like I need to buy a few more. We’re gonna buy a few cups. – I feel like I need sippy cups. – [Ellie] You like the sippy cups? – I want more of the sippy cups. – I’m trying to think. You guys might wanna know the brand ’cause we’ve had lots of people ask us. I don’t, just says RePlay. There we go. This is what it is. Let’s try and grab ’em. He wants to get out. We always liked coming
to this store growing up because we usually got,
usually, we always got a treat when we left. Over here they have tons of kitchen stuff, tons of camping stuff, tons
of tents, clothing, some food. There’s just this huge
store that has everything you could ever want or imagine. They have the cutest
little bench up front. I should show you on our way out. It’s so cute for the kids,
and they have everything in tiny size. – I know, we were over and
they had these little, tiny kitchen utensils, and I
had ’em all in my hand, and I was like, “I don’t need any of this. “I already have them”. It’s just that they’re little and cute. – [Ellie] I know. Jackson, do those feel like they fit? – [Jackson] Yes. – [Ellie] Sit down. They do seem a little warm,
but you can see they’re, like, for style. I don’t know. Oh, that’s so cute with his yellow coat. – [Bonnie] It really is. – [Ellie] Jackson, what
do you think of the boots? Do you like ’em? – [Jackson] Yeah. – [Ellie] There’s these rain boots. You like what Calvin’s trying on? – Yeah. – [Ellie] Do you wanna
see if there’ll be a size, in your size? – These can’t fit me. – Unfortunately those
rain boots were so cute, but they were just too warm. (screams) He can see himself in the viewfinder. Put your hat on, please. Will you put it on, please? I found Jackson a pair of
rain boots, and then by then I was like, “I’m just gonna
order both of them some “on Amazon tonight,”
because Walmart had some but not in his size. I didn’t see any today.
– Yeah. – [Ellie] This is the little bench that I thought was so cute. I love that little tiny bench. It’s cute. I will be good. You wanna sit on it? Wow, that’s perfect Calvin size. (sneezes) Bless you. Look at me, mister. Are you sneezing? (sneezes) Bless you. Say, “Bless me”. (sneezes) (laughs) – Rain, rain, rain. That is what we are seeing today. Penny and I have a little date today. She’s very excited about that. When I get the leash on, she
knows something’s happening, and she always gets really
excited as most dogs do. Penny, I’m sorry to say
that this isn’t the date that you probably want to go to. We are going to the vet. Yeah, it’s just for her
normal checkup that she has, and she gets some rabies
shots, ’cause she’s just a little older than four months old. You ready, Penny? We’re gonna go on a little
daddy-daughter date. (laughs) No, not like that, but,
you know, kinda, I guess. Daddy-doggy date. – [Jackson] I scared Nemo. – [Jared] Did you scare Nemo? – Yeah. – Aw, you’re so silly. Hey, you guys are all tangled up. Watch your leg! Get your leg. They just brought Penny back
from getting her temperature. We’re running into each other, aren’t we? Penny got her temperature
and weight and everything, and she is in a good weight,
which is really, really great because, with Labs, they tend to overeat. I know puppies have a
harder time than grown Labs, but Labs will eat anything,
and knowing Penny’s at a good weight makes me feel
good about feeding her properly and that she’s not eating
too much unnoticed. Good girl, Penny. – Good girl. – Pepperoni pizza! – I need Dr. Pepperoni pizza! – I need Dr. Pepperoni pizza! Do you wanna try it? – [Jared] Can you do it? Sounds like you don’t want
any Dr. Pepperoni pizza. – [Ellie] Hurry. – Dad, I need Dr. Pepperoni pizza! – [Jared] That’s a good one. – [Ellie] That was pretty close. – [Jared] He lifted up his shirt. Can you match that? (laughs) – I need Dr. Pepperoni pizza! – Ow. (laughs) That was loving hit, now. That was lovin’ hitting my head. That was a loving head nod. – Will you keep all of that in? – Yeah, maybe we’ll keep all of it in now. (laughs) I love you. – I wanna show you what I
did while you were gone. – Oh, wow. Look how clean those are. – [Ellie] I put all the Winter stuff away. – [Jared] Bye, bye. – [Ellie] You can’t shut it. – [Jared] Ellie, that looks so great. – [Ellie] Looks good? – [Jared] Yeah, all the Winter stuff is– – [Ellie] And I even
rinsed off your blue shoes. There was mud all over ’em. – Thank you. You’re so sweet to do that. – [Ellie] It’s clean. You’re welcome. I tried. K, Cal, come on out. – [Jared] Peek-a-boo. (laughs) (screams) (laughs) What a life, Calvin. What a life: a fresh
haircut, a nice, warm bath, and Peppa Pig. – Peppa in the morning, Peppa at night. I just cut their hair and,
guys, I wanted to film this so bad, but I thought I cannot
interrupt them being so good. I just cut it, but they both
sat there, they both had a sucker, and I cut both their
hair, and then we took a bath. – Yeah, and I would have
filmed it had I not been, I was working on a project, so– – And your hair, when
we go put them to bed. Yours is next. – Thank goodness, finally! – And then who’s gonna do mine? – [Jared] Do you want me to cut your hair? – I haven’t washed it since we came back from Carl and Ginger’s. I need to get it done. I need to spruce it up
one of these days, but– – [Jared] These kids hug
each other like nonstop. Calvin was– – [Ellie] They just hugged? – [Jared] Yeah, Calvin
was just hugging him. Aw. – [Ellie] Calvin, should
we sing the rinse song? I hope he does good when I rinse it. Let’s rinse your hair,
and we’ll sing the song. – He’s been doing good for me lately. Calvin, lay back. ♫ Rinse, rinse, rinse – Well, that was kind of
an awkward way to show, but that’s what I do with the kids. I lay their heads back and
go rinse, rinse, rinse. ♫ I have to poop in the toilet ♫ I have to poop in the toilet – Whatever makes it work, I guess, right? Hey, if you have to write
a song that makes him poop in the toilet, I’m all for it. We’ve noticed there’s tons of
potty time songs on Youtube that Jackson actually likes to
watch while he’s going potty, like the poop song. My brother, Ryan, showed me that. – I want to show you guys their hair. Calvin, I always just cut
with a comb and scissors, and he has a little curl
up top, so I’ll leave it just a little curly. Took actually quite a bit
up to, ’cause his sides haven’t grown much. Jackson, we actually cut a
lot off the top of your hair. Can you show me the front? Yeah, the top, I actually cut a lot off. (laughs) – Did you see his eye? – Well, actually, when
I get mad it’s funny. When we first got married Jared was like, when we’d be talking serious, he’d– – [Jared] I would take your, stop it. – And then I’d be like, “Don’t do that”. I guess I do this a lot,
and I do that to Jackson, I’m sure, ’cause one day
I was getting after him. He was going. I was like, “Are you
lookin’ at my eyebrows”. – Ellie likes to communicate
with her eyebrows, and that’s fine. I like to communicate with my eyebrow. – Jared and I haven’t been
around each other much today. You’ve done your thing,
and I’ve been doing lots to try to get the kids some
stuff for Spring and Summer, and I also, Jared knew
I was gonna go get these but probably didn’t know I got ’em today, and it was really weird. – The last time we bought these
was when we were trying to get pregnant with
Jackson, and I do remember we got a smiley face. I remember early in the morning once. – Why does it make me emotional? – [Ellie] Aw, don’t cry. – Why does it make me, like– – [Ellie] ‘Cause it’s crazy. – How many have we done? – [Ellie] A lot. – How many of these have we done, and ugh. – It’s crazy, and I remember– – [Jared] Just seeing the box. – [Ellie] When we got the smiley face. We got I think just one, and I don’t think that’s when we got
pregnant, but I remember. – I can’t remember– – But we were so excited. It was as if it was a pregnancy. We were like, “What”. – It was in our first
apartment after college, right? – [Ellie] Uh huh. – I’m sorry– – That’s cool, that’s okay. It felt weird today. – It’s exciting. It’s exciting. – But you guys know about
the seven IVF grants and you know about Aaron and
Rylie, and they are expecting. The next couple that was doing
the IVF was John and Joan, and they find out officially tomorrow if the IVF process worked. She did post an Instagram. I’ve been messaging her
tonight that she was spotting, and they have her on some
Progesterone, I believe, which is what they put me on when I
was spotting with Calvin. – Yeah. – And me and her have
chatted quite a bit tonight, and she’s resting now, but
she says she is very hopeful, and tomorrow they’ll be finding out. I don’t know, if they are,
when they will announce it, but I know that they will. Definitely follow her on Instagram, because she’s been posting lots. Lots of emotions. I’m excited for them. – This is exciting times. – Yeah, so good luck to you. We love you guys. We are gonna put these kids to bed. I’m gonna cut Jared’s hair. I’m gonna do a treatment for my hair. We have a really fun day tomorrow. We are gonna go speak,
actually, about the IVF grants. I’m excited for that. Calvin, can you come say goodnight? Calvin. You came back? You came back to say goodnight? Calvin, where are you? Love you. You’re a good boy. You know what?
– What? – I was proud of you today
for being a good listener. – Yeah. – You followed me around the store, and you were such a good listener. I appreciate it. Goodnight, Mr. Cal. Gotta take that phone away. You guys probably think (laughs) he has not been on the phone all day, just in the morning and at night, which is what we film. Kisses, goodnight. – [Jackson] Goodnight] – [Ellie] Love you. – Goodnight, Calvin. – [Ellie] Do you wanna go give him a hug? – Give Calvin hugs goodnight. – [Ellie] Goodnight. – Calvin, give Jackson a hug goodnight. – [Ellie] You hugged a little too long. Go. Go. (laughs) – Well, what do you guys
think of the new haircut? I really like it. Ellie told me to not do it so up so high and just let it be soft and everything. Anyway, that is going to
be it from us today, guys. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed watching the
video, give it a thumbs up, and we will see you guys tomorrow. Bye.

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